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My Friend Matt Told Me To Do One Of These While We Were Drunk, So I Done Did: Music Reviews For January 2, 2017

Look, I'm sick of music, you probably want to hear me shit on pop music, I'm in the mood to eviscerate something...are we doing this or what?

0 stars: Blows
*: Bad
**: Meh
***: Decent enough
****: Pretty fuckin' good
*****: Impossible (because most of these are first impressions, and I'm too jaded to ever like anything again)

Le'z go:

Austin Mahoney "ForMe+You"
Fucking ANNOYING.  Juicy J sucks all the fun out of this thing instantly with the repetitive rap chorus.  Boy band shit with slightly higher bpm's than you may be used to, but basically the same lifeless, post-pop dystopian shit you may or may not have noticed flooding the radio because you can absolutely avoid any music you don't want to hear now.  (Side note: Pitbull is on one of these songs, and it's the most lifeless "party" song you've ever heard, but he still does the same Pitbull wants to party type verse on it, and it's kind of funny how out of place it sounds i…