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 Kendall Windham VS Austin Aries

Assuming that Windham can even get through the ring ropes without bending his hand backwards so far his knuckles touch his arm, Austin Aries is still one of the best in the game today, and would make short work of Barry's lil' broseph.


Manik (aka Suicide) VS Ezekiel Jackson

A few dropkicks and a few high impact moves, but Big Zeke won't even leave his feet VS this masked clown.

 Brian Lee VS Craig "Pitbull" Pittman

Pittman is a legit ex-Marine who has four MMA fights under his belt.  Lee was the fake Undertaker, is a two time ex-Smokey Mountain Wrestling champ, and once chokeslammed Tommy Dreamer off a balcony through three tables.   Lee in seven.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper VS Gene LeBell

Gene LeBell has the technical pedigree to take out most anybody in this tournament, but Piper get Rowdy like nobody bidness.  (Can you tell I'm listening to E-40?)  Piper would go over because this is pro wrestling, son.  (And Piper had a lot more technical game than people give him credit for.)

"Dangerous" Dan Spivey (aka Waylon Mercy) VS Matt Taven

Taven is the longest reigning ROH TV Champion in history.  Spivey had great potential, but never quite made it, even as a big man.  The real deciding factor, however, is twofold: Size and experience.  Taven is okay, but Spivey knows how to handle a lightning bug like dude.  Spivey for the win.


The Barbarian VS Christopher Nowinski

The guy that had to retire because of too many concussions, or the guy who used a diving top rope headbutt for a finisher for 20 years?  Barbarian beasts on 'em.

Roman Reigns VS Jerry "The King" Lawler

If this were now, Reigns obviously, but Lawler owned the Tennessee territory for 20 years.  He's an AWA Champ, WCCW Champ, USWA Champ, Smokey Mountain Champ, and an overall legendary figure in the business.  (He also won the AWA Southern Heavyweight Championship 35 times.  How anybody wins a belt besides the hardcore title more than 20 times is beyond me.)  Thing is though, with all of this pedigree behind Lawler, and in light of Roman Reign's last few months of absolutely TEARING SHIT UP, I have to change my pick. Originally, when I wrote this in late December I picked Lawler, but I gotta go Reigns. You earned it, bro.


Mike Sanders VS "Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods

Even after the plane crash, Woods would devour a guy who was essentially a manager/mouthpiece for a Twilight-period WCW stable for rookies.


Austin Aries defeats Kendall Windham
Ezekiel Jackson defeats Manik
Brian Lee defeats Craig Pittman
Rowdy Roddy Piper defeats Gene LeBell
Dan Spivey defeats Matt Taven
The Barbarian defeats Christopher Nowinski
Roman Reigns defeats Jerry Lawler
Mr. Wrestling defeats Mike Sanders

Come on back for bracket XXXIV!


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