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OOOOOooohhh, ScaaaaAAAARY! It's Phantogram, Ho. Peep It.

Phantogram "Voices" ***

This band seems preoccupied lyrically with being...well, phantom-y.  There are two songs ("The Day You Died" and "Bad Dreams") that have some version of the line "But it doesn't effect me...", like they're ghosts or some shit.  The music's good, if kinda hipstery in places.  Sorta like if St. Vincent did some real Boom-Bap sounding shit and intercut it with plodding slow numbers that sound like the lowpoints of School Of Seven Bells's "Ghostory".  I can't stand the two songs where the guy does vocals.  They're not that different, but they really do take you out of the experience.  (Though without them and some of the bass heavy drum tracks, this might as well be "Ghostory".  Which, when you think about it, isn't so terrible a thing to be.)

Another One? Fuckin' Crazy: Music Reviews Continue

Asher Roth "Retro Hash" [NEGATIVE 1 STAR]

You wanna talk about a quest for redemption?  The guy had a big hit five years ago that you either loved or hated, and no matter what side of the equation you fell on back then, "I Love College" will make you cringe now.  I must've been in a strange place at the tail end of 2009, because not only did I make Roth's "Asleep In The Bread Aisle" the 20th Best Album Of The Decade (2000-2009), but I was dumb enough to crown it Best Album Of 2009.  I knew six months later that I'd made a mistake, but didn't realize quite how terrible until maybe 2012.  Up until then, I just saw that shit as forgettable.

But now I hear this, his second album, and I can't BELIEVE I ever liked this guy.  Yeah, this sounds completely different than anything he's ever done before, but it sucks so riDICULOUSLY hard it makes anything he's ever done worse just for being tied to the same guy.  Case closed: Asher Roth i…

A Music Review? 'The Fuck?

Gridlink "Longhena" ** and 1/2

Somehow, inexplicably, this band has crafted a Japanese-flavored Grindcore love story.  Shocking how much melody is packed into this shit, especially since it's the type of record where "Blast Beat" is the default setting.  (And it has to be: There's 14 songs in 21 minutes.  Reminds me of a certain record I'm thinking of in that regard...)

The vocals are terrible: they're shrill as hell and you can't understand a word.  But somehow they feel like a fresh approach.  They're different enough to get you to look past their shortcomings.

Shit, I think I just described this whole album.

It's different enough to get you to look past its shortcomings.  Sonically, it's like somebody jammed a mid-90's alternative band's brain into a late 90's Relapse Records band's corpse and flipped a switch to make it dance.   It's not really my thing, since it gets same-y real fast (by track seven I stoppe…