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The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 062

Anthrax "I'm The Man '91" (1991.  Duh.) VS. Megadeth "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (1989) VS. Metallica "Ain't My Bitch" (1996) VS. Slayer "War Ensemble" (Decade Of Aggression) (1991)

"I'm The Man '91".  Dude, this shit kray.  I've always liked this one a lot better than the original, though I think both are funny.  Anthrax is just wildin' the fuck out, actin' like complete fools, and it's just awesome.  Also, there are fewer things that are sadder than the censored version of "Attack Of The Killer B's", which ironically doesn't contain the song "Startin' Up A Posse" (the anti-censorship song with a lotta profanity), and this song is cut by over a minute because the outro is just a bunch of soundclips with the F word in them.  Every time a cuss word would happen, a swarm of bees would drop in over the sound.  But yeah, I'm kinda glad they haven't done an "I'm …

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 061

Anthrax "Chromatic Death" (1991) VS. Megadeth "Strange Ways" (1994) VS. Metallica "Solos (Bass/Guitar)" (1993) VS. Slayer "The Antichrist" (Decade Of Aggression) (1991)

"Chromatic Death" is a cover of S.O.D. with more polish and more intelligible drumming. (I don't know if it was the recording process or what, but Charlie's blast beats on "Speak English Or Die" didn't come through like they did in later releases.) It's a minute and a half of fun, and is BEGGING for a parody called "Pentatonic Death".

"Strange Ways" was recorded for the "Kiss My Ass" KISS tribute album, but didn't make the final cut. It's a peppier version than the original and, frankly, better. It's a no-nonsense rock song, 'nuff said.

"Solos (Bass/Guitar)" features a bunch 'o' shit (clocking in at 18:21, it better). Jason Newsted's beer drinking theme is pretty damn cool…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 060

Anthrax "Protest And Survive" (1991) VS. Megadeth "Absolution" (1994) VS. Metallica "Justice Medely" (1993) VS. Slayer "Hell Awaits" (Decade Of Aggression) (1991)

"Protest And Survive" is a cover of a song by Discharge, a band that makes songs pretty much like this one.  Each verse has one line of lyrics to it, and the chorus is the title repeaded one to four times.  But somehow, they end up this ripe, fertile crop for bands to harvest via cover songs later.  (We'll get into that more when we hit "Garage INC.")  The songs are so simple anyone with a rudimentary grasp of the guitar could learn to play them in about ten minutes.  (Anyone who has any ability beyond that could do it in one.)  But the fact remains that the songs fucking ROCK!  And that's really all you need.

"Absolution" is an instrumental recorded for "Youthanasia" and never used, but the first 90 seconds are basically the flamenco break…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 059

Anthrax "Startin' Up A Posse" (1991) VS. Megadeth "Millennium Of The Blind" (1994) VS. Metallica "Killing Time" (1991) VS. Slayer "Seasons In The Abyss" (1990)

I can remember a time when "Startin' Up A Posse" was the funniest thing I'd ever heard in my life.  That time was the summer of 1996.  It still puts a pretty damn wide smile on my face though, which is its job.  It also has a message I agree with: It's anti-censorship.

"Millennium Of The Blind" begins with a Spinal Tap style monologue about how a long time a go there were a lot of people (born without faces), but that was a long time ago.  This song was redone for 2011's "Th1rt3en", so this is basically, by default a demo.  And aside from the production, it sure sounds like it.  Holy SHIT is this a piss take.

"Killing Time" is a cover of the band Sweet Savage, a band known for precisely two things: Being covered by Metallica, and ha…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 058

Anthrax "Bring The Noise" (1991) VS. Megadeth "Victory" (1994) VS. Metallica "So What?" (1992) VS. Slayer "Born Of Fire" (1990)

"Bring The Noise" is one of the songs that people point to when looking for a source point for the whole "Rap Metal" thing.  This is a reworking of a Public Enemy song (essentially one of the best remixes EVER), with Scott Ian rapping the last two verses (of four) and Anthrax playing a pretty harsh thrash song instead of using Terminator X and the Bomb Squad.  This is indeed a landmark song, and I still dig it to this day, being a fan of rap as well as metal (though it takes talent to pull off that combination).

