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THIS SHIT IS TAKING FOREVER: The Rest Of Round Two In One Entry!

BRACKET XXIII, Second Round (Matches 449-452):

M.I. Smooth defeats Buddy Rose
Charlie Haas defeats Kevin Von Erich
Jake "The Snake" defeats Luther Reigns
Verne Gagne defeats Chris Jericho

BRACKET XXIV, Second Round (Matches 453-456):

Haku defeats Ray Steele
The Wall defeats Tomko
911 defeats I.R.S.
Giant Baba defeats Bastion Booger

BRACKET XXV, Second Round (Matches 457-460):

Edge defeats Colt Cabana
George Hackenschmidt defeats Roderick Strong
Mideon defeats Squire David Taylor
Lawrence Taylor defeats The Great Khali

BRACKET XXVI, Second Round (Matches 461-464):

"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiassi defeats Psychosis
Sting defeats Dean Ambrose
Alex Shelley defeats Hector Guerrero
Dean Malenko defeats Disco Inferno

BRACKET XXVII, Second Round (Matches 465-468):

Kurt Angle defeats Yokozuna
Owen Hart defeats Frankie Kazarian
Stan "The Man" Staziak defeats Kenzo Suzuki
The Boogeyman defeats Sam Houston

BRACKET XXVIII, Second Round (Matches 469-472):

"Cowboy" James Storm defeats The Big Bossman
Damien Sandow defeats Butch Reed
Goldberg defeats Floyd "Money" Mayweather
"The Belfast Bruiser" Fit Finlay defeats "The Polish Hammer" Ivan Putski

BRACKET XXIX, Second Round (Matches 473-476):

Bret "The Hitman" Hart defeats Vader
Mustapha Saed defeats "Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray
Nick Bockwinkel defeats John Morrison
Blackjack Lanza defeats John Kronos

BRACKET XXX, Second Round (Matches 477-480):

The Ultimate Warrior defeats "The Vampire Princess" Jimmy Jacobs
Kamala, The Ugandan Giant defeats Tajiri
Lou Thez defeats Scott Hall
Sheamus defeats "Maniac" Mike Davis

BRACKET XXXI, Second Round (Matches 481-484):

Bully Ray defeats "Gorgeous" George Wagner
Antonio Cesaro defeats Armando Alejandro Estrada
Typhoon defeats CW Anderson
Samoa Joe defeats Butcher Vachon

BRACKET XXXII, Second Round (Matches 485-488):

Tazz defeats "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton
The Rock defeats Tommy Dreamer
Bruno Sammartino defeats Jay Briscoe
JBL defeats Dick Murdock

BRACKET XXXIII, Second Round (Matches 489-492):

Austin Aries defeats Ezekiel Jackson
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper defeats Brian Lee
"Dangerous" Dan Spivey defeats The Barbarian
Roman Reigns defeats "Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods

BRACKET XXXIV, Second Round (Matches 493-496):

"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka "Soul Man" Rocky Johnston
Terry Funk defeats "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
"The Scissor King" Joe Stecher defeats Eric Young
Hector Garza defeats "Hollywood" John Tatum

BRACKET XXXV, Second Round (Matches 497-500):

Afa defeats Robbie E
Jushin Thunder Liger defeats Necro Butcher
"Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert defeats Jose Lothario
Stanislaus Zbyszko defeats Jaques Rougeau (aka The Mountie)

BRACKET XXXVI, Second Round (Matches 501-504):

"Flyin'" Brian Pillman defeats Scott Putski
The Crusher defeats "Cowboy" Bob Orton
Michael "P.S." Hayes defeats "High Chief" Peter Maivia
Haystacks Calhoun defeats "Big Bad" Bobby Duncam

BRACKET XXXVII, Second Round (Matches 505-508):

Homicide defeats Ken Patera
Ed "The Strangler" Lewis defeats Bruce Hart
Kevin Nash defeats Mr. T
"Big" John Studd defeats Doug Williams

BRACKET XXXVIII, Second Round (Matches 509-512):

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner defeats Larry "The Ax" Hennig
"Mr." Ken Anderson defeats Pat Tanaka
Gary Wolfe (Pit Bull 1) defeats Kato (aka Paul Diamond)
Mark Briscoe defeats Brian Knobs

BRACKET XXXIX, Second Round (Matches 513-516):

Magnum T.A. defeats Al Snow
Stu Hart defeats X-Pac
Val Venis defeats Anthony Durante (Pit Bull 2)
Fritz Von Erich defeats Sgt. Slaughter

BRACKET XL, Second Round (Macthes 517-520):

Bob Backlund defeats The Sheik (Ed Farhat)
Ultimo Dragon defeats Tyson Kidd
Crush (aka Brian Adams) defeats Corporal Kirchner
Bronko Nagurski defeats Chief Jay Strongbow

BRACKET XLI, Second Round (Matches 521-524):

Mick Foley defeats Tatanka (Buffalo)
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat defeats The Sandman
Wilbur Snyder defeats Hakushi
Frank Gotch defeats The Great Muta

BRACKET XLII, Second Round (Matches 525-528):

Hulk Hogan defeats Antonino Rocca
Sid Vicious defeats Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
Ken Shamrock defeats Ahmed Johnson
John Cena defeats Pedro Morales

BRACKET XLIII, Second Round (Matches 529-532):

Michael Elgin defeats Genki Horiguchi
Christian defeats Michael Bennett
Lex Luger defeats Greg Gagne
Giant Gonzales defeats Dino Bravo

BRACKET XLIV, Second Round (Matches 533-536):

Shawn Michaels defeats Fandango
Curtis Axel defeats Yoshi Tatsu
Shelton Benjamin defeats Happy Humphrey (with a lil' help from his Mama)
D'Lo Brown defeats Les Thornton

BRACKET XLV, Second Round (Matches 537-540):

"Ravishing" Rick Rude defeats Matt Morgan
Adam Cole defeats Jake Gymini
Magnus defeats Rhett Titus
Ole Anderson defeats The Brooklyn Brawler

And there you have it.  Third round starts TOMORROW!!!


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