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THE TOP 40 ALBUMS OF 2015 (Expect The Unexpected - Episode 016)

Instead of doing my usual thing, where I post a sprawling list of the top albums of the year and post my opinions on them, I switched it up and rambled about them for an hour in podcast form.  It's basically the same thing, just in audio form and without editing or swear words (we broadcast on low-power FM, and are subject to FCC regulations).  So here it is, my Year-End review of albums, in a different form.  Enjoy, and I hope your 2016 is better than your 2015!

The Top 29 Song Of 2014: #14-#1 (Expect The Unexpected Episode 015)

14. "1000 Mile Stare" Mutoid Man
13. "No Sleep" Janet Jackson
12. "Latchkey Kids" Good Tiger
11. "Enemies In Fidelity" Soilwork
10. "Mortal Man" Kendrick Lamar
9. "Bad Friday" Umphrey's McGee
8. "Outrun The Sun" Mega Ran & Sky Blu
7. "The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive" Death Cab For Cutie
6. "Unbreakable" Janet Jackson
5. "I Can't Lose" Mark Ronson & Keyone Starr
4. "In Case Of Fire" Mark Ronson & Jeff Bhasker
3. "The Meeting" Mega Ran
2. "Daffodils" Mark Ronson & Kevin Parker
1. "Unstoppable" (Live from NPR's Tiny Desk Concert) Lianne LaHavas

The Top 29 Songs Of 2015 - Part 1 (Expect The Unexpected Episode 014)

This year, instead of doing extensive blogs like I've done since 2006, I figured I'd do radio episodes and play the actual music I'm talking about.  As it is, for song lists in the past, I've just posted 20 song titles as url links to Youtube.  So this time, it's all in one place!  Because I only have a one hour show, I had to a) Split the list over two episodes, and b) Do more than 20 songs to fill out the runtime of two.  So, may I present The Top 29 Songs of 2015, #29-15:

29. "Kill The Dead" The Night Howls
28. "OP" Mega Ran, Richie Branson & Storyville
27. "Firebirds!" Clutch
26. "Surveillance" Mutoid Man
25. "Willows" Vanessa Carlton
24. "The Ride Majestic (Aspire Angelic)" Soilwork
23. "Go" The Chemical Brothers & Q-Tip
22. "Uptown Funk" Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
21. "Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime)" MC Lars w/ Roger
       Lima & Subu…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 013: Request Line III

It's the second night of Chanukah, the 35th anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon, the 11th anniversary of the on-stage shooting of Dimebag Darrell, and it's muthafuckin' finals month (yes, it's a month at UWM).  It's also time for a REQUEST EPISODE!  Get in here and listen to what you want to hear!

1. "The Chanukah Song" Adam Sandler
2. "Do You Want To Know A Secret?" The Beatles
3. "Do Re Mi" (Live) Ani DiFranco
4. "From The Cell Door To The Gallows" William Elliott Whitmore
5. "Jump On My Shoulders" AWOLNation
6. "A-L-I-E-N" Maximum The Hormone
7. "The Misery Shows (Act II)" Trouble
8. "Dragon Slayer" Ninja Sex Party
9. "Greedy;(cry)" Knights Of Sidonia
10. "The Lamentations Of The Women" Conan The Barbarian
11. "Ocean Crossing" Lou Piensa
12. "If You Really Really Love Me" Steel Panther
13. "Hansen 108" Susumu Hirasawa
14. …

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 012 - On The Fly

I totally just...did it live.  Changed my mind on the way to the studio, and rebooked the whole show from scratch.  Here are the results (which wound up pretty good):

1. "The Whisperer" Billy Cobham
2. "Groove * Master" K-TARO Takanami
3. "I'll Make It Happen" Zikomo
4. "Kicking Vicodin" The GV Crew
5. "The World Is A Ghetto" War
6. "I" Meshuggah
7. "The Sweetest Revenge" Peter Himmelman