"Victory" has lyrics consisting almost entirely of past Megadeth song titles, so to help out an obviously corny song that I haven't listened to since the end of the 90's, I decided to listen to the remastered version instead of the original studio recordings like I have been…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 057

Anthrax "Milk (Ode To Billy)" (1991) VS. Megadeth "Black Curtains" (1994) VS. Metallica "The Struggle Within" (1991) VS. Slayer "Temptation" (1990)

Things are gonna get a little weird for awhile here.  For the uninitiated, "Attack Of The Killer B's" is a 44-minute "EP" that does a bunch of goofy shit on it.  And it.  Is.  TREMENDOUS.

The first song is a cover of S.O.D.'s "Milk" (Hence the "Ode To Billy" Millano).  S.O.D., or Stormtroopers Of Death, were a band that consisted of Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Billy Millano and Anthrax's original bassist Dan Lilker, who would go on to start Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth and a bunch of other shit.  This song has blast beats, dumb-ass lyrics, and a solo so Dan Spitz has something to do on the track.  From the get-go, this lets you know that "Attack Of The Killer B's" will be a) Fun and b) Rock just as hard overall as any other Anthrax rele…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 056

Anthrax "Discharge" (1990) VS. Megadeth "I Thought I Knew It All" (1994) VS. Metallica "My Friend Of Misery" (1991) VS. Slayer "Skeletons Of Society" (1990)

"Discharge" is relentless, and the way out of choice for Belladonna-era Antrhax ("Gung-Ho", "Imitation Of Life", "Finale").  It's a pretty fuckin' hardcore jam no matter what way you slice it.

"I Thought I Knew It All" is good, but plain.  It's one of those songs you forget exists until you decide to listen to the whole album or hit it on random.  And when it does come up, you're like: "Oh yeah.  This one's okay." and that's it.

"My Friend Of Misery" is the longest song on The Black Album, and is one of only three songs that Jason Newsted gets co-writing credit on for his entire 13 year tenure in the band.  (The others being "Blackened" and "Where The Wild Things Are" from Reload.) …

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 055

Anthrax "One Man Stands" (1990) VS. Megadeth "Youthanasia" (1994) VS. Metallica "The God That Failed" (1991) VS. Slayer "Hallowed Point" (1990)

"One Man Stands" is one of many songs about the Tienanmen Square massacre, among other such tunes as Testament's "Seven Days Of May", Joan Baez's "China", Marillion's "The King Of Sunset Town", Skinny Puppy's "Tin Omen" and ironically enough "Blood Red" from a few entries ago by Slayer.  It's an unadulterated classic.  That intro is just so big and foreboding, then you've got the opening line "The enemy is dead".  That's a hell of a place to start a story when you think of it.  It goes on to shout about freedom and asks what would you give for a cause you believed in?  It's hard core and thought provoking at the same time.  Not easy to do.

"Youthanasia" has always been a bad ass song.  It takes…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 054

Anthrax "H8 Red" (1990) VS. Megadeth "Family Tree" (1994) VS. Metallica "Of Wolf And Man" (1991) VS. Slayer "Dead Skin Mask" (1990)

"H8 Red" works on so many different levels, it's kind of astounding.  As a teenager, I could apply it to my feelings towards the popular kids, the ones that shit all over me for my whole life up until that point, though the song is probably about racial tension.  ("I don't see in black and white; I see things in wrong and right".)  Also, the song has grind and bounce.  That's a hard balance to strike.  It's also one of those songs that comes late in the album, one that you might have forgotten about, but then you hear the first notes, and it's on like Dan Lilker's bong.

