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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 070: The Best Albums Of 2016 featuring Nicole Jenkins

This week, I brought on a guest (Nicole Jenkins) to talk about the albums of note in 2016.  It's not a countdown this year because frankly 2016 didn't give me good enough material to work with, but instead albums are placed in different strata from bottom to top.  It's an engaging discussion, and you might find out about some music you missed, so give it a listen.

I make no apologies for the brutal 90 degree tonal shift of the outro.  Honestly, in 2016 you should have seen the bummer ending coming.

An update to the situation I mentioned last week: Riverwest Radio has apparently found a workaround for the copyright danger, and things are back to relatively normal.  For now.  Nothing in this life is permanent.  Don't take jack shit for granted, motherfucker.

Anyway, happy listening, and hopefully a happier New Year:

1. "Wish You Were Here" Ninja Sex Party

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 069: The Top 26 Songs Of 2016, Pt. 2

Before we get into the shownotes, I need to address something.  Riverwest Radio was recently issued a second copyright strike by Soundcloud (after years of SC not giving a fuck), so at this current juncture we are forced to go through the rigamarole of uploading episodes to our own personal accounts.  This means that going forward (because I use the free option and I'm up against the limit of how many things I can post), only two episodes of Expect The Unexpected will be available at any given time, and they will be the two most recent.  The rest of the playlist exists for now, but if you want to hear any of the old episodes, I suggest downloading them as soon as you can.  (Especially Ep. 8, because that one is on my personal Soundcloud already.)

I'm honestly not sure what this means going forward, because the only reason I could keep this show archived is Soundcloud has been playing fast and loose with copyright for years.  I may have to alter the format to more of a talk sho…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 068: The Top 26 Songs Of 2016, Pt. 1

This is part one of our year end extravaganza! Thirteen of my favorite songs of the year are on display for all to hear. Next week, thirteen even BETTER songs will grace thine ears! Here’s the schedule for our upcoming episode, all of which will be special in some way:

December 20: The Top 26 Songs Of 2016, Pt. 2
December 27: The Top Albums Of 2016
January 3: The Streaming Episode
January 10: Request Line XV

Keep your head up out there. This year has been supremely awful for most of us for one reason or another, but don’t give up yet. We still have each other and that counts for something, dammit! (More than you might imagine!) If you need to talk, I’m @Nicholasnutter on Twitter. One.

26. "Sorceress" Opeth
25. "untitled 06 | 06.30.2014." Kendrick Lamar & Cee Lo Green
24. "In A Parade" Paul Simon
23. "Touch-Tone Telephone" Lemon Demon
22. "Blood Moon" Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
21. "Show Me A Leader" Alter Br…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 067: Request Line XIV

It’s Request Line Time again! This is the show where I play what you the listener tells me you want to hear.  I try to do one of these a month, so if you missed out, hit me up @NicholasNutter on Twitter to get in a request for the next one!

December is always a special time for Expect The Unexpected, as you can actually expect what episodes are coming!  Next week is part one of The Top Songs Of 2016, where I count down my favorite songs of the year.  (Part Two is the week after, obviously.)  Then on December 27th, it's the Top Albums Of 2016.  I used to do a written list on this very blog each year of the Top Albums lists, in fact that tradition dates back to when I ran this blog on MySpace in 2006.  Since I have an hour long radio show now, I'm doing the podcast/audiobook equivalent and it worked out pretty good.

January 3rd is going to be the streaming episode, concluding (for now) our exploration of different recording formats of the ages.  (If you recall, this began a yea…


Well, The Big Four Song Challenge Series Update has drawn to a close, and here we are in the aftermath.  Metallica edged out Megadeth on the strength of bonus material, Anthrax did okay and Slayer should have broken up when Jeff Hanneman died.  For real, all coming back with another album did for them was...well, make them money and allow them to keep touring and making more money, so there's that.  But more importantly, by releasing "Repentless", they dropped from two to three on my completely arbitrary opinion based blog series status ranking system!  Surely, that can't have been worth a couple million bucks?

Anyhow, I'm getting the feeling that rock music in general is going to need to evolve into something completely different or call it quits altogether.  Rock has had its 60 year run just like jazz did before it, and if it doesn't come up with something soon, it will fade away from the public consciousness, only to return in Gap commercials in the 2040…


Anthrax "Vice Of The People" (2016) VS Megadeth "Melt The Ice Away" (2016) VS Metallica "When A Blind Man Cries" (2016) VS Slayer "Pride In Prejudice" (2015)

"Vice Of The People" is the Japanese bonus track for "For All Kings".  Aaaand it starts with that doofy march beat.  Wonderful.  The lyrics don't do it any favors in the "I should take this seriously" department either.  And like most of the songs I've slagged in this Update process, it's not bad.  It's just so "...whatever."

"Melt The Ice Away" is a Budgie cover that was the Spotify exclusive bonus track for "Dystopia".  It's funny how the original Budgie tracks are often much softer than the bands that cover them and turn them into fucking barnburners.  This song sounds a little goofy in the vocals and lyrics department, but knowing it's a Budgie song, it totally gets a pass.  And unlike some covers of Budgi…


Anthrax "Zero Tolerance" (2016) VS Megadeth "Me Hate You" (2016) VS Metallica "Ronnie Rising Medely" (2016) VS Slayer "You Against You" (2015)

"Zero Tolerance" is trying to be harder than it is.  Anthrax (especially Belladonna-thrax) don't drop F-bombs a lot, but there it is, right up front.  I mean, the song's not wussy, but it doesn't seem tough enough.  After listening to "For All Kings", sure it might seem pretty brutal, but it could use another push to get it to where it wants to go.  I dig the message though, calling out the hypocrisy of religious extremism.

"Me Hate You" is better than anything I've reviewed from this album since "Poisonous Shadows" (save for "Foreign Policy", which edges it out slightly).  This could have easily replaced "The Emperor".  It's a really solid fist pumper of a song and the lyrics manage to cross back over that line of good sarcasm …