Expect The Unexpected - Expisode 011

Turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey gravygravygravy turkey turkey turkey turkey. [Gobble]

1. "Switchback" Biohazard
2. "Potato's In The Paddy Wagon" The New Main Street Singers
3. "Greed" Godsmack
4. "Get Your Sh** Together" Public Enemy
5. "Remenissions" Avenged Sevenfold
6. "Will & Penny's Theme" Apollo 440
7. "Don't Approach Me" Xibit & Eminem
8. "Lover, You Should've Come Over" Natalie Maines
9. "Dream Evil" Dio
10. "Slide Kelly Slide" House's Orchestra
11. "I Know Sumptn" Method Man & Redman
12. "Kick Ass" John Carpenter, Anthrax & Buckethead

Video of the Day: Shotgun

Today's video is from "GV14" (2010) and it's called "Shotgun".  It's a groovy instrumental (as in reliant on groove) with a punk twist.  The drum beat is sampled from Tsuneo Imahori's song "Silver Metallic Machine" from the Gungrave: Lefthead O.S.T. (2004).  I like it; it bounce nice, it rock's the best thing that's come up during this daily video experiment.  So come on, people!  Music this good don't deserve less than 5 plays on Youtube!  Help a brother out!

Video of the Day: Waves

This is from "GV 9 SUCKS" (2004).  It's an experiment with eJay Clubworld just to make...a song with the thing and after putting in as many vocal samples as I could over a really repetitive club thing, this is what came of it.  It's not my thing, but if you like EDM, you may find it mildly enjoyable.

Video of the Day: Epic Fail

This is a sound collage from the most recent GV...album?  I dunno what this is.  I took all of our albums and made sound collages by pasting each song into Audacity so they start at the same time.  This is GV 11: Epilogue.  All of it.  At once.  It's actually one of the more interesting collages, because a) you can pick out a bunch of different songs, and b) holy SHIT are their some weird sounds coming out of this thing.  If you like it messy, have fun with this thing; it's probably cooler than the album it was birthed from!

Video of the Day: School

Here's a song for anybody getting weighed down by the hallowed institutions of academia and what ultimately amounts to busy work to stroke said institution's own egos.

The song was written in May of 1996 (you read that right) when I was in eighth grade.  The recording was made in September 2005.  It took three passes to "get" the song "right", we recorded it on a tape recorder (which ran out of tape at the end), then tracked vocals on a four track, meaning that we pushed the music part to the left speaker by doing so.  The whole process from "Hey Matt, lemme teach you a song," to "Holy shit, we're done already?" was 19 & 1/2 minutes.  (Matt Stevens on guitar, ladies and gentlemen.  This is still when Eden's Rage was clinging to life.  Also, the solo is bad on purpose. Hell, everything is bad on purpose. This is supposed to be PUNK, dammit!)

Anyway, this is not the final form of the song.  The Night Howls have recorded anoth…

Video of the Day #001: Takethistrashout

Because I want to post more to this blog and don't really write much anymore, and I also have a languishing YouTube channel, I figured I'd try to make the two work for each other.   So hey, here's stuff from my YouTube channel.  Every once in awhile I might post something other than my own, but hey I don't know what I'm doing.  No one knows.  Honestly, the most compelling content generated from this will be me talking about the video and how it came about.

This video currently has 2 views (counting the time I clicked on it just now to get the embed code).  And really, it's not much.  It's an interlude, really.  I wrote it in less than a minute, when my friends and I were about to turn off the Music Generator.  I went "Hold on, I'm'a do this thing."  And I did.  Funniest thing is a friend of mine saw me name the file and thought I was talking about taking out my other buddy's significant other Trish.

From 2006's "GV 11: Epilogu…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 010: One For Peace

In light of the terrorist attacks in Paris, I decided to put together a playlist of French music, with one for Beirut and one for Desert Bus.  This is one for Peace.