"Family Tree" is about molestation and how the behavior is usually passed down from generation to generation.  When I first got the album in 1997 or 98, I wouldn't piss on this song to put it ou…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 053

Anthrax "Got The Time" (1990) VS. Megadeth "Blood Of Heroes" (1994) VS. Metallica "Nothing Else Matters" (1991) VS. Slayer "Expendable Youth" (1990)

I ain't gonna lie; today's matchup is kinda thin.  "Got The Time" is the only song I hear out of this bunch and go "Oh, cool!  'Got The Time'!".  (Well, of course.  The rest of them aren't called "Got The Time"...fuck it, you know what I mean.)  "Blood Of Heroes" and "Expendable Youth" are some pretty deep cuts from their respective catalogues, and "Nothing Else Matters" is the most boring Metallica song there is, straight up.  But we've come this far, so let's look into it, shall we?

"Got The Time" is one of Anthrax's biggest hits, and like most of their handful of famous songs, it's a cover.  Joe Jackson originally put this one out in 1978 on the same album as "Is She Really Going Out With …

Call Me Old Fashioned: A Review Of Four Recent CD Purchases

On Tuesday, I went to the record store and bought some compact discs.  (Kind of feels sepia-toned, like saying I went to the five and dime to patronize their soda fountain, but this isn't a joke, so it's like saying that exactly.)  Here is what I purchased, and forthwith, what I thought of said purchases, to whit, albums.

Er go.


Clutch "Earth Rocker" *** and 1/2
I've never heard a bad Clutch album.  Never happened.  And you know something?  I don't think it will.  It's been, what?  22 years since they dropped the "Pitchfork" EP?  Yeah.  I don't think they'll be able to make a fucktarded sounding shitfest if they tried.

"Earth Rocker" is evocative of "Blast Tyrant", but faster paced.  It's probably their best since that fine album of yore.  I'm especially digging the title track, "Crucial Velocity" and "Cyborg Bette", because why she gotta run so hot?  If you like Clutch, this …

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 052

Anthrax "Intro To Reality/Belly Of The Beast" (1990) VS. Megadeth "The Killing Road" (1994) VS. Metallica "Through The Never" (1991) VS. Slayer "Spirit In Black" (1990)

If "Intro To Reality/Belly Of The Beast" were one track, it would be Anthrax's longest song, clocking in at 8:10.  The song sounds appropriately epic in structure and subject matter.  "Intro To Reality" serves as an overture to the main piece, covering the ground instrumentally it needs to to set up the main salvo.  Yes, "Belly Of The Beast" has that cliché gallop rhythm, but in this context, it sounds important.  It sounds anthemic.  It's exactly what it needs to be.  And that's why this jam works, son.

"The Killing Road" is interesting, because it has all the earmarks of a thrash song without actually being a thrash song.  The riffs are pretty straightforward, the drums have a few tricks up their sleeve, but keep a more traditio…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 051

Anthrax "Gridlock" (1990) VS. Megadeth "Elysian Fields" (1994) VS. Metallica "Don't Tread On Me" (1991) VS. Slayer "Blood Red" (1990)

"Gridlock" don't give a fuck. You want a balls deep thrash song, this is it.

"Elysian Fields" is a different type of song than the others. It's mid-period, which means more Hard Rock than Metal. It's almost an apples to oranges comparison to try and match this with something like "Gridlock" or "Blood Red". It's catchy, it's melodic, yet with teeth. But still, how do you equate a song that's good for what it is against songs that come from a completely different place? I have to go for what's intrinsically good about each song, not really compare each piece in a manor of how well they do one thing or the other. (And I've got no one to blame but myself for that headache. I'm the one who came up with this crazy song challenge idea…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 050

Anthrax "In My World" (1990) VS. Megadeth "A Tout le Monde" (1994) VS. Metallica "Wherever I May Roam" (1991) VS. Slayer "War Ensemble" (1990)

Some of you may remember "In My World" as the song they played when they guest-starred on "Married With Children". It's a knuckle-up type of song; it's not gonna let you get away with talking shit. And even now, I can't help but scream "I'M NOT AFRAID" along with that, as I had so many times in High School, lying to myself to give me strength to make it through the day. Shit, this is kind of depressing. Let's move on, shall we?

