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Hey, here's where else you can find me

Because I wanted to do...something for Leap Day but only have six minutes left before March, here's a buncha links to stuff I do on the Internet!

My Youtube page
My Twitter account
The Night Howls on Bandcamp
Expect The Unexpected

Is it weird that I feel hollow that there isn't more I could think of?  Only four links?  I dunno.  Anyways, have fun checking those out!


I guess this one's about motivations; dreams and aspirations.  See what inspires you out of this week's eleven sonic offerings:

1. "All Eyes On The Earth" Ever Forthright
2. "Aganju" Bebel Gilberto
3. "The Gates Of Rock 'N' Roll" VAST
4. "Vanishing Point" Apollo 440
5. "All Ends Well" Alter Bridge
6. "All Fired Up" Pat Benetar
7. "Pipeline" Anthrax
8. "Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 In G" Johann Sebastian Bach
9. "Say What You Say" Eminem & Dr. Dre
10. "Crazy Or High" Black Label Society
11. "All That You Dream" (Live) Little Feat


I decided to open up a decidedly choice cask for this weeks batch of tunes.  These are songs I really really like and that have attached themselves to me over the years.  The exception is Viola Beach, of course, since the first time I heard the song was late Sunday night when news broke of the terrible tragedy that befell them all.  The main theme though is super good music, so here is what I dig:

1. "Swings & Waterslides" Viola Beach
2. "Seven Ways Til Sunday" T.R.A.M.
3. "Where We Are About To Take It" Busta Rhymes
4. "Heaven Sent" Esthero
5. "Buscandome" Nonpoint
6. "Form & Control" Phenomenal Handclap Band
7. "The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys" Traffic
8. "Sun Red Sky Blue" Kenna
9. "Samurai Hee-Haw" John Abercrombie
10. "Akane Iro Ga Moeru Toki (When The Sunset Turns Red)" Scoobie Do


For those expecting a Kanye West think piece, it's...probably coming?  I don't even know if it's really an album or some new kind of thing yet, so I'll have to see.  Give it another week, maybe.  Until then, here's four joints I copped recently:

Mutemath "Vitals" ** and 1/2

It's basically "88.Nine: The Album".  Was really into "Odd Soul", and their first two records contain some of my favorite songs of the last ten years, but this one is going to take awhile to get into.  That being said, I don't really hear the standout, anthem, AWESOME song or songs that made me love their previous shit.  But there's stuff to work with here, so maybe something'll grow on me.

Prong "X - No Absolutes" ** and 2/3
Not terrible, but it's really all over the place, and there's even a few songs that border on nu-metal ballad a-la Saliva territory.  The highest praise I can give "No Absolutes" is: "It'…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 022 - Request Line V

This week's request show had a lot of moive stuff, a lot of 90's stuff, and a lot of stuff from 90's movies.  You wanted to hear it, so here it is!!!

1. "TROGDOR" Strong Bad
2. "The Cheat Is Not Dead" Strong Bad
3. "Time Had Come Today" Bootsie Collins
4. "They Want EFX" Das EFX
5. "Chori Chori Gori Se" Udit Narayan & Abhijeet Bhattacharya
6. "It's Folkish (Remix)" Himesh Reshammiya
7. "Ba$$in" Yelle
8. "Snack Cart" Nick Nutter
9. "Down By The Water" PJ Harvey
10. "Sad And Dead" Suicide Chicken
11. "Circle Of Life" Elton John
12. "T.U.R.T.L.E. Power" Partners In Kryme
13. "Everything Is Awesome" Tegan And Sara, The Lonely Island & Mark
14. "On The Run" Pink Floyd
15. "Brain Damage/Eclipse" Pink Floyd

A Review Of The New Dream Theater Album "The Astonishing"

Dream Theater "The Astonishing"

I was really really hoping this was where Dream Theater would turn it around.  I REALLY wanted this to be good.  And the first single was promising: "The Gift Of Music" is a unique approach for the band, clocking in at a lean, mean 4:00 on the dot.  Dream Theater has been stuck in a rut for so long of writing songs between eight and twenty five minutes in length that it started to feel forced around a decade ago.  So when I saw they were trying something different (only one song breaks the seven minute barrier), and trying it in the risky fashion of a full-blown concept album telling a movie-length story, I was pretty interested in hearing what they had come up with.

And despite the opening being a minute long noise-piece dedicated to the drone-like creatures on the cover and track two being an overture (which this band has only gotten right once, on "Scenes From A Memory"), I was still with it through track four.  "Th…

Expect The Unexpected - Episode 021: Groundhog Day

Dear God, that was a terrifying journey!  I...I was caught in a vortex!  A time loop!  A paradox!  You guys, GROUNDHOG DAY IS REAL!!!  I am VERY fortunate to have come out the other side.  You may listen to my terror (in music-accented audio drama form) below, but take care that YOU don't become it's next victim!

1. "Down Under" Men At Work
2. "Dystopia" Megadeth
3. "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" AC/DC
4. "I Got You, Babe" Sonny & Cher
5. "Aisatnaforcen (Noisrev Eton Noillim 35)" Saegnig
7. "Hymn To Him" Mahavishnu Orchestra

*with incidental music from: "Supersonic" by Jamiroquai | "Prelude Bombfare" by Haunted Shores | "Baby Seal Tested, Crack Ho Approved" by The GV Crew [backwards and mixed in with "Necrofantasia (53 Million Note Version)" by Gingeas (also backwards) and a third song which I cannot name lest I grant it too much power, also backwards and als…

THANK YOU FOR 30,000 Pageviews!!!

There have been 30,000 visits to this blog, and 10,000 of them have been since Halloween 2014 when I posted the 20,000 blog.  That's honestly pretty damn cool, and I thank you all.  So to celebrate, here's a bunch of random bullshit I found on the internet when I looked up 30,000!!!

Here we go:

Further Reading:

Wikipedia: 30000
Wookiepedia entry on 30000 BBY
A Japanese lettuce farm run completely by Robots.
Muslims donate bottles of water to Flint, MI because they're, y'know, human beings with a conscience.
30000 Deathclaws in Fallout 4. Yikes.