[For more information about Desert Bus, which I highly recommend, go here:]

1. La Marseillaise
2. "The A La Menthe" La Caution
3. "Fantaisie Sign" Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts
4. "Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher" (Live from Belle et Bum) Emilie Claire-Barow
5. "Toutes les Mamas" (Live from Belle et Bum) Maurane
6. "Beiroet" (Live @ Bimhuis Amsterdam) Yasmine Hamdan
7. "Tucson Or Bust" Andrew Cownden
8. "Mignonette" April March
9. "Voyager" Daft Punk
10. "Cadeaux" Maitre Gims
11. "Dame de Lotus" Emilie Simon
12. "Miami 2017" Billy Joel
13. "Complexity" Eagles Of Death Metal


Much like students scurrying to turn in their final projects, we have a flurry of activity on the new music front!  (Yay!)  I got all sorts of new music for you this week (and some not so new, but new to me).  Talk about unexpected.  Check it out:

[DJ's NOTE:] Due to Studio A being a spazz, the show doesn't start until four or five minutes in. Apologies for that; I will be trying a new set up next week to try and avoid this sort of thing.

1. "Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime)" MC Lars
2. "Sweet Ivy" Mutoid Man
3. "Making Babies" Jimmie's Chicken Shack
4. "Willows" Vanessa Carlton
5. "Enemies In Fidelity" Soilwork
6. "Fight Hate" MD.45
7. "Vision Is A Naked Sword" Mahavishnu Orchestra
8. "My Serial Killer" Hi/Jack
9. "Jerk" The Night Howls
10. "Latchkey Kids" Good Tiger
11. "Don't Give Up" Gil Scott-Heron

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Episode 008 - Request Line II

It's request time again!  We hit music from LA, Portland, the UK, St. Elsewhere, Hawaii, Japan, India (by way of Brooklyn, it turns out), an undisclosed location, Denmark and even Jupiter (allegedly).  If you care about genres, we hit alternative funk rock, hip hop, downtempo, classic rock, psychedelic soul, ukulele, progressive thrash, Bhangra jazz, hard rock, psychedelic pop and Middle Eastern (for lack of a better term).  The exercise of pinning a genre on something is so unnecessary, but it's an easy way to illustrate the myriad styles this show and its listeners get into.

Here are the results of our monthly audio experiment together:

1."Nicotine & Gravy" Beck
2. "Halfsharkaligatorhalfman" Dr. Octagon
3."With Rainy Eyes" Emancipator
4. "Badge" Cream
5. "Transformer" Gnarles Barkley
6. "Henehene Kou'Aka" Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole
7. "Silent Jealousy" X-Japan
8. "Se Hace Camino" Red Baraat

The Night Howls

Because we've been sitting at 99 plays for three weeks now (and mainly since the first time I posted this it was as an aside to Episode 003 of Expect The Unexpected), I call on anyone reading this to at least click play and get us to 100.  I'd do it myself, but I haven't clicked play on any of our Bandcamp stuff because I don't want to be disingenuous.  Or, if you're feeling extra brave, we have sold 0 copies of the album or any of the songs.  Dare you be the first to purchase rock and roll in this age?  Dare away; we dare ya!  This music is also somewhat Halloween-y, what with zombies, werewolves and...Russians...

Also, if anybody's in the Milwaukee vicinity November 14th, we're playing a show at Quarters.  Come check us out!

The Night Howls by The Night Howls

POST #500

NutterBlog has made it to 500 posts.  To celebrate, here's a bunch of shit to do with the number 500!


So many delays and technical difficulties, I had to lop an entire verse and chorus off of the last song!  Revel in this dumpster fire, won't you?

