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Jeff Jarrett VS Keith Hart

I think "The Chosen One" would be able to handle the least well-known Hart brother on the 1993 Hart Family Survivor Series team.

Ray "The Crippler" Stevens VS "Dr. D" David Schultz

Ray Stevens ain't John Stossel, and doctors have yet to find a cure for being crippled, so wave buh bye "Dr. D".

Villano V VS "The Phenomenal One" A.J. Styles

The current TNA Heavyweight Champion would find any Villano a walk in the park.

Road Dogg VS Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas might evolve into something someday, but right now he can't hold a candle to the D-O-Double G.  This would play out like a jobber match on Superstars circa 1994.

Lucky Cannon VS Bam Bam Bigelow

Sorry about YOUR damn luck, Mr. Cannon.  Bigelow SMASH!

Reno (the guy from WCW's New Blood stable or Reno Riggins.  Take your pick, because they're both losing) VS "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers

Some of the younger or less initiated fans might not know that there was a Nature Boy before Ric Flair, and that he was the first ever WWE champion back in 1963.  It's pretty much the same gimmick and the same finishing hold.  (Shit, Rogers invented the figure four leglock.)  So yeah, whichever Reno you choose, you gonna lose.  Pay respect, son.

Seth Rollins (aka Tyler Black) VS Eric Watts

As Tyler Black, Seth Rollins (which isn't his real name either) won the Ring Of Honor world championship from Austin Aries.  He's one of the cornerstones of The Shield, and he's held the Full Impact Pro title as well.  Eric Watts was...well, Eric Watts.  Wrestling's answer to Ryan Leaf, in a way.  Rollins in 5:28.

Test VS Virgil

This would probably go like Virgil's match with Sid on Superstars back in '92: Not well for The Million Dollar Man's ex-bodyguard (who was better than a lot of people remember, but still; even Test would flatten him).


Jeff Jarrett defeats Keith Hart
Ray "The Crippler" Stevens defeats "Dr. D" David Schultz
A.J. Styles defeats Villano V
Road Dogg defeats Bo Dallas
Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Lucky Cannon
"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers defeats Reno
Seth Rollins defeats Eric Watts
Test defeats Virgil

Come on back for Bracket XIII!


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