Oh. Whoops. We've gone from depression to despair-rendered submission and suicide. "A Tout Le Monde" is a song about how Dave Mustaine tried to kill himself (and damn near succeeded by overdosing on Valium. Megadeth premiered the song during a concert for MTV on Halloween 1994, and when he told the story of wha…


Take it from me: If you settle in this life, you're getting fucked.  DON'T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING!  TAKE IT!  So let's start with good music.  Don't EVER settle for whack shit again!  BUMP THIS INSTEAD!

Click on this shit right here if YOU TOO demand more awesome:

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 049

Anthrax "Keep It In The Family" (1990) VS. Megadeth "Addicted To Chaos" (1994) VS. Metallica "The Unforgiven" (1991) VS. Slayer "Spill The Blood" (1988)

"Keep It In The Family" is a song about racial prejudice that has a shifting, five part build from the beginning of a verse to a chorus. It's a pretty bangin' banger for 1990; it's drop D (or D full), it's got bounce, it got solos. It's pretty bangin'.

"Addicted To Chaos" is a groovy, moody gem I'm surprised wasn't a bigger hit. It's catchy as fuck, it's got that minor key vocal to go with the unflinching pulse of the riff. It's one of the songs from the 90's by these bands that does exactly what they were trying to do with their more "Hard Rock" stuff. In the same token, I wouldn't want to listen to this on repeat or anything. It's got a bit of a problem with diminishing marginal utility.

So I dub thee &…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 048

Anthrax "Blood" (1990) VS. Megadeth "Train Of Consequences" (1994) VS. Metallica "Holier Than Thou" (1991) VS. Slayer "Dissident Aggressor" (1988)

"Blood" is one of the many 7 minute masterpieces that Anthrax has thrown down like a gauntlet over the years.  This one has a constant, chuggy pace, yet isn't a thrash song.  The keys magically change from E to F# without any inbetween and it works!  The song has a bounce to it that carries you over the hills and far away, which is rare with a song that's in double time.  It seethes with anger, yet the lyrics warn of the loss of control that comes with giving into the impulse.  This shit shreds, my friends.

"Train Of Consequences" is "Blood" without the intense musicality, but with a heapin' helpin' of catchiness to make up for it.  Seriously, this shit is gonna get stuck in your head.  Hope you like it, because...well, you probably will if you like Megadeth…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 047

Anthrax "Time" (1990) VS. Megadeth "Reckoning Day" (1994) VS. Metallica "Sad But True" (1991) VS. Slayer "Cleanse The Soul" (1988)

"Time" is my favorite Belladonna-era Anthrax song, bar none.  This shit is goddam awesome on so many levels.  The song is hard, yet bouncy.  It doesn't show the silly side that had been so prevalent up until now.  It doesn't have big 80's screams.  This is Anthrax getting down and dirty, getting serious and going for it.  It's little wonder this album was nominated for a Grammy in 1991.  (Though really, looking at the history of the category "Best Metal Performance", there were very few years where the field of nominees looked like they were worth even half a shit.)

"Reckoning Day" is another song I heard so often I end up forgetting how cool it is.  If "Time" and "Sad But True" were, say "The Unforgiven" and "Keep It In The Family", …

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 046

Anthrax "Friggin' In The Riggin'" (1989) VS. Megadeth "Crown Of Worms" (1994) VS. Metallica "Enter Sandman" (1991) VS. Slayer "Read Between The Lies" (1988)

I've actually never heard "Friggin' In The Riggin'" before, and it turns out to be a sea shanty that the Sex Pistols made famous.  It comes of the Japanese EP "Penikufesin" (Read: "Nice Fukin' EP"), as do three songs that later appeared on "Attack Of The Killer B's".  I've decided to put "Parasite", "Pipeline" and "Sects" in with that album instead.

The song itself is fun and everything, but you can only understand the word "fuck" out of all the words, and the song get's boring by the fifth chorus.  But it's fun to a point.