Okay, it's not that bad, but I am certainly annoyed by the things I can't take back.  The music itself is (mostly) unmolested.  There's a song that's too loud and one that's too quiet.  It was supposed to be a really chill set, but this was stressful to broadcast.  [Deep Breath]  It's over now so let's enjoy what I feel is a pretty groovy set.  Show starts at 2:19:

1. "Turn It On" Level 42
2. "Junebug" The B-52's
3. "Legend" Nelly Furtado
4. "Escape That" 4Hero w/ Face
5. "Tocatta And Fugue In D Minor" Bach
6. "Gataway" Susumu Yokota
7. "Total Eclipse" Billy Cobham
8. "JusJus" Mr. Scruff & Roots Manuva
9. "Marching Orders" The New Pornographers
10. "Airwaves" Thomas Dolby
11. "The Liberation Song (R…

BACK TO THE FUTURE - Expect The Unexpected Episode 006

This week on Expect The Unexpected, we pay tribute to Back To The Future.  October 21, 2015 is the day in the movie Back To The Future Part II where the crew of the Delorean arrive in the future...  Which means we are now officially in the future.  Start acting like it, people.

We also pay tribute to to the Nintendo Entertainment System which was released 30 years ago, as well as (kind of) "Spreading The Disease" by Anthrax, which will hit the same milestone next week.  Enjoy!

[NOTE: Due to technical whatsits, the episode doesn't really start until 2:45]

1. "Where we're going, we don't need...roads..."
2. "Back To The Future - Main Theme" Alan Silvestri
3. "I Can't Drive 55" Sammy Hagar
4. "Doubleback" ZZ Top
5. "No Credit Card" Neil Cicierega feat. Huey Lewis
6. "Time" Anthrax
7. Super Mario Bros. Remix
8. "1.21 Jiggawatts" The Roc & The Doc [from Robot Chicken]
9. "Earth Angel&…

Expect The Unexpected Episode 005

Back once again it's the renegade master; default damager; power to the people.  (Hey, maybe I should've played that...)  Anyway, here's a set about recharging the batteries, I guess:

1. "Tempting Time" Animals As Leaders
2. "Go" The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-Tip
3. "Pretty Darlin'" Jolly
4. "Taker" Spiral Trance
5. "Cut-Rate" Prong
6. "Planet Home" Jamiroquai
7. "Threshold" Slayer
8. "A Quick Death In Texas" Clutch
9. "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine" Sia
10. "Let Me Down Gently" La Roux
11. "All Along The Watchtower" The Jimi Hendrix Experience
12. "Space Monkey Mafia" Neil Cicierega

Expect The Unexpected - Episode 004: Request Line

This week's episode is all Requests!!!  Suggestions came in from Facebook (I have six followers on Twitter, and all of them are on FB as well, so no real point Tweeting when FB will do.  But if you'd like to help change that, follow me on Twitter @NicholasNutter) and we wound up with 11 songs.  They run the gamut from noise rock to trip hop to down tempo to honest-to-God Delta blues and back again.  There was a general theme of down-tempo and instrumentals, which caught me a bit off guard, but hey I like that shit too.  There was nothing I didn't like, in fact, which just goes to show I will play all the music sometimes (except a few songs that come to mind...)

Here it is in all it's glory.  Episode 004: Request Line

 1. "Arpeggiator" Fugazi
2. "Ruins" Portico Quartet
3. "If I Had My Way I'd Tear The Building Down" Blind Willie Johnson
4. "Colours" Graffiti6
5. "Some Kind Of Ride" Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Expect The Unexpected - Episode 003 / The Night Howls Self-Titled Debut OUT NOW!!!

Yes, it's true.  I have a radio show and my band put out an album.  I also had a birthday, the Packers are 3-0, Scott Walker quit the presidential race and I made time go backwards by walking across a parking lot.  We are post Super Blood Moon status, people.

I'd say that I talked about all of this and more in the show this week, but the stupid intro got loud 30 seconds in and comPLETELY drowned me out again.  At least this time, I managed to figure out why.  When I put the thing together, I never thought about keeping the rest of the audio for talking over; I just faded the first 30 seconds down in Audacity.  Then, at the same point every week so far, even though I'd figured out an okay level to park it at, the damn thing got louder and it's the most garbled intro I've done yet.  Which is a shame, because I told a story about the Super Blood Moon and making time go backwards, but c'est la vie.

Here's the show for your listening pleasure.  The other talk se…

Expect The Unexpected - Episode 002

As we lead into fall (and my birthday, and my band's next gig, and move closer to the end of the year,  Yeah, probably pizza at some point...), here's the...soundtrack for that?  Yeah, we'll go with that.  It's Episode #2 of Expect The Unexpected!!!

1. "The World's Last Sagacious Period" Yasushi Ishii
2. "Party Hard" Andrew W.K.
3. "Don't Help Pandas" The Night Howls
4. "Perpetual Black Second" Meshuggah
5. "Armistice" Mutemath
6. "Call Of Ol' Pizza Back" The GV Crew
7. "Limo Wreck" Soundgarden
8. "Lost Planes" The Fixx
9. "In Case Of Fire" Mark Ronson
10. "People" King Crimson
11. "Miss Communication" Mega Ran
12. "Death Of Communication" Company Of Thieves

LOOK AT ME, DAMMIT! I'M EDGY AND CREATIVE! Yyyyeah, no thanks. I'm good.

Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz

When the first thing that springs to your mind while listening to an album is "Lulu", you know this is gonna be rough.

Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz is 92 minutes of what the fuck, and NONE of it is remotely listenable.  It's a bunch of aimless electronic psychedelia, which fits since the Flaming Lips are essentially her backing band on this project.  It's kinda like Hannah Montana covering the early works of Yoko Ono, remixed with EDM and put through a flanger.  The lyrics, vocals, cover art and sounds of this album are all a concentrated meditation on one thing:


Everything about this project screams "I'm contagious.  RUN."  Thing is, none of these songs can possibly get stuck in your head, because they're not songs.  They're aural atrocities.  If there were some kind of lyrical content that said...fucking anything, or better yet if there were no lyrics at all, then this might've counted as avant-gar…

Expect The Unexpected - Episode 001

Guess what?

Okay.  I'm not offended.  Chicken butt is usually the answer to that, but no.  I kind of stumbled ass-backwards into being a radio host all of a sudden, so hey.  Awesome for me!  This is bucket list stuff here.  So here's the first episode, and a playlist to go with it.  Enjoy!

1. "Dive Into The Sun" Level 42
2. "The Future's What It Used To Be" Apollo 440
3. "Blood And Thunder" Mastodon w/ Neil Fallon
4. "The Unknown Faces At Father James Park" Phenomenal Handclap Band
5. "The Night Howls" The Night Howls
6. "Picture Made Past" Smile
7. "City Of Tiny Lites" Frank Zappa
8. "Toska" Minus The Bear
9. "Stories To Tell" Tsuneo Imahori
10. "Tenth Pinn" Billy Cobham

An Experiment In Meme

So recently, I came across a new meme called "The Surprise Cena".  The set up is basically the video starts and then at some point it smash cuts to a guy yelling "JOHN CENA!!!" and Cena's intro video.  It's basic, visceral reaction type stuff and it works on a level of a jump scare, but to induce laughter rather than fear.  Pretty straightforward subverting the audience's expectations style of humor.  This is why most videos in this meme are on Vine, because the 6-second format works perfectly with this type of punchline.

I also happened to come across this meme the day before the 20th Anniversary of the theatrical release of The Usual Suspects.  Stop me if you know where this is going:

I had the idea at work, and even though I thought it would get taken down, I knew this had to happen.  It was hilarious in my head!  But then a) The dialogue didn't really play out the way I'd remembered it, b) It took a day and a half to try and make the stupid …

THURSDAY MIXTASTIC: On The One Hand... / On The Other Hand...

It's been awhile since I posted one of these (or even made a mix at all), so why not go for it?  I make no apologies for my musical taste or lack thereof.

The idea here was to make two parallel mixes with the same roster of artists, and I...sort of succeeded?  Combined length is 2 hours 16 minutes, so definitely longer than one mix needs to be, but with only 24 tracks and a 76/60 split (thanks a lot Liquid Tension Experiment...) it's not really two full mixes. 

