Wednesday, July 20, 2016


It's finally here!  I've been trying to get this episode together for awhile now.  My equipment is all in one place, I got a reasonable amount of sleep, I gave myself the whole day (which I needed and more, since I didn't quite manage to get the last segment to work) and I didn't have a 'maybe' guest that turned into a 'no' at showtime, so nothing stopped me this time!

Felt nice to do something creative again.  Maybe I'll do it again someday.

Anyway, the episode was recorded onto cassette, then played through WXRW's tape deck (which I wasn't sure would work).  When I say I gave myself all day to make this episode, I mean it.  Woke up at 10:30 and did research for two hours or so, found out my dual-deck tape machine doesn't even play tapes anymore, then went through over an hour fucking around with the recording for the intro from 1993 because the tape wouldn't rewind to the point where the interview with Dave Luczak (nor fast forward on the reverse side, nor play for more than five seconds without stopping because the spools were jammed).  I thought maybe mom's friend had just missed taping the segment.  But then I noticed how far into the tape side it was, and went through what can only be described as a rigamarole trying to get this 23-year old P.O.S. (the tape itself was well over 30; trust me) to work.

To get everything onto the tape, I used a red/white audio in to a headphone out cable to tape things off my laptop.  I did all the voiceover in Audacity, while pulling up songs on the fly.  The tape running out gag was manufactured, because I was using a 90 minute tape with 45 minute sides.  I just did some math and, weirdly enough, found the exact place where the tape ran out on me during Dream Theater's Summerfest set in 1993 (though this recording was from Milan, Italy and downloaded from Limewire in 2003, then put on tape, then broadcast on radio, then recorded to Soundcloud, then here we are.  Lovely audio quality right there.)

I finished taping "Touching The Untouchables" at 7:27 P.M., which is right when I had to leave to get to the station in time to set up the equipment (and make sure it worked).  I also noticed that my planned finale wouldn't have fit on the tape, so I had to cut my favorite Men At Work song short.  I even fast forwarded through a bit of the Babymetal song when I realized how little time I had left.  My only other regret is I wasn't able to work a fast-forwarding/rewinding gag into the episode, but hey.  I think it turned out pretty well!

[One last note: I announced at the end of the episode that I would be doing a bonus episode from the Riverwest 24 bike race, but I got my dates mixed up, and that's NEXT weekend.  Good thing I asked Marty about it, because I've had this weekend blocked off for that for a month now.]

1. "Sad But True" Metallica
2. "Motownphilly" Boyz II Men
3. "The Devil's Children" Heavy Duty
4. "Let It Roll" Little Feat
5. "A Fortune In Lies" (Live) Dream Theater
6. "Cooks County" The Who
7. "Poison My Eyes" Anthrax
8. "Conquistador" The Night Howls
9. "Fogged Out" Ghost Pope
10. "Awadama Fever" Babymetal
11. "Touching The Untouchables" Men At Work
12. "Raining Blood (On A Kazoo)" Nick Nutter

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 044: Meaning?

What is meaning? Can we define it when we cannot define what we are? Who knows? No, really, who knows anything? Prove it. Can you?

Sometimes it’s healthy to question everything, but it can quickly overwhelm one and spiral out of control. Be careful out there. Or jump into the maelstrom. You’ve got to find your own meaning before you can mean anything to anyone else.

I think.

Honestly, I don’t know.

Anyways, here's some semi-unrelated songs about the subject.  (Can you tell this episode was supposed to be something else and this is what I came up with in 45 min. of intense panic?  I can't.)

1. "Infinite Lives" Mega Ran
2. "Major" The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
3. "Seven Stars" Fates Warning
4. "Words I Hear" AbJo
5. "Brodyquest" Neil Cicierega
6. "Darkest Light" Haken
7. "Sensual Woman" The Herbalizer
8. "In Between" Hiromi Umehara
9. "Silver River" Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts
10. "Lovesick Teenagers" Bear In Heaven
11. "Scattered Pain" Nick Nutter

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 043: Anticipation

Truth be told: I've had this one on deck since 2011 or '12 (depending on how you count).  When I got a USB condenser mic and thought about making a podcast, I wanted to do what I'm doing now.  So I did.  This was the more high concept of the two episodes I finished, and I think the idea of building towards something for a whole show was kinda neat (also, I don't have all my equipment in one place, so that tape episode'll hafta wait).  So here is that build.  Enjoy!

