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 Darren Drosdov (aka "Droz") VS Afa, from The Wild Samoans

Droz never really got the chance to evolve into a great wrestler, but even with extrapolation, you'd probably have to give this one to the Hall of Famer who's family tree is like a wrestling Hall of Fame in itself.  (Seriously.  Here's the link.)

 Lenny Lane VS Robbie E

Bro Man puts a fist in Lenny's FACE FTW, bro!  Ba ba ba BEEEEERRRRRRRRNNN!!!!

Necro Butcher VS Man Mountain Dean

This matchup is weird.  A guy who was in the movie The Wrestler (the one who has the hardcore match with Mickey Rourke's character) and has been carving up the indies (much like his and his opponent's foreheads) with a fork.  The other was considered a big man in his day (the 20's & 30's) though now he would be about the size of Samoa Joe.  From what little I know of either, I think Necro Butcher has the edge in this pairing, and he'll jam it into any part of Man Mountain Dean he damn well pleases.

 Jushin Thunder Liger VS Henry O. Godwin

Liger is one of the most well-known and revered stars to come out of Japan.  He would have to put his back into it given the size difference, but I think he'd make short to mid-range work of the H.O.G. farmer.


Elijah Burke (aka "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero) VS "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

"The Pope" is underrated.  He is so much better than his legacy thusfar denotes.  All he's ever won is some OVW gold and a title match at TNA's Lockdown in 2010 (which he lost to AJ Styles).  You're telling me a wrestler this gifted, this charismatic and this good on the microphone isn't even with one of the major wrestling companies right now?  The fuck?!?!

That being said, Eddie Gilbert was one of the most dastardly heel wrestlers I ever saw in my childhood.  The shit he would do on GWF's Super Card stuck with me so long, I couldn't help but beam and go "That's HEEL shit, son!" when I watch the re-runs on ESPN Classic now.  Gilbert is way too crafty a bad guy to lose in the first round.

Chris Candido VS Jose Lothario

Speaking of charismatic wrestlers with ability that never really got their due, Chris Candido is underrated as heck as well.  He was a really good cowardly heel; he could draw heat by literally running away from the babyface, who the crowd had paid to see thrash him.  Then he would sneak his way to a win, always with that manic smile on his face.  Jose Lothario is the man that trained Shawn Michaels (used to think that was just kayfabe).  He also carved out a decent place for himself in the 1970's NWA, winning the WCCW TV Title and a few Tag straps as well.  Personally, I gotta go with Candido because of his ability to sneak in and win.

Oh wait.  Isn't Candido the guy who lost to Barry Horrowitz three Pay-Per-Views in a row?  Never mind.  Give it to Lothario.


Stanislaus Zbyszko VS Hawk

Both of these guys were tough as hell, but I have to give it to Stanislaus.  He was one of the first World Heavyweight Champions ever, trained Antonino Rocca, Johnny Valentine and Harley Race, and had a technical skillset that would prove the difference against one half of the Road Warriors.


Jaques Rougeau (aka The Mountie) VS Moondog Rex

The "All(North)-American Boy" should be able to outsmart one of the Moondogs.  (Especially since it's the one who was originally in Demolition with Ax and thought it would be a good idea to have makeup that looked like a pizza slice on his face.)  If not, The Mountie has a cattle-prod sized bone for the dog.


Afa defeats Droz
Robbie E defeats Lenny Lane
Necro Butcher defeats Man Mountain Dean
Jushin Thunder Liger defeats Henry O. Godwin
"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert defeats Elijah Burke
Jose Lothario defeats Chris Candido
Stanislaus Zbyszko defeats Hawk
Jaques Rougeau defeats Moondog Rex


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