Wednesday, March 8, 2017

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 080: Under Cover Of Darkness...

Given recent events, we do everything under the cover of darkness these days...Also, this mix felt a bit nocturnal to me, so I went with that.  Pretend it means something.

Next week is request time again, so hit me up in the comments section, on Facebook or @Nicholasnutter on Twitter to let me know what you want to hear!

1. "Man Fi Cool" Roots Manuva
2. "Who" David Byrne & St. Vincent
3. "Voidarama" Brand X
4. "Christine" Siouxsie And The Banshees
5. "Rings" Aesop Rock
6. "Utne Wire Man" Blue Man Group
7. "Hunting High And Low" A-Ha
8. "Never Again" Kilgore
9. "Party Is Goin' On Over Here" Busta Rhymes
10. "Melatonin" A Tribe Called Quest & Abbey Smith
11. "The Hull Priests" Fila Brazillia
12. "Black Light Syndrome" Bozzio/Levin/Stevens
13. "Bender" Sevendust & Chino Moreno
14. "South Of Heaven" Slayer

Thursday, March 2, 2017

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 079: Of COURSE Future Sucks, We Live In A Dystopia!

This was a weird episode in every way, shape and form.  There's a 10 minute block of pure 80's at the beginning (most of which is a tribute to the recently departed Bill Paxton), then I did a bunch of music reviews, then I played some of the songs and they were music I never saw myself playing on the show, then I had a bunch of extra time left over due to poor planning and threw a random song on.

For the bulk of the show, I tried something new: taking my most recent music review blog and trying to recreate it as a podcast.  I think the segments turned out well (feedback is welcome), and playing select songs from albums I reviewed was a nice twist.  I NEVER dreamed I'd be playing multiple country songs in a single episode, not even a request show.  And it was NEW country too.  And I never suspected I'd like it.  I even played new John Mayer.  I'm tellin' ya, this a was weird one.

This was also the second episode in a row I had to completely re-record after I got home from the broadcast.  The live version was an unmitigated disaster.  The board was having problems with output (way too quiet, which was the opposite of last week's debacle), two different FCC violations slipped through (one of which was in A PRE-RECORDED SEGMENT I DID) and all the technical difficulties added up to me stuttering and being completely off my game.  The episode was also about five minutes too short, but that worked out because Marc Firch (host of Storefront Music Hour, who was subbing for Head In The Cloud) needed to use Studio A (which I was in) because Studio B's CD player wasn't working.  He had plenty of time to set up, and I was glad to be done with this God-forsaken mess of a broadcast, though it was weird being in Studio B on the computer waiting for my own show to end so I could update the Soundcloud and all.

After the show, I went home and set about re-recording the whole thing from scratch.  This allowed me to add a few things, like a final song to run out the clock (which I picked at random) and the segment where I slammed the Crystal Light Aerobics Championships theme into "Bleed" by Meshuggah.  But unlike last week, where reconstructing the episode only took an hour, I was up until 5 A.M. redoing the thing and getting it on Soundcloud.  Part of that was because my computer stopped recognizing my mouse out of goddam nowhere, but really it just took a long time to make a good show.  (I still feel like I settled on the picture I used for the episode.)

All that said, this was a solid episode after I put nine and a half hours into it (only four of which were before the broadcast).  Take a listen to the fruits of this unexpected labor:

1. "How Can The Laboring Man Find Time For Self-Culture?" Martini Ranch
2. "Reach" Martini Ranch
3. Crystal Light Aerobics Championship 1988
4. "Run Wild Horses" Aaron Watson
5. "Still Feel Like Your Man" John Mayer
6. "Drivin' Around" Little Big Town
7. "Show You The Way" Thundercat, Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald
8. "Automaton" Robotaki
9. "Constellations" Grant & Jessi Mason
10. "Song For Holly" Esthero & Danny Saber

Also, I totally forgot to post in the shownotes that I was a guest on Ching Suru (Sundays at 10PM on Riverwest Radio), which was a blast (and also quite strange).  This was January 8th, so apologies for sleepin' on it!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 078: Unreasonably Unseasonable

We're a bit late this week owing to some technical difficulties, but here we are now.  The shownotes about the unseasonably warm weather are going up a) After we hit an all-time record temperature for any day in February (71F), and b) When it's 40 something outside right now after a week in the 60's.  My timing stinks.

This episode is all about spring, and specifically filled with songs I'd like to blast out of my car with the windows down in Spring (and one President's Day song about the assassination of Lincoln).  I think this is one of my better episodes musically, and it sounds sharper now that I've re-cut it (seriously, be careful if you're listening at high volume; the sibilance when I talk is kind of painful; really need to start putting this shit through filters when I record at home).

The reason for the delay is that something went wrong with WXRW's Soundcloud recorder, and when the episode was posted, it was 10 to 15db higher than what I thought it was.  I know it wasn't the board, because Head In The Cloud was effected as well and they're in a different studio.  Anyway, it made the show so unlistenable I decided to redo the whole thing after I got home.  Unfortunately, Soundcloud wouldn't let me post this version until Wednesday morning for some reason, so to the eight of you that clicked play on the first version, I'm sorry.  The problem seems to be cleared up now, so hopefully this isn't a recurring thing.  Please enjoy this awesome music even now that you might have to do it with the windows rolled up:

0. Special Intro feat. LoadingReadyRun
1. "Spring (1st Movement)" Vivaldi
2. "Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em)" Busta Rhymes
3. "Ruby" Kaiser Chiefs
4. "Backstairs" The New Pornographers
5. "Mighty Storm" The Duhks
6. "Our American Cousin" Molly Lewis feat. Vixy & Tony
7. "Yuto" Hisaki Hogari
8. "Standing In The Light" Level 42
9. "Prontera Field" Yoko Kanno
10. "Springtime (Season Of Love)" The Night Howls
11. "Gaia" Devin Townsend
12. "The Quiet House" Spock's Beard

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 077: Request Line XVI

Here is what you want to hear!  It's request time again, and interestingly enough, most of the songs this week are new music, so this is like the other side of the coin from Episode 76.  (The definition of "New" being from the last year and I haven't heard of it until now, I guess.)

Anyway, take a listen to the things you told me you wanted to listen to!

[P.S.: The beginning of the episode is the end of the previous time slot; they went a little long]

1. "Artificial Insanity" Marky Sound For Sight
2. "Rage In The Bull" Marky Sound For Sight
3. "When Cats Go Shopping..." Ali Abrar
4. "Hallelujah Money" Gorillaz & Benjamin Clementine
5. "Cloud 9" Jamiroquai
6. "Automaton" Jamiroquai
7. "Happy Funky Funtime / Winters In Wisconsin" Mike G
8. "Funeral For Yesterday" Kittie
9. "Ornament" Gone Is Gone
10. "Love Is A Lie" Beth Hart
11. "Percogesic" Galant
12. "School Boy Crush" Average White Band
13. "99" Toto