Here we go, yo:

Tooth Infections And New Music Have One Thing In Common: I Ain't Got Neither No Mo'

Zero 7 "EP 3" *
The first thing I've heard of theirs since Sia stopped fuckin' w/ them, n it's a bunch of bullshit.  I kept waiting for something to happen, but after awhile I forgot I was listening to it.

Plini "Sweet Nothings" (EP) (2013) ***

Happened to hear this after writing the Periphery review, and I immediately felt like Plini were doing a more concise version of the prog-metal thing.  Really, it's not a fair comparison, because these songs clearly know what they want to be: Solid, laid back yet dynamic instrumentals.  It's too quiet to be metal, but it has that prog-metal vibe to it.  And the best part is the guitar melodies are compelling.  The music actually makes you bob your head a little, or breath more deeply and wonder, or feel a bit breezy.  It takes you somewhere, which is rare enough in any genre nowadays, but especially uncommon in the tech-heavy realm of progressive music.

And because fuck music lately...

Robot Chicken, Season…

A Bit Too Much Detailed Review Of Periphery's "Juggernaut"

This week, I've decided to take a look at an album that came out earlier this year by going in-depth. Two albums, technically, but they're two parts of the same whole:

Periphery "Juggernaut: Alpha" ** and 1/3
                "Juggernaut: Omega" **and 1/3

I'd like to start this review by saying these two albums are all over the place, and not really in a good way.   It's kind of a perfect illustration of my love/hate/indifference relationship with Periphery as a whole.  Their first album killed, the second one was...okay, but something was off, and "Clear" can be written off as an experiment, if not for the fact it illustrates just what I didn't like about "Periphery II" in the first place:

I liked this band before they turned into Protest The Hero.

They needed to do something different; lord knows if they'd stuck with pure djent, we wouldn't be here, writer and reader, about to embark on an analysis of these two albums.…

Eulogy For Lorraine Nutter

Yesterday was my Grandma's memorial service.  I figured I'd share what I read:

I loved my grandma.  She was always sociable, always a gracious hostess...made the best cookie bars you've ever tasted.  Almost always smiling.  I think that's what I'll miss the most.  That beaming smile.  It reflected back into you and lit you up in return.

Everybody, do me a favor.  Just close your eyes a sec.  Close your eyes and imagine Lorraine smiling.  Eh?  I see it.  That's what I'm talking about.  That smile.  That ability to impart joy onto others just by interpersonal radiation.  If you hold onto one memory of Lorraine, as long as you live, hold onto that.  That feeling.  It's no wonder she was such a good waitress for so many years.  My Grandma was no doubt a people person.  She knew how to connect.

I didn't get to see my Grandma but twice a year growing up.  We lived in Hartland, her and Niles lived up here.  In the 80's it was a six hour drive one way, …

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

Here are three music reviews. The title refers to them, and you can guess for yourself which is which:

Incubus "Trust Fall (Side A)" (EP) (2015)  ** and 2/3

This EP is a bit of a mixed bag.  The title track is a decent attempt at getting back to the "A Crow Left Of The Murder" sound, which is honestly the best one can hope for from Incubus at this point.  "Make Out Party" is a bizarre choice for track 2, as it sounds like an 8 or 9.  It might be the slowest song the band has ever done pace wise, Brandon Boyd does a falsetto for the verses, then there's a Floyd-ish keyboard lead in the middle, all with really grungy guitars sludging it out.  It gets better as the song goes along, but when you hear it the first time, it's really out of nowhere for the band and in the context of the EP.  "Absolution Calling" (the single) starts like its gonna be an electronic song, but manages to be a somewhat decent minor key alt rock song.  "Dance Li…

Retail Therapy

Hey there!  It's been awhile, I know.  But here I am, writing blogs again.  This is based on me having a day to myself and going a) "Dude, new Usagi Yojimbo?  Keys, stat."  and then b) "You know what?  Fuck it.  I'm going to the record store."  I'd been in a bit of a funk lately and this has, thankfully, shaken me out for the time being.  Starting to feel more plugged in.  Anyway, here's what I picked out and a review of each item:

A Look Back At The Tournament To End All Tournaments

Here are the results for each round (it's a LOT to take in):

Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Round Four
Round Five
Round Six
Round Seven
Round Eight / The Finals

Well, here we are.  Finally...The Blog...HAS COME normal.  Thank you for reading this insane project, even if you only dipped your toe in.  For those of you die-hards that followed me through a year and a half, through crippling self-doubt, though some of the worst times in pro-wrestling history, through 50,000 plus words...I can't thank you enough.

I got this idea after a) Writing The Big Four Song Challenge Series and needing something new to do with this blog and b) Watching old episodes of Super Card on ESPN Classic and wondering how some of these wrestlers would fare against the stars of today (especially considering Raven, Mick Foley and Booker T were in there).  What I should have done was cut myself off at 352 wrestlers (22 brackets of 16; still insane, but way more manageable).  Probably less.  But no.  I …

THE TOURNAMENT TO END ALL TOURNAMENTS: The Eighth Round AND The Triple-Threat Elimination Match To Determine It All

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair VS Brock Lesnar
This match would be ugly.  It would be uncomfortable.  It would me Ivan Drago murdering Apollo Creed.  Lesnar would take his time with the most prolific world champion there has ever been, savoring each suplex, each ground and pound, each impact of fist to flesh and flesh to canvas.  The suffering of this man (who is one of the best sellers in the business, but would have gone limp and silent after seven or eight minutes of punishment) eliciting something approaching glee from the Beast Incarnate.  Blood dribbles from Flair's mouth first, then the old crimson mask, earned hardway.  After about ten minutes, even Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar's manager and advocate, is begging him to stop.  He's proved his point!  He's done enough!  But for Brock, it's never enough.  He chains five more german suplexes together to make a grand total of eighteen, then F-5's The Nature Boy one more time just to rub it in that he.  C…


"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair VS "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
As it happens, Ric Flair is Steve Austin's favorite wrestler.  So it shouldn't bother him doing the job for the Limosine Ridin', Jet Flyin', Kiss Stealin', WHOOO!!!, Wheelin' Dealin', By God Son-of-a-Gun!  As good as Austin was, Flair was better.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage VS Brock Lesnar
Legend or not, this is the end of the line for Randy Savage.  Macho Man goin' to Suplex City.

The Undertaker VS Pat O'Connor
Sorry, Pat.  The Undertaker is more than even the only man to simultaneously hold the NWA and AWA titles at once to surmount.

Kurt Angle VS The Rock
An Attitude Era match guaranteed to put goosebumps on The People's Arms.  The fact is, The Rock never beat Kurt Angle one-on-one.  One on one, I think Kurt Angle was better than The Rock.  Of course, The Rock really was The Great One, so expect a Wrestlemania level match out of these two insanely talented per…


Jim Londos VS "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair
Compare this: Ric Flair has been NWA/WCW/WWF Champion for a combined total of over 3,700 days in his lifetime.  Jim Londos was World Champion for a total of 2,628 days during ONE reign.  It's the second longest run as champion, and he retired with the belt.  Tough to parse, but Ric Flair has a more well-rounded body of work and had to wrestle a far more diverse pool of opponents than Londos did. 

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS Booker T
They had this fight already in a grocery store.  Let's just pretend it's this match again, because it was awesome the first time, and I don't think that in a tournament setting like this Booker would go over Austin anyway.

Harley Race VS "Macho Man" Randy Savage
Harley Race may have been pimpin', but the Macho Man was the MAN.  This would be an old-school wrestling fan's wet dream, though.  Savage wins this clash of the ring titans.

Nigel McGuinness VS Brock L…