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Match 058:

Alice In Chains "Heaven Beside You" (Unplugged) (1996)
Nirvana "Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam" (Unplugged) (1994)
Pearl Jam "[Red Dot]" (1998)
Soundgarden "The Day I Tried To Live" (1994)

Interesting to note, "Heaven Beside You" doesn't get as much crowd response as any other song so far.  In April of '96, I wouldn't blame them.  That song was ubiquitous at the time; I was sick to death of it.  This version is almost as good as the studio version, but not quite.

"Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam" was originally a Christian song adapted by The Vaselines for an alternative rock context.  This version features Krist Novoselic playing accordion and Dave Grohl playing bass while playing the kick and hi hat with his feet.  It's a loungy song that twists the original hymn to not care about Jesus's death ("Don't expect me to cry," etc.).  It's like a worse version of "Dumb" or a better version of "Pennyroyal Tea".  Take your pick.

In spite of being a minute long interlude consisting of "unconventional" percussion and some chant about craziness you can barely understand (and not being bothered enough to take on a proper name) "[Red Dot]" (which in the track listing is literally just a red colored dot) is kind of a funky little jam.  People (Pearl Jam included, I think) underestimate just how funky this band could be.

If you would've told 1995 me that it would've been possible to forget about "The Day I Tried To Live", I would have laughed and called you a liar.  They played the SHIT out of that song.  But lo these many years later, forget I had.  I haven't heard it in years.

Hearing it now takes me back to my childhood.  Playing Tetris VS Dr. Mario on the Super Nintendo in my parent's room, learning this new card game Magic: The Gathering, being bored with Pogs almost instantly, and bitching about having to hear "The Day I Tried To Live" again.  Man was I looking a gift horse in the mouth.  This song is awesome.  It kind of reminds me of a much much better version of "Searching With My Good Eye Closed" from "Badmotorfinger".  It's also another smash hit with 7/4 time.  How the hell did they keep doing that?!?  It's hella anthemic, it hits the nostalgia spot hard, it's got a great bass line to hold it together...magnefique!

"The Day I Tried To Live": 4
"[Red Dot]": 3
"Heaven Beside You" (Unplugged): 2
"Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam" (Unplugged): 1


Pearl Jam: 155
Alice In Chains: 148
Soundgarden: 144
Nirvana: 133

Come back tomorrow for Match 059!


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