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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 074: We're Still Here, So Let's Have Some Fun Before We Die

Because we can't be angry and serious all the time, I decided to lighten the mood a little this week with's not quite party music, but it's definitely more light-hearted and positive.  If you need a break (like we all do sometimes) from the drudgery of the new dystopia, come listen to some music with me.

1. "Da Rockwilder" Method Man & Redman
2. "1999" Prince
3. "I Need More Love" Robert Randolph & The Family Band
4. "Floor Corn" Neil Cicierega
5. "Annoyed Grunt" Neil Cicierega
6. "Want It All Back" Yoko Kanno
7. "Movies" Alien Ant Farm
8. "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Jay-Z
9. "Dance Apocalyptic" Janelle Monae
10. "Yo! Future" Apollo 440
11. "I Want You" Femi
12. "Morning Light Type C" Carbone & Zito
13. "T.I.M.E." Neil Cicierega
14. "Whirly 3" Afro Celt Sound System

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 073 - Not Promised Tomorrow

I’m…not a fan of our incoming president. I’m angry, I’m scared and I don’t know what to believe anymore. And I know I’m not alone. At least we can solve the last one together, right? Need a soundtrack to protest the inauguration? Here’s your jam. Hope to see you all next week where hopefully I can provide some sort of escape from this shit show.

I never wanted to do a show like this and I feel like crap for having done it. MLK was right: Hate is too heavy a burden. But sometimes you just have to get pissed off to process your frustration. (Also, I can't believe this is the first time I've played Rage Against The Machine on my show. Learn somethin' new everyday, I guess.)

1. "Fuck The Donald" Rap Critic & Muse (from Episode 89 of the "Goin' Off" podcast)
2. "Fdt" Y.G. & Nipsy Hussle
3. "Dump On Trump" The Night Howls
4. "No Shelter" Rage Against The Machine
5. "Extinction Level Event (The Final W…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 072: Request Line XV

It's that time again!  This week things are definitely...unexpected.  And that's just how we like it!  We've got massive pop hits, post-modern R&B, 80's cheese, 90's thrash, trip hop, classic rock, disco and even anime music.  (And an 18 minute X Japan song I started doing a riff track over because it struck my fancy.)  Just another day at the office.

If you have anything you want to hear, let me know @Nicholasnutter on Twitter or in the comments below.  Let's do this thing!

1. "Wannabe" The Spice Girls
2. "White Tiger" Izzy Bizu
3. "True Existence" Slam I Am
4. "Old Time Rock And Roll" Bob Seger
5. "Burning Heart" Survivor
6. "Numb" Portishead
7. "Must Be The Music (12" Version)" Secret Weapon
8. "Hey Wa" Dokaka
9. "Play That Song" Train
10. "Orgasm" (Live) X Japan

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 071: Head In The Cloud / Head In The Cloud Episode 039: Expect The Unexpected

That's right.  I did a collaboration episode with my timeslot neighbor Tara G. because a) Her show explores obscure Soundcloud music and b) This is the Streaming format episode I've been building to since I started with Wax Cylinders a year ago.  We talk about finding the hidden gems in the ocean that is the internet, musics lost to time and space, local artists from Milwaukee, world music from Hungary, Scandanavia, Lebanon and...Kansas, and of course memes.  Join us, won't you?

1. "Sometimes" Skrammel
2. "Talk To Me, Tiger!" Rita Ross
3. "Carthago" Habibi Funk
4. "Down On The Farm" Edward Clarence
5. "Grover Cleveland March" Gilmore's Band
6. "The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete" Jamzedoger
7. "Mas y Mas" (Obscure Version) Robi Draco Rosa

8. "True Love Will Find You In The End" The Incompetents
9. "It's Time To Stop Being Afraid." Nick Nutter
10. "Electrode" Nick Nutter
11. &q…

My Friend Matt Told Me To Do One Of These While We Were Drunk, So I Done Did: Music Reviews For January 2, 2017

Look, I'm sick of music, you probably want to hear me shit on pop music, I'm in the mood to eviscerate something...are we doing this or what?

0 stars: Blows
*: Bad
**: Meh
***: Decent enough
****: Pretty fuckin' good
*****: Impossible (because most of these are first impressions, and I'm too jaded to ever like anything again)

Le'z go:

Austin Mahoney "ForMe+You"
Fucking ANNOYING.  Juicy J sucks all the fun out of this thing instantly with the repetitive rap chorus.  Boy band shit with slightly higher bpm's than you may be used to, but basically the same lifeless, post-pop dystopian shit you may or may not have noticed flooding the radio because you can absolutely avoid any music you don't want to hear now.  (Side note: Pitbull is on one of these songs, and it's the most lifeless "party" song you've ever heard, but he still does the same Pitbull wants to party type verse on it, and it's kind of funny how out of place it sounds i…