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Hello, and welcome to the 2014 Year End Music Extravaganza!!!  This year, we've got three blogs instead of two, because last year I had a meltdown.  But fear not, consumer!  Our stark-ravings have turned into your savings!  2013's album list can be read right here, and The Top 20 Songs Of 2014 can be read right here.

So, coming off a year last year that had me doubting my interest in writing and music in their entireties, how did we do this year?  Well, music is pretty fucking weak, to be honest.  Impressively enough, there is something good I can say about every entry on this list, and that's never happened before, but that's also part of the problem.  The distance between the top and the bottom entries in quality has never been so small, and therefore everything kinda averages out.  It was an average quality year.  Couple that with a dismal year for quantity (I can make a top 40 out of every year going back to the 80's if I wanted to, with the possible exception …

The Top 20 Songs Of 2014

This was actually a pretty weird year for songs.  I could've subtitled this "The St. Vincent Show", because, lo and behold, she has SIX entries on this list.  SIX.  Her album only has 11 songs.  That's fucknuts.  Animals As Leaders has four.  There have been nine acts that have notched three before now, but both of these are record breakers.  (For the record, they were: 2013: Janelle Monae, 2012: Death Penis, although if you count me as an artist, I'd get four that year since I'm part of The GV Crew too, 2011: Company Of Thieves (God, I miss that band...), 2010: Gorillaz, 2009: Spiral Trance and Method Man & Redman, 2008: Meshuggah, Busta Rhymes and, unbelievable but true, Ashlee Simpson.)  Shit, Skrillex is on here three times, and that ain't shit.

Anyway, it's been a weird year.  (Another bizarre stat is that neither the album I picked for number one OR number two are represented on this countdown.  Let the rampant speculation begin...)  I figur…

COUNTDOWN ABORTED: A Look Back At 2013's Top Albums Countdown, And Why I Didn't Write It

Last year, I went to write my annual "Albums Of The Year" list, and something...happened.  Reading back the diatribe I posted in its place, I caught a faint whiff, a reminiscence of the anxiety I felt at the time.  I went back there for a second, and holy shit was it unpleasant.  I feel justified for having did what I did.  I was more burnt out on not just music but writing itself than I'd ever been in my life.  Why should I write a long, 10 page essay about music?  (In fact, I thought about quitting writing altogether.)

I've since come to realize: I don't hate writing.  I just hate my college major.  I wish I'd realized that before it was too late to switch, but c'est la vie.  That's one of the main reasons there's been a major drop-off in the amount of content on this blog.  (The other being too busy writing bullshit for J.A.M.S.  Yes, I major in something called J.A.M.S., and my institution of higher learning has managed to suck all the fun out…

MIX-TASTIC: "The Last Shall Be First" & "The First Shall Be Last"

Recently, I started jotting down ideas for a new mix, and wound up with more than enough songs.  Instead of cutting down the list, I broke it in two and here we are.  Each mix is almost exactly eighty minutes and has sixteen songs.  They're a little on the downtempo side, but that serves to make the impactful moments more so.  Check 'em out: