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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 052: New Music Roundup, August 2016

We have music that's so new the album isn't out yet, music that's just plain new to me and music that is celebrating a 20th or 25th Anniversary.  Let's see if you can figure out which is which!

The undercurrent of this episode is a real ying-yang kind of deal.  There's plenty of metal and rock, but there's at least three slow jams and three more that have chill elements to them while keeping an energy and an edge.  All I know is this music sounded good as hell when I played it in the studio at WXRW.  Hope you like it and vibe to it morning afternoon and night:

1. "Once" Pearl Jam
2. "Hail, Hail" Pearl Jam
3. "The Greatest" King
4. "Nobody Speak" DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels
5. "Hardwired" Metallica
6. "Sorceress" Opeth
7. "Clap Like Ozzy" Suicidal Tendencies
8. "Laugh Together" Peter Hadar
9. "Secret Sciences" Devin Townsend
10. "Born In Dissonance" Meshuggah
11. "P…

A Special Kind Of Hell: Music Reviews for August 2016

When I started blogging 10 years ago, one of the things I did was reviews based off of 30 second samples on iTunes to determine if new releases were crap or historically crap (2006 was not a good time for music; neither was 2007).  Most of my reviews back then were not...great.  But some are still genuinely funny, and a few might have even had a point.

I've written less and less in this blog, mostly just ceding it to be the shownotes for my radio show Expect The Unexpected.  That's because I've written less and less in general.  I've written a haiku since May, and that's it.  So I figured "Hey, if I'm gonna dip my toe back in the water and see how it feels, how about a consequence-free music review thing?"


Ratings are as always 0 to 5 stars.  0 Star reviews are denoted by no asterisks after them.  Occasionally, I get hateful and bestow a negative rating, but something really has to get under my skin to get one of those.


EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - EPISODE 050: Music To Build Furniture To

This week's episode is a cross-section of what I've been listening to over the last six weeks or so.  While I've been jamming said music, I've been getting my apartment situation straight, and since I put together a futon the night before the show (which took eight hours to complete) I decided "Music To Build Furniture To" would be a fitting title.

The mix is quite eclectic, ranging from retro indie pop to mid-period big four thrash to nu-new wave to radio djent to positive rap to soulful downtempo to spazzy prog metal to old school prog to grindcore to chill alt rock to G-tuned orchestral epicness to spacey neo soul to garage rock to acoustic reggae to classic hip hop revived for 2016.  In that order.  Not only that, but sixteen songs is the second most I've ever been able to cram into an episode (the episode "25" had eighteen).

[P.S.: Shoutout to my Russian audience!  Apparently, there is a large contingent of Russian users accessing this blog…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 049: The GV Crew

This week's episode is about an act that avid readers of this blog (are there any?  Let me know in the comments, and I might start writing again!) are familiar with: The GV Crew.  For the uninitiated, here is a brief introduction to the crew, as read at the beginning of the episode:

Ladies and gentleman, this is Expect The Unexpected, I am your host Nick Nutter...and we have a special episode this evening.  Not only is this the first ever interview I've conducted for this program, but tonight's entire episode will be dedicated to talking about The GV Crew.  My friends and I started banging out albums one after another and didn't stop until the end of Obama's first term.

First, lemme say some things about the crew.  Josh Kannageiser kind of brought us all together in the fall of 1997.  We call ourselves GV because Josh named us; it's a combination of the anime Bio Booster Armor Guyver and his favorite wrestler Vader.  Guy...Vader.  Our number is 7:22, because G is…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 047: Live from the Riverwest 24! / Episode 048: Request Line X

Apologies for the late post.  Soundcloud took forever to process this week's episode, so I wasn't able to even get at it until Thursday.  I usually post shownotes the day after I post a link, so here we are.

I did two episodes since the last post, so let's break 'em down in reverse order:

EPISODE 048: Request Line X
It's the first request line in two months!  We got banjo music, we got prog, we got ANIME LIKE A SONOVABITCH, and we've got genuine Brew City Hardcore.  N.S.O.A., Hi/Jack and The Night Howls will be playing September 10th at Kochanski's pub and concertina, so I'm hype as hell about that!  Here is what you wanted to hear this time around with the exception of 15 plus minutes of Phil Collins Genesis at the end, because I didn't have enough requests, it fit about perfect, and no one wants to hear Phil Collins Genesis, so it's the perfect punish....ahem, MOTIVATION, that's right, motivation to get requests in early and often.

1. "…