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Camacho VS Ray Steele

When you’re Hunico’s hired muscle, and people don’t even know who Hunico is, you don’t stand much chance against Ray Steele, a man who beat Bronco Nagurski for the NWA world title in 1940 and helped mentor a newbie in the business by the name of Lou Thez.

David Sammartino VS Meng (aka Haku)

Through the meat grinder with young master Sammartino then.  So it goes.

Heidenreich VS The Wall (aka Malice, aka Sgt. A-Wall)

Two seven foot tall dudes with blonde crew cuts?  Hmm.  Given that The Wall had legit feuds with Bam Bam Bigelow and Shane Douglas in WCW and came up on the losing end of the first ever TNA World Heavyweight Title match to Ken Shamrock, and given his numerous title shots afterward, I gotta give this one to The Wall.  (God rest his soul.)

“The California Stud” Rod Price VS Tyson Tomko

Rod Price is another guy I never understood why he didn’t get a good run in the majors.  He had the look and the moves.  But hey, moot point here, since Tomko could smash this J-Brone into the mat like a bug.

Moondog King VS 911

ECW’s head of security ain’t gonna bow down to no Moondog.  No, this tall-ass mofo will make a Moondog his Guard Dog if he tries anything funny.  Lay down, King.  1-2-3.  Good boy.

I.rwin R. S.chyster (aka Mike Rotundo, aka Mike Wallstreet, aka V.K. Wallstreet) VS Sal (from Main Event Mafia Security)

Dude, Mike Rotundo could beat Sal as any one of his personalities and be back to reading the financial section without breaking a sweat.

“The Lethal Weapon” Steve Blackman VS Giant Baba

Steve Blackman was a fun guy to watch, and his career could have gone on another five years or more had an injury not ended it prematurely.  However, Giant Baba is a three time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and is about the size of The Undertaker with a Japanese wrestling style.  Sorry, playa.  Bring yo glowsticks & urr thang; Baba still takin’ it.

Ernest “The Cat” Miller VS Bastion Booger

Given The Cat’s eccentric personality, he would run away rather than fight Booger, given how gross dude was.  He would take one look, scrunch up his face and wave his hand in front of it, then James Brown dance back down the aisle, leading to a countout victory for Bastion.


Ray Steele defeats Camacho
Meng defeats David Sammartino
The Wall defeats Heidenreich
Tyson Tomko defeats Rod Price
911 defeats Moondog King
I.R.S. defeats Sal
Giant Baba defeats Steve Blackman
Bastion Booger defeats Ernert “The Cat” Miller

Come on back for Bracket XXV!


  1. I read this whole blog just to see who the Booger was. Giant Baba is a Great Kali imatator.


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