"Crown Of Worms" is Megadeth's turn to do something with Diamondhead, this time choosing to write a song with their guitarist.  The song is i…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 045

Anthrax "Finale" (1988) VS. Megadeth "Ashes In Your Mouth" (1992) VS. Metallica "Stone Cold Crazy" (1990) VS. Slayer "Ghosts Of War" (1988)

I remember playing along to "Finale" as I came home from school on the day that the Terminator movies said Skynet was going to nuke us.  At the time, if I was gonna go out, I'd go out swinging the only way I knew how: METAL.  Yes, the lyrics are pretty dumb here, but being that I'm a guy who once wrote the lines "Crack whores walk down the street / No shoes protect their feet", I think I can let "I drink three six packs just so I can look at your face " slide.  The song will tear you a new asshole on a thrash level.

"Ashes In Your Mouth" is my favorite song from "Countdown To Extinction".  It's complex, it kicks hard, and it takes on the epic feel of the apocalypse.  It's also the hardest song on the album.  The middle section is fucking BOSS, s…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 044

Anthrax "13" (1988) VS. Megadeth "Captive Honour" (1992) VS. Metallica "The Prince" (1989) VS. Slayer "Mandatory Suicide" (1988)

No, I don't know what the fuck "13" is supposed to be.  It's been 16 years since I first heard it, and I still don't know what the fuck they're saying.

"Captive Honour", British spelling not withstanding, is a song about the American penal system.  It's overly dramatic, it's kinda corny, but somehow it works.  It's got a groove to it, and the concept is well executed.  Plus, the lyric "Start kickin' ass and taking down the names / A long shit list / A shorter fuse" has gone through my head more than once when I needed to kick some ass.

"The Prince" is frenetic, it goes hard, it throws down, but then it has those devil worship lyrics that give metal a bad name, and...I dunno.  The song is another in a long line of Diamondhead covers from the "Ligh…

Tuesday Mixtastic - Amidst The Ashes: Hope

Today's Mixtastic is a brand new one, and it's pretty goddam emotional.  "Amidst The Ashes: Hope" takes you to rock bottom but is tinged with just enough hopefulness that you don't want to kill yourself.  It's for coping with uncopable emotions; for trying your best to repair damage than cannot be undone.  It's a mix straight from my heart.

There is also an intrinsic beauty to most or all of these songs.  The harmony and melody within are some of the deepest, most affecting strains I've ever heard.  If you're afraid to listen for the emotions, listen for the beauty.  The darkness can be quite lovely.

I put this mix here to help you through whatever it is that's got you down.  Whatever weight there is on your soul, I hope this helps you deal with it.

With that ringing endorsement, let's kick out the jams, shall we?

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 043

Anthrax "Misery Loves Company" (1988) VS. Megadeth "Psychotron" (1992) VS. Metallica "Breadfan" (1988) VS. Slayer "Behind The Crooked Cross" (1988)

"Misery Loves Company" is about the Stephen King book Misery.  The movie came out a year later.  COINCIDENCE?  Well, yeah.  It's got some unconventional chord structure and melody, but it's really just another "State Of Euphoria" song.  Under normal circumstances, that'd be great, but this is the Big Four dammit.  Man the fuck up.

"Psychotron" was cool (?) once upon a time, but now it's just boring and corny.

Um...Fucking "BREADFAN".  Hello!  I remember when my Dad came home from Best Buy (this was late 1994 I believe) and bestowed upon me an import CD single of "One".  It had "One", "Breadfan", live versions of "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" and the demo for "One&quo…

POST #200!!!

To honor this occasion, I will post here some crazy pictures I found on Google & Bing when I looked up "200".  I put comments in the "alt", so if you hover your mouse over the images in this blog, you'll get secret messages.  (I do this for almost every blog, in fact.  The "alt" tag is supposed to be an image attribution tool, but I use it for snark and some other shit instead.)  So here you have it: Ten Pictures that the top two search engines think represent 200:

Holy SHIT were some of these huge!

Ahem.  Excuse me.  I was a little too large to stay in charge for a moment there.

