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THURSDAY MIXTASTIC: On The One Hand... / On The Other Hand...

It's been awhile since I posted one of these (or even made a mix at all), so why not go for it?  I make no apologies for my musical taste or lack thereof.

The idea here was to make two parallel mixes with the same roster of artists, and I...sort of succeeded?  Combined length is 2 hours 16 minutes, so definitely longer than one mix needs to be, but with only 24 tracks and a 76/60 split (thanks a lot Liquid Tension Experiment...) it's not really two full mixes. 

Here we go, yo:

Tooth Infections And New Music Have One Thing In Common: I Ain't Got Neither No Mo'

Zero 7 "EP 3" *
The first thing I've heard of theirs since Sia stopped fuckin' w/ them, n it's a bunch of bullshit.  I kept waiting for something to happen, but after awhile I forgot I was listening to it.

Plini "Sweet Nothings" (EP) (2013) ***

Happened to hear this after writing the Periphery review, and I immediately felt like Plini were doing a more concise version of the prog-metal thing.  Really, it's not a fair comparison, because these songs clearly know what they want to be: Solid, laid back yet dynamic instrumentals.  It's too quiet to be metal, but it has that prog-metal vibe to it.  And the best part is the guitar melodies are compelling.  The music actually makes you bob your head a little, or breath more deeply and wonder, or feel a bit breezy.  It takes you somewhere, which is rare enough in any genre nowadays, but especially uncommon in the tech-heavy realm of progressive music.

And because fuck music lately...

Robot Chicken, Season…