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THE TOURNAMENT TO END ALL TOURNAMENTS: Bracket XII, Second Round (Matches 405-408)


Jeff Jarrett VS Ray "The Crippler" Stevens

This would've been interesting.  Two blonde heels trying to out-heat each other, cocky as all get-out.  And you'd think with his fourteen World Championships (only six of which were in TNA, so it's not just because he was booking) Jarrett would be the favorite.  But then I took a look at Ray Stevens's resume.  In the 60's, he had a run where he beat Karl Gotch, Pat O'Connor, Bobo Brazil, Bruno Sammartino (by count out), Pedro Morales, Ernie Ladd and Jose Lothario.  That's a fucking murderer's row of wrestling legends, and he put 'em all down for the three (except Bruno who rolled out of the ring after the Bombs Away knee drop curled him up like a little bitch; who else can say that?).  Jarrett's only capable of beating half of those guys, and that depends on the circumstances.  I've got to give this (and possibly this bracket) to Ray Stevens.


A.J. Styles VS Road Dogg

This probably happened at some point in TNA between 2004 and 2007, and I'm pretty sure A.J. (who was a triple crown winner in that company already) would've come out on top.

 Bam Bam Bigelow VS "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers

How would you book this one?  In one corner, you have one of the most athletic big men in the history of the sport, a man who's headlined a Wrestlemania and a man who you think should've won a World Title at some point.  In the other you have a former NWA World Champion, the first ever WWWF Champion and the prototype for the segue between Gorgeous George and Ric Flair.  A contrast of styles to be sure, but who goes over?  I say Rogers, because a) At age 17, he beat Ed "The Strangler" Lewis, and b) The match with Pat O'Connor at Comiskey Park in 1961.  WWE put that match on their History of the World Heavyweight Championship DVD set, and at that point it was the only match from before the first Wrestlemania that I'd ever given a shit about.  Not only did I give a shit, I thought it was brilliant.  It was amazing.  If you need an example of ring psychology and technique, it's that match.  And the promo Rogers cut after the match was just so money.  It's textbook heel shit.  Given that the footage exists and the WWE Network is a thing now, it wouldn't be a thing to put all that shit in the streaming library.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  Bam Bam should have been World Champ somewhere, but Buddy Rogers was.  Rogers for the win.


Seth Rollins (aka Tyler Black) VS Test

Seth Rollins has become a flying ball of awesome as of late (not like he wasn't before, but now he gets to show off more), and I've never liked Test.  Rollins wins.


Ray Stevens defeats Jeff Jarrett
A.J. Styles defeats Road Dogg
Buddy Rogers defeats Bam Bam Bigelow
Seth Rollins defeats Test

Come on back for Bracket XIII!


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