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Thank you for hitting me up 20,000 times, internet!  To celebrate, here's some fucked up shit that I found when I searched for "20,000", "20K" and "Twenty thousand":



Further Reading:

The Wikipedia entry on 20,000:

RANDOM BULLSHIT!: Pop Culture Observations

A few rapid fires for ya:

Whoever came up with the billboards on the South side of Milwaukee saying "OMG! Support Your Local Business" needs to go shoot their self(ie).

Fox Sports one promotes new called "1-On-1"; promo graphic has three people in it.

I'll admit, The Rock's return, his subsequent promo w/ Triple H and Cena's marked heelishness have me intrigued, but what else happened on that episode of Monday Night Raw?  A Bella won a match with her hand tied behind her back and a tiny man in a bull costume wrestled a tiny man in an alligator costume.  Add that together with commercials and we're talkin' about an hour.  Raw is three hours long.  What happened during the other two?  Nothing anyone remembers.

Anyone else see the commercial for Mulaney and think "Mul-Cancelled"?  Watch the trailer and see what I mean:

Now I've got to solve the internal debate on whether I'll live blog the episodes of Matlock CBS …