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FUN WITH PHOTOS 5: The Photoning!!!!!

Hey, folks!  Back at chu right here with some more fucked up photos I took recently.  Here we go!

1. $97 Energy Drinks

I've covered a similar pricing snafu before, so this shouldn't be news to anybody.  But still, 97 bones for a bottle of Renuzit?  No thanks.

2. More Reasonably Priced Faire (Chinese Irony)

Yes, I bought the bottle of Dr. Pepper at the same time as the vinyl copy of "Chinese Democracy", and yes, it was almost as much as the album, which was marked down to $1.99.  Vinyl copies of newer albums usually go for $20-$30, but Best Buy was stuck with so much back stock when it turned out nobody gave a shit about Axl Rose in 2008 that they had to get...creative (read: desperate).  It also helps if you know about Dr. Pepper jokingly announcing that everyone in the world would get a free soda if the album came out before the end of the year and when they failed to be able to pony up due to website problems, Guns N' Roses sued the SHIT out of them, going so far as to say Dr. Pepper" ruined the fans' release day experience" by not coming through with their end of the "bargain".  This kind of priapistic epiplexy is not what you'd expect out of Nero; he's usually too busy playing his fiddle.  Anyway, it didn't really hit me until after I'd checked out that I had these two related items in hand, and decided to take a picture.

3. Aged Vanilla Indeed

What's a better depiction of "aged vanilla" than college basketball broadcasting legend Dick Vitale?  (Music Nerd Alert: That's a Peter Erskine Instructional DVD on the TV.  If you know who that is...good?)

4. It Must Be Catching...

I noticed this sign on the side of the road.  It really had no context, even when you factor in the surrounding signs, which were for an aerobics class.  Just this sore thumb of a non-sequitur.  It's not even an attempt at a pun; just...insanity.  And as if that weren't bad enough:

5. HAVOC!!! (But Polite Havoc, though...)

What the hell's goin' on in Wisconsin?  First insanity, now Havoc!  At least they're serving lunch.  Seems awful polite under the circumstances.  We need something to protect us from all the craziness amassing in the Badger State!  Hey, how 'bout a good 'ol fashioned barbed wire fence?

6. The World's Most Useless Barbed Wire Fence

I don't really see a problem here.  They even have a dog!  This should be enough to hold back any garden-variety Havoc...


I've actually written about this very fence before.  It's existence is somewhat perplexing, as it covers about a fifth of the actual property line, most of which is to the right of the frame.  Anyhow, it's in the same city as this:

7. A Completely Pointless Stop Sign

Notice how this stop sign isn't even at an intersection.  It's just...there.  Whatever, man.  Do what ya gotta, just don't pull me over.

8.We Care.  No, Really.  We Totally Do.

This was what was left of a Netflix envelope I got in the mail a few years back.  A few torn shreds of paper, and no DVD.  In a bag.  That says "We care".  Sarcasm has never been so tangible.

9. Only For-Real Golfing Allowed!

It's the inclusion of the word "practice" that makes this bizarre.  Keep in mind this isn't a golf course.  It's just a park.  But hey, dogs are allowed, so you can still have fun.  (Full disclosure: They're not.  I just didn't get that whole sign in the frame.)

10. Hey.  X-Men Gotsta Pee Too.

I found this on a public bathroom sign on my local college campus.  It was awesome.  And now, I'm sharing it with you.  Cuz I'm cool like that.  You're welcome.

So, that'll do it for now.  Tune in next week, when I'll be unveiling my next gigantic, insanity-inducing project.  (Hint: It has to do with wrestling, and will be about half as time consuming to read and write as "The Big Four Song Challenge Series".  Or so I estimate.)   Come back around if you dare, kiddies!  It'll be fucknutz!!!!


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