Anyway, thank you for sticking with me for 200 posts of insanity!  (It's enough to fill an almost 1,000 page book.  Maybe I should just write one of those and try to cash in.  Oh wait...)NutterBlog also recently passed 6,000 views, so thank you for that as well!  (And the Ukranian spambots that keep commenting on my three year old posts!  At least somebody comments!)  If…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 042

Anthrax "Schism" (1988) VS. Megadeth "High Speed Dirt" (1992) VS. Metallica "Dyers Eve" (1988) VS. Slayer "Live Undead" (1988)

Y'know, "Schism"?  Skuh-skuh-skuh-Schism?  Not the Tool one?  It's a decent song, but it's just kind of an also-ran to the rest of the album, and in general.  The Skuh-skuh-skuh-drumming and vocal line in the pre-chorus are particularly awesome, but everything else is kind of stock 80's Anthrax.

"High Speed Dirt" is the first song I ever heard in my life that made me think: "Hey, this sounds just like _____".  In this case "______" was "Skin O' My Teeth", the first track of the album "High Speed Dirt" is on.  From the get-go this put the song in a hole it never really got out of for me.  It's not a bad song, it's just a less remarkable version of something that I just heard a half hour ago.

"Dyers Eve" is Metallica at it's …

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 041

Anthrax "Now It's Dark" (1988) VS. Megadeth "Countdown To Extinction" (1992) VS. Metallica "To Live Is To Die" (1988) VS. Slayer "Silent Scream" (1988)

"Now It's Dark" is probably (at least in a tangential sense) about Randall Flagg, but you can't really prove it from the lyrics.  They do Stephen King songs sometimes.

"Countdown To Extinction" is a lighter, more contemplative piece by Megadeth about how mankind is destroying its own world just because it can, and killing shit makes you manly.  It's still a poignant topic today, and it's sad that it's still relevant.  I'd go into a diatribe about how we need to change our ways before it's to late, but a) It's trite at this point, b) We're not going to change our ways.  For anything. and c) This is about metal.

Speaking of contemplative, "To Live Is To Die" is a mostly instrumental piece with a drudgy feel to it.  It's the thir…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 040

Anthrax "Who Cares Wins" (1988) VS. Megadeth "This Was My Life" (1992) VS. Metallica "The Frayed Ends Of Sanity" (1988) VS. Slayer "South Of Heaven" (1988)

"Who Cares Wins" is another one where I forgot how hard it fucking owns until just now.  I even heard a new lead guitar part in it I've never heard before!  (And I first bought this album in Spring 1997.)  Charlie Fuckin' Benante for the win again!

"This Was My Life" brings side A of "Countdown To Extinction" to a melodramatic close.  (And I know that because I owned this bitch on cassette.  Columbia House, son.)  It's a basic enough song that aspires to be more, but at it's core it's a mid-paced, minor key tune about capital crime or life flashing before your eyes, or what have you.  Not exciting, but not bad either.  In context with the album, a song like this is much better.

"The Frayed Ends Of Sanity" is pretty much where any and ev…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 039

Anthrax "Antisocial" (1988) VS. Megadeth "Sweating Bullets" (1992) VS. Metallica "Harvester Of Sorrow" (1988) VS. Slayer "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (1986)

"Antisocial" is the big hit off of "State Of Euphoria", the one song they still play from this album live.  It's actually a cover of a French band called Trust.  And as far as thrash metal goes, it's anthemic and catchy as hell.  I dare you to not pump your fists as they chant "An-Ti-So-Scial!" at the end.

Ah yes.  The much maligned "Sweating Bullets".  On the surface it's a corny song about schizophrenia, but if you dig deeper, you have a song with lyrics about how pleading insanity will basically let you "get away with murder".  (Though in light of the last few years, maybe it is an autobiographical diorama of Dave Mustaine's inner-psyche.  Dude's so big on himself he needs to be twins just to handle it.)  I've never really …

Fun With MS Paint: Bad Puns Edition

If I Told This Joke To Ah-nold, He'd Tell Me To "Get Out":

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 038

Anthrax "Make Me Laugh" (1988) VS. Megadeth "Foreclosure Of A Dream" (1992) VS. Metallica "The Shortest Straw" (1988) VS. Slayer "Raining Blood" (1986)

Keeping with the theme, I forgot how AWESOME "Make Me Laugh" was until I turned the volume up.  (Also, coming out of the solo is the technique I was talking about.  Charlie, muh fuka.)  But yeah, long and short, this song murks foos in dey sleep.