1. "Blackbird" The Beatles
2. "In The Air Tonight" Nonpoint
3. "10,000 Days (Wings Pt. 2)" Tool
4. "Anesthetize" Porcupine Tree
5. "Make It Happen" Mariah Carey
6. "Sirius" The Alan Parsons Project
7. "Let Me Clear My Throat" DJ Kool
8. "What Happens Now?" Porcupine Tree

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 042: This Must Be Deep...(Pt. 2)

We continue last week's adventure this week.  Plumbing the depths of meaning itself to discern wether or not it exists.  Or whatever.  (Really I just wanted to play some cool songs.  Because that means something to me.  Is that enough for it to actually mean something?  Ah, who cares?  Let's jam.)

1. "Miles Beyond" Mahavishnu Orchestra
2. "Have You Got It In You?" Imogen Heap
3. "Summer Skin" Death Cab For Cutie
4. "Sea Legs" Run The Jewels
5. "The Summoning" Grip INC.
6."Young Man" Living Colour
7. "Albert Flasher" The Guess Who
8. "Look Around" John Abercrombie
9. "Fuk Tha World" 2Pac
10. "In The Presence Of My Enemies" Machine Head
11. "Snow Coast" Yoshihiro Sawazaki

Here is part one if you missed it:

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 041: This Must Be Deep...(Pt. 1)

I’ve never really done this before, but I’ve made a lot of music mixes over the years, taking great care to get the track order and the transitions JUUUSST right.  So I’m going to take one of my last ones (that creative itch has since been scratched by doing this very program; that’s like a mix a week) and split it up into two episodes.

The title comes from something Gil Scott-Heron said so I put that monologue at the beginning of the episode (that, and it’s only about a 100 min. mix).  I always made my mixes with the hope that someday someone somewhere would hear them, and I could share this music.  So enjoy!

1. "This Must Be Deep / Billy Green Is Dead" Gil-Scott Heron
2. "Coming For You" Twelve Foot Ninja
3. "Lose Face" The Fixx
4. "Cycle" Yoko Kanno
5. "Kansas City Milkman" Level 42
6. "Drifting In Space" Captain Beyond
7. "Lost Not Forgotten" Dream Theater
8. "Tell Your Heart Heads Up" Mutemath
9. "Hold On" KoRn
10. "All 4 One" Billy Cobham
11. "Laying Down The Law Of The Lard" Fila Brazillia

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 040 - Aren't Circles So Interesting?

Tonight was a bit random, hence the title (which someone in the store said as I was wrapping up).  Sit back, relax and let the universe take you where it wants to go...(after those first two, anyway; those go hard).

1. “Through The Never” Metallica
2. “American Horror Story” Tech N9ne (feat. Ces Cru)
3. “Drink The Water” Eisley
4. “Renaissance” Jean-Luc Ponty
5. “Red Barchetta” Rush
6. “In The Jailhouse Now” Jimmie Rodgers
7. “Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp” Kid Rock (feat. Joe C. & Tino)
8. “Uh Uh” Ursula Rucker
9. “Truk” Grinspoon
10. “Fire Garden Suite” Steve Vai

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 039: Request Line IX

Another request show is in the books, and it's as eclectic as ever.  This week, things are decidedly more upbeat (with two notable exceptions), keeping a positive vibe through most of the show.  I dig that.  Stay young, go dancing and all that.

If you would like to hear me play a song (and it doesn't necessarily have to wait for a request episode), hit me up on Twitter @NicholasNutter or post a suggestion in the comments section of this here blog.  As you can hear, I will play practically anything.  (I think I draw the line at NeoNazi music, but I would totally play "Nazi Punks Fuck Off".)

