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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 060: Let's Have A Halloween Party! / Urban Witch 10-25-2016: Moving To New York

[Once again this week, I was on the Urban Witch cast, so there's more on that below.]

Episode 60 is all about Halloween.  I think I've managed to pull together quite the playlist for the Big Orange Holiday of Pumpkinatude.  Not much else to say, but to drop it on you and let you vibe to the spookiness:

1. "Spooky" The Pupini Sisters
2. "Voodoo Mon Amour" Diablo Swing Orchestra
3. "Spider Baby" Fantomas
4. "Stranger Things / Bonfire" Survive / Childish Gambino
5. "Werewolves Of London" Warren Zevon
6. "Halloween" Siouxsie & The Banshees
7. "Black No. 1" Type O Negative
8. "Night Of The Sharksquatch" RatBatSpider
9. "Kill The Dead" The Night Howls
10. "Haunted Crack House" The GV Crew
11. "Halloween" Mastodon
12. "Zombie" E-40, Brotha Lynch Hung & Tech N9ne
13. "House Of 1000 Corpses" Rob Zombie
14. "Holographic Moon" Cold Ghosts

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 059: The Jam Is Brought In Many Ways... / Urban Witch (10/18/16)

This week, we have bonus coverage for you!  After my show was over, I moseyed on over to Studio A and did the Urban Witch cast, so we have two shows for you this week.  Expect The Unexpected is split into four compartments, one with four requests I couldn't get to last week, one with groovier material, one with new rock and metal tracks and one with stuff I felt like playing to close the show.  It turned out pretty decent, I feel.  Take a listen.  (Below the song titles, I'll talk about Urban Witch.)

1. "I've Got A Feeling (Live)" Mongolian Chop Squad
2. "Hiding Out" Ghettobillies
3. "She" Cocaine Jesus
4. "Maware!" (Chiptune Remix) Utagumi Setsugetsuke
5. "You Are In My System" Robert Palmer
6. "Giant" DJ Food
7. "Up To Our Hips" The Charlatans UK
8. "MonstroCity" Meshuggah
9. "Sid And Nancy" NOFX
10. "World Gone Mad!" Suicidal Tendencies
11. "It's Catching Up"…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 058: Request Line XII

We take another interesting batch of requests ranging from Novelty Songs to Mod covers of Black Sabbath to Swedish metal in German to straight up American Pop Music to singer/songwriter electronica to Sitar music to Soulful Rock to Thrash Metal Video Game Themes to Children’s Music to whatever the fuck Sleigh Bells thinks they are to whatever the fuck White Zombie thinks they are to whatEVER the fuck Pork Soda is to big band music to Grind to 80’s synth pop. AND THAT’S ALL IN ONE HOUR. So come on in and get you some!

1. "They're Coming To Take Me Away" Napoleon XIV
2. "War Pigs" Cake
3. "Achtung" Varg
4. "Secrets" One Republic
5. "Down" Marian Hill
6. "Boat To Nowhere" Anoushka Shankar
7. "Turn Up" The Heavy
8. "Duke Nukem Theme" Megadeth
9. "Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea" Joe Hisaishi
10. "Crown On The Ground" Sleigh Bells
11. "Thunderkiss '65" White Zombie
12. "Po…


This review took a weird turn.  Instead of just jotting down my snap reaction and moving on to the next one, I did some research to see what people's responses to this album were.  And, shock of shocks, the masses think its a masterpiece.  Even though Bon Iver started out as a folk act, he has morphed into some kind of electronic...thing that sort of defies description.  It's got a Metacritic score of 87, which means it's got "universal acclaim".

What do I think?  That's a harder question to answer...

Bon Iver "22, A Million"

It's points like this where I have to wonder if this music is actually popular or if the numbers have been inflated over the years.  The song titles are the absolute gibberish of a broken LCD calculator and the music seems to match.  This really sounds like an attempt at whitewashing "The Life Of Pablo", without any understanding of what makes Kanye West interesting in the first place.  (And that's coming fro…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 057: Spiral Trance

This week, we down with Spiral Trance to talk about their 21-year career and their last show on October 8, 2016, which will feature members from the band’s entire history. Come and reminisce with us, or if you aren’t familiar, come and learn about the awesome band that is Spiral Trance!

1. Dead Set
2. Taker
3. The Me You See
4. Freight Train
5. Hellacious

Songs featured in the background:

"Black Light" | "The Need" |  "All In Due Time" | "Light Leaves You" | "Between The Soul" | "My Life Sucks" | "Breathe Again" | "Correction" | "Of Dust" | "On Our Terms" | "Project & Release"

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 056: SomethignSomething Fall Autumn Pumkin Spice S.E.O. Boiiiieee

I straight up forgot to do this this week.  As it is, there's not much to report.  It's a bunch of songs from "Aurora & Beetlegeuse"  and "The New Definition" mixes with a few new songs, a heavy-handed debate metaphor and Imogen Heap thrown in.  Next week will be FIRE though, as I interview Spiral Trance and play songs to illustrate what made that band great.  Til then, here's some pretty decent songs to tide you over:

1. "Lost In Space (Theme)" Apollo 440
2. "Something Inside Of Me" Wicked Wisdom
3. "The Night" School Of Seven Bells
4. "Hide" Access Royale
5. "Useless" Asher Roth & Pac Div
6. "Moth Into Flame" Metallica
7. "Killer" Band Of Skulls
8. "Crucifixion" Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
9. "Clear The Area" Imogen Heap
10. "Too Good Too Bad" Yoko Kanno
11. "The Great Debate" Dream Theater