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"Flyin'" Brian Pillman VS Al Perez

The so-called "Latin Heart Throb" would be no match for the Loose Cannon.  Perez's size would give Pillman some trouble, but the guy played brief stints at nose tackle for the Bengals and the Bills (and at 5'10", 220 pounds, he may have been the smallest in history), which means the 6'6" Perez doesn't stand a chance.


Scott Putski VS Mantaur

Polish Power Jr. was surprisingly good.  He had to have had backstage heat or something, because he never caught on as a Superstar, despite the physique, halfway decent mic skills and move set he possessed.  Mantaur just kinda...was big.  And had a terrible gimmic.  That's it.  Givin' this one to Putski.

"Wildcat" Chris Harris VS The Crusher

I like Chris Harris, but against a guy who trained by running up and down the length of Bradford Beach in Milwaukee with a full keg on his shoulder, then tapped and downed the whole sonovabitch at the end he's chump style.  Crusher crushes this one.

"Cowboy" Bob Orton VS "Iron" Mike Sharp

This probably happened on All American Wrestling at some point between 1982 and 1986.  Orton dulls the sharp one. (What surprises me the most is the number of pictures on Bing where Cowboy Bob isn't wearing his trademark cast. What gives?)


Michael "P.S." Hayes VS "Dirty" Dick Slater

Dick Slater has a rep as being double-double tough, but if it's a worked match, the leader of The Fabulous Freebirds gets the duke all day.


Robert Gibson VS "High Chief" Peter Maivia

I've got to give this one to The Rock's granddad.  Peter Maivia was a more accomplished singles wrestler, though Gibson is part of one of the most famous tag teams to ever come out of the 80's, the Rock & Roll Express.


Todd Champion VS "Big Bad" Bobby Duncam

The cowboy who was once a member of the AWA version of The Heenan Family could easily take out the soldier guy from WCW's Special Forces.  Duncam in a hurry.

Jeep Swenson VS Haystacks Calhoun

Holy SHIT this is crazy!  Swenson was 6'4", 405lbs., and was most famous for playing Bane in the movie Batman & Robin.  (Look at those GUNS!)  Haystacks was also 6'4", but tipped the scales at a staggering 640 pounds!  The legend has it that the promoters who went to break him into the business first saw him while herding cattle.  By picking them the fuck up and carrying them across the field.  I was really unsure who would win this until I read that little tidbit.  (Haystacks knew a surprising amount of mat wrestling tricks as well; Swenson was more of a muscle-bound wall you didn't want to run into.)  But holy BALLS would this be an awesome match!


"Flyin'" Brian Pillman defeats Al Perez
Scott Putski defeats Mantaur
The Crusher defeats Chris Harris
Bob Orton defeats Mike Sharpe
Michael Hayes defeats Dick Slater
Peter Maivia defeats Robert Gibson
Bobby Duncam defeats Todd Champion
Haystacks Calhoun defeats Jeep Swenson

Come on back for Bracket XXXVII!


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