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Some new Metal for u 2 Jam

I don't normally do individual song reviews unless I'm reviewing a single, but here are three tunes that I stumbled across today, and I decided to write a blog:

Pig Destroyer "The Octagonal Stairway" ** and 1/2

I've never understood the goddam boner some metal journalists have for Pig Destroyer, but I also don't think they're complete garbage either.  This new joint is one of their better jams, as in I can understand what the fuck is happening in the song, and really without a pesky album to get in the way, I can just focus on the song in a vacuum instead of having it be surrounded by a bunch of songs that are identical to me.  The song loses steam toward the end of the middle section, like the homicidal junkie beating you to death is getting tired, but then it remembers why he started in the first place and finishes the job.  The thing I like best is the tone, which brings out the hardcore.  And though I hate the vocals, they paint the picture they're …