1. "I Got You (I Feel Good)" James Brown
2. "Psychotherapy" (Live) Melanie
3. "Get Outside" Robert Palmer
4. "Erase / Rewind" The Cardigans
5. "We Belong" Pat Benatar
6. "If You Want To Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life" Jimmy Soul
7. "Forever Young" Alphaville
8. "Ninja Rap (Go Ninja Go)" Vanilla Ice
9. "River Oriphiss" The GV Crew
10. "Hot Apple Pie" The GV Crew
11. "In The Meantime" Helmet
12. "But She Was Not Flying" Algiers
13. "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour?" Lonnie Donnegan
14. "Rise Up" Andra Day
15. "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" Monty Python

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 038 / Life: Welcome To Reality / Friar Otto's Back Porch

So...Funny story. I was supposed to be a guest on Life: Welcome To Reality on Friday night, but the host wasn't there, and there was another guest. So I wound up hosting the thing. Then another guy who has a show on Thursdays wandered in and we talked for an hour, then some other stuff happened, and I stayed for two more hours and wound up playing drums on a piano bench while this guy played guitar and told stories. Links below to both of those episodes.

Tentative plan is to be on Life: Welcome To Reality on June 10th.  For now, enjoy last night's vaguely Summer-centric playlist:

1. "Salt" The Atomic Spins
2. "19-2000" Gorillaz
3. "Set To Fail" Lamb Of God
4. "Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)" Incubus
5. "Day At The Dog Races" Little Feat
6. "Gimme Some More" Busta Rhymes
7. "Small Deadly Space" Fight
8. "Starchild" Level 42
9. "Pigsblood And Chalk" Fila Brazillia
10. "Gone" Kanye West, Cam'Ron & Consequense
11. "Love (Phonetically Speaking)" The GV Crew



Wednesday, May 25, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 037 / Featuring the Sleepy & Freeze Show feat. Mic Crawf & Nick Nutter

I have been on TWO shows this week on Riverwest Radio.  I did my own last night and I did the Sleepy & Freeze feat. Mic Crawf show on Monday.  So here, for your edification are both shows.

This week's episode of Expect The Unexpected has more hard charging music than usual, owing to buying the new Flotsam And Jetsam, stumbling across a Skrillex/John Cena mashup and the passing of Nick Menza.  There are definitely some smoother moments, but the balance is in favor of the aggro.  Plus, "Sea Of Tranquility" has the best guitar solo of all time.  Not from a technical standpoint, but from a feelz standpoint.  Even if you have it at half volume, Abercrombie's tone is so piercing you might hurt yourself.

So here are this week's offerings...but wait!  I'm not done yet!  I'll be doing the Life...Welcome To Reality show on Friday from 6-8PM Central.  You can listen to that here when the time is right.

1. "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" Megadeth
2. "Duvet Cyberia Mix" Boa
4. "Life Is A Mess" Flotsam And Jetsam
5. "Hiphopper" Thomas Rusiak feat. Teddybears STHLM
6. "Burning My Soul" Dream Theater
7. "Beneath The Underdog" Nellie McKay
8. "Boat Cruise" Thundercat
9. "Come Back Jonee" Devo
10. "New Sacred Cow" Kenna
11. "Sea Of Tranquility" Billy Cobham
12. "Duvet TV Sized" Boa


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 036: Schizophonia

This week's episode is all about dynamics.  The ups and downs, the swells and fades, the sturm und drang of musical and emotional expression.  Sometimes you need to slam into a brick wall and go from 100 to 0 because that's what the moment calls for.  So this frantic oscillation between modes is the picture I'm trying to paint with this playlist.  Enjoy!  (Remember, you can follow me on Twitter @NicholasNutter for more updates on the show, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff I retweet.)

1. "Dirty Water" The Standells
2. "Dream" Mahavishnu Orchestra
3. "Losing Out" Black Milk feat. Royce Da 5'9"
4. "Backstairs" The New Pornographers
5. "The Mouth Licking What You've Bled" Meshuggah
6. "Prayers For The Dying" Kilgore
7. "Hold Off The Dawn" El Perro del Mar
8. "Alpha Male" Anthrax
9. "It's Over" Level 42
10. "Love Like Blood" Killing Joke
11. "Poltergeist" Devin Townsend
12. "Wide Awake" Kenna