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Contained within is a list of the most awful, atrocious misdeeds against music I could come up with.  Be forewarned, however: Every single one of these fucking songs will get stuck in your head.  And you'll wish you'd never been born.  You'll wish no one had ever been born.  If you're clever, you won't click play on any of these; you've been warned.  Here is the list of the Ten (plus three) Worst Songs Of All Time:

1972. How 'Bout You? Thirty Albums In A List Form I Made Up!

To minimize the amount of inevitable butthurt, here is how I came up with the list: I have a copy of the album or at least part of it on my hard drive.  If I don't, it doesn't qualify because I didn't feel like tracking down X number of albums to definitively blah blah GOD this sentence is boring.  So if you're like "Why isn't "What's Going On?" by Marvin Gaye on here?!?!  That shit's a classic!!!," you'll know why.  (It came out in 1971; THAT'S WHY!  IN YO FACE!!!) 

All right.  On with the show.  The Top 30 Albums Of 1972:

30. Dave Brubeck "Truth Is Fallen"

Probably his worst album.  It's a concept record about the Kent State massacre, and it's like a low low LOW rent version of Jesus Christ Superstar.  At no point would you think this was a Dave Brubeck record at all.

29. The Doors "Full Circle"

Speaking of bad ideas, The Doors made three albums after Jim Morrison died, two of which do not have Morris…

Reviews of a library playlist for a Tuesday Night

Hey, Nick Nutter here, coming as live and direct as a blog can be (especially one I started writing in the library on Tuesday night) with a batch of music reviews.  Since it's still a few weeks before anything good comes out, I just reviewed whatever I ended up listening to this past Tuesday night.  This is what came out:

The Cranberries "Bury The Hatchet" (1999)***

Not an Earth-changing album by any stretch of the imagination, but not bad either.  "Bury The Hatchet" is "better than average" to the core, for better or worse.

The Hush Sound "Like Vines" (2006)*** and 1/8

Really dig "A Dark Congregation" and "Don't Wake Me Up".  The vibe is Ben Folds Five-ian, but by way of Eisley because of the female vocal approach.  And oh snap, this is the female vocalist from Gold Motel?  Word.  (What up, Emily White?)  The album gets a bit same-y during the back half, but it's short, so it's not like it's a painful exper…