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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 032: Mil Town Represent

This week, the show took a look at Milwaukee Music in the wake of Milwaukee Day, (4/14, y'all) and a few new things because of Record Store Day.  And some that have ties to both!  Take a listen, wont you?  (Also, special thanks to Marc Ferch of Bad Bread for coming down to give me a copy of the single with an actual slice of bread in the packaging.  Listen to his WXRW show the Storefront Music Hour if you want to hear what Wisconsin Music is all about!)

1. "Get It Started" The Midwest Beat
2. "Tabernacle" Royce Da 5'9"
3. "The Shakes" Bad Bread
4. "Whiskey Dear" Lady Cannon
5. "Aphorism" Von Alexander
6. "Cobra" Cold Ghosts
7. "Hogsback Road" RatBatSpider
8. "Road Of Resistance" Babymetal
9. "Para-Paramesh" The GV Crew
10. "Orion's Belt" The GV Crew
11. "Another Love" Alice Smith
12. "The San Francisco Diamond" The Atomic Spins
13. "School"…


It's that time again, and this is what y'all wanted to hear!  So take a listen and see what the audience was feeling this month.  (And remember, if you don't like what you hear, you can change it by sending me a request!  @NicholasNutter on Twitter and in the comments section are great places to do that.)

1. "The Batman Theme" Danny Elfman
2. "Take On Me" Ninja Sex Party
3. "Moment I Count" Boom Boom Satellites
4. "Horses" Palace Brothers
5. "Black Mask DJ Attack" DJ Revolution
6. "Karate" Babymetal
7. "Count Me In" 311
8. "Middle Of The Road" Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon
10. "Hope" Shaggy
12. "A Bit Of Finger / Sleeping Village / The Warning" Black Sabbath


Wrestlemania 32 and the Monday Night Raw that followed it are in the books, so let's talk about them, shall we?  This is really my first podcast, since I prerecorded the bulk of it (editing a 90 minute rant down to 43 minutes so I had room left to talk about Raw and bleeping all the swears & such).  So let's all commiserate with our collective postpartum depression, excitement, uncertainty and disappointment in varying degrees as only wrestling fans can.   It's Wrestlemania!

1. "Ministry" Meeno

WRESTLEMANIA 2 VS WRESTLEMANIA 32: Fantasy Booking Run Amok!!!!

With Wrestlemania 32 mere hours away, I am here to put some fantasy booking in your brain...holes...that doesn't seem right.  Anyway, I've done this sort of thing once or twice before, and thought it was high time I revived the gimmick.

Today, we pit Wrestlemania 2 against Wrestlemania 32.  But not by match quality, or star power.  No siree, Bob.  We're going to make fantasy matches pitting past VS present to see who comes out on top.  Because of the sheer number of performers on both cards, it left me with eighteen matches.  As a result, I've decided to take a cue from Wrestlemania 2 and split things up into three separate cards.

[Side note: I took the NFL players out of the battle royal, because there were already so many frickin' wrestlers on this card.  Also, I didn't have anything else for the 10-divas tag match participants to do except turn they women's title match into even more of a clusterfuck or have the match they're already having with no e…