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I Said COCAINE, You Morons, Not CODEINE!!! Rock Stars Take COCAINE!!! (Music Reviews for June 30, 2014)

Boredom demands a cure, and ain't gonna cut it.  Let's see if making fun of (or was it supposed to be "reviewing"?) music slakes my brainthirst.

Ratings system is a 0-to-5 star rating (with the occasional negative if an album really gets my goat), with the rating denoted after the title of the album.  Here we go!

Ab-Soul "These Days..."
Can we PLEASE destroy the world's supply of cough syrup so we can stop hearing albums this tuurbl?

Bad Suns "Language & Perspective"  ** and 7/8
Full of perfectly serviceable indie pop rock with a melancholy tinge.  Honestly one of the better things I've reviewed in this article.  The songs remind me of the deep cuts on an underrated new wave band's follow-up album that sold nothing.

Ceci Bastida "La Edad de la Violencia"* and 2/3
"Una Ves Mas" is a good example of the difference between "Indie" and "Hipster".  It sounds like A) It has a will to live…

THE TOURNAMENT TO END ALL TOURNAMENTS: Brackets XXI-XXIV, Third Round (Matches 581-588)

BRACKET XXI, Third Round (Matches 581 & 582):

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff VS Hernandez
Wow.  Tough month for Hernandez.  Loses his gig with TNA, now he loses in the Third Round of this tournament.  At least he's going out to a guy who main evented Wrestlemania.

Umaga VS Andre The Giant
This might've been fun.  Andre still gets the win, though.  Bulldozin' a bulldozer.

BRACKET XXII, Third Round (Matches 583 & 584):

Pat O'Connor VS The Berzerker
In a completely surreal turn of events, Pat O'Connor throws The Berzerker out of the ring to get counted out!  (Which is what The Berzerker did to his opponents.  Dude, it's not as cool when you have to explain it.)

Gene Kiniski VS "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig
Whoever loses, a legend will fall.  And this time, it's Mr. Perfect.  Kiniski was one of the greatest heel champions of all time; even Mr. Perfect wouldn't be able to stand up to the man who came within an eyelash of winning all three m…

THE TOURNAMENT TO END ALL TOURNAMENTS: Brackets XVII-XX, Third Round (Matches 573-580)

It's been awhile, and I'm afraid it will be an undetermined amount of "longer" still before the next batch, because I HATE writing these things now, but I was bored, I haven't posted a blog in a week or two...let's see if anybody notices if I don't mention this on Facebook and just post these eight brackets up right 'chere:

BRACKET XVII, Third Round (Matches 573 & 574):

"The IT Factor" Bobby Roode VS Mike Awesome
This would have been one for the ages, folks.  Both men quick for their size, and Mike Awesome's power matched by Bobby Roode's technical ability.  Both men former world champions.  In the end it comes down to experience.  Bobby Roode wrestled far longer than Mike Awesome chose to.  The IT Factor takes IT to the bank.

Rey Mysterio VS Rick Martel
Holy greased lightning, Batman!  The amount of agility in a ring with these two between the ropes would set the world on fire!  (Good God, King!)  I've gotta give the edge to R…

Concert Review: Sevendust @ The Rave, 6-14-14 (Acoustic Show)

On Saturday, June the fourteenth, I had occasion to take in a concert at Milwaukee's (not-so) fine Rave establishment.  Sevendust were there to play two sets of exclusively acoustic compositions, and it served to be a rather refreshing evening out.

The best part was: THIS SHIT WAS FREE!

There's a bit of a story behind that: My roommate's uncle came about four free tickets, but doesn't live in the area.  He asked her if she wanted to go see this band (who neither my roommate nor her uncle had heard of), and after looking them up on YouTube, was like "Hell no".  But she knew I was into metal, and asked if I wanted to go, so I scooped that shit up like a back hoe.  Only problem was, this was on a Tuesday, and we didn't know if the tickets would get here by Saturday through the mail.  Drama, drama, drama!

I started asking around to see who wanted to go.  My main man Mike (from The Night Howls) was down, but I couldn't find anybody else that was free.  I …