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Tooth Infections And New Music Have One Thing In Common: I Ain't Got Neither No Mo'

Zero 7 "EP 3" *
The first thing I've heard of theirs since Sia stopped fuckin' w/ them, n it's a bunch of bullshit.  I kept waiting for something to happen, but after awhile I forgot I was listening to it.

Plini "Sweet Nothings" (EP) (2013) ***

Happened to hear this after writing the Periphery review, and I immediately felt like Plini were doing a more concise version of the prog-metal thing.  Really, it's not a fair comparison, because these songs clearly know what they want to be: Solid, laid back yet dynamic instrumentals.  It's too quiet to be metal, but it has that prog-metal vibe to it.  And the best part is the guitar melodies are compelling.  The music actually makes you bob your head a little, or breath more deeply and wonder, or feel a bit breezy.  It takes you somewhere, which is rare enough in any genre nowadays, but especially uncommon in the tech-heavy realm of progressive music.

And because fuck music lately...

Robot Chicken, Season…