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Harley Race VS Steve Keirn

No contest.  Harley in seven.


Stevie Ray VS Hornswoggle

Just because Stevie Ray didn't get the singles push his brother Booker T did doesn't mean he can't hold his own, especially against a Leprechaun.  Last WWE Cruiserweight Champion or no, Stevie Ray would pretty much take one incredulous look at his opponent, hit him in the gut, give 'em an axe kick and send him packing.


Roadkill VS Jay Youngblood

I always liked the Amish Chicken Plucker.  He'd beat Jay Youngblood sum' fierce, in like four to five minutes.


Jack Evans VS Rodney

Anybody from ROH makes short work of anybody from the MSP (Mean Street Posse).  45 seconds.


Harry Smith (aka David Hart Smith) VS Masato Yoshino

This would be a fun match to watch, as both are really skilled, underrated as fuck talents, but I have to give it to Yoshino on this one.  Yeah, Smith might seem more well-rounded, but have you seen Team Dragongate wrestle?  Those guys are fuckin' amazing!


Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake VS Billy Kidman

This one was the hardest match of the round, because it pits Brutus from when he was beefin' with DiBiassi and Honkey Tonk and stompin' shit with Hulk Hogan his best bro, before the titanium face plate, the run of shit gimmicks in WCW and the cocaine bust against Billy Kidman when he was at the top of his game.  The same Billy Kidman that began feuding with Hulk Hogan himself in 2000, earning a pinfall victory over the legend.  (He also has a clean pin over a young John Cena.)  Given that Kidman was a semi-main eventer at one point and held a record seven Cruiserweight titles...shit, I have to give it to him.  Kidman in 12:05.


Lance Storm VS Loch Ness

Loch Ness (aka Giant Haystacks) was a mountain of a man, over 6'9" tall and damn near 700 pounds.  He was strong, too.  As a member of The Dungeon of Doom, he was supposed to feud with Hulk Hogan during the Spring and Summer of 1996, just before the n.W.o. formed, which may have led to a face turn and continued world title contention, but he got cancer and died, and in his place The Giant (aka Big Show) filled the monster quotient.  From what little I saw of the man, I was always impressed.  Lance Storm, a man who held all the singles titles but the World Title in WCW at the same time (in fact he was the only man in company history to hold three belts at the same time), is amazing, accomplished and technical as all get-out, but he was small enough to compete for the Cruiserweight title, and I just don't see what he could do against a guy like Loch Ness.  Try as he might, dude would flatten him.  Giant Haystacks for the win.

Mosh (from The Headbangers) VS Smash (from Demolition)

In singles or tag wrestling, the result would be the same: Demolition FTW.

Harley Race defeats Steve Keirn
Stevie Ray defeats Hornswoggle
Roadkill defeats Jay Youngblood
Jack Evans defeats Rodney
Masato Yoshino defeats Harry Smith
Billy Kidman defeats Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
Loch Ness defeats Lance Storm
Smash defeats Mosh

See you tomorrow for Bracket X!


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