"Foreclosure Of A Dream" is an interesting case of a slow song that has teeth without being ballady or too thrashy; it walks the line perfectly between soft verse/hard chorus.  It's a really well done tune, but hey...look at the competition.  With "Make Me Laugh" coming out of nowhere, I have to give this a 1 by default.  (When on another day, it would probably get a 3.)

"The Shortest Straw" is responsible for introducing me to "vertigo", "infamy", "Catch 22", "megalomania",…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 037

Anthrax "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind" (1988) VS. Megadeth "Architecture Of Aggression" (1992) VS. Metallica "One" (1988) VS. Slayer "Postmortem" (1986)

I've always loved the groove of the opening to "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind".  It's swingy but crunchy at the same time.  Then it goes into the high octane type of style that we're used to by this point in the exercise, and does so well.  Slowed down middle section so nobody passes out from the G-Force, then back to the killer shit.  One of the best songs off "State Of Euphoria".

"Architecture Of Aggression" continues the theme of song titles that could have been album titles for lesser bands from this record.  (Or band names for that matter.)  "Architecture" is one of those deep cuts you forget how awesome it is until it comes up again and go "Damn, dude!  I should put this in a mix or something!".  (Haven't yet, but I'm about due t…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 036

Anthrax "Be All, End All" (1988) VS. Megadeth "Symphony Of Destruction" (1992) VS. Metallica "Eye Of The Beholder" (1988) VS. Slayer "Epidemic" (1986)

Today, we welcome "State Of Euphoria" into the fold, and Anthrax back into the land of actually trying.  "Be All, End All" does suffer some from "Heard it too much"-itis, but not because it was a radio hit.  I played the SHIT out of this album Sophomore year of high school, so much so that I'm still kind of sick of it.  But one thing I can say is that I've copped Charlie Benante's technique of rolling with the bass and the snare at the same time directly because of this album.  Also, I wouldn't have chosen to listen to this song so much if it didn't kick ass, and that it does.  But the thing about the album "State Of Euphoria" is it's the one you listen to if you're sick of "Among The Living" and "Persistence Of Time…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 035

Anthrax "Bud E Luv Bomb And Satan's Lounge Band" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Skin O' My Teeth" (1992) VS. Metallica "...And Justice For All" (1988) VS. Slayer "Reborn" (1986)

Before now, I'm not sure if I've ever heard "Bud E. Luv Bomb [etc.]", but it's a B-Side of the "I Am The Law" single.  It's shit.  It's supposed to be funny, but it's too dumb to live.

"Skin O' My Teeth" is the opening track to Megadeth's best-selling album "Countdown To Extinction".  (Holy crap, we're this far already?)  It's one of the lightest offerings they've thusfar provided, but it's still tough as nails and ready to fight.  It has crunch, but does so in a higher register, making it sound unique among its peers.

"...And Justice For All" is a nearly 10-minute treatise on the death of the American Dream.  It is the grand thesis statement for the whole album, and though some …

Monday Mixtastic: I Create Myself

Every once in awhile, I like to share the music mixes I'm listening to.  And because a) Making an actual podcast is too much of a pain in the ass, and b) Youtube exists, I can share with you the music that brings me enjoyment.  Y'know, the shit that I'm feelin'.

Also, I've learned how to do a jump break (literally just click "Insert Jump Break"), which means I can post these without the main page of the blog taking infinity forever times twelve units of time to load.  I could just href everything, but people by a way big margin click play on a video rather than click on a link.

So from here on out, every Monday's gon' be Mixtastic.  I hope I can use this to hip you guys to your new favorite music.  (Or at the very least something cool you had no idea existed.)

Here we go!

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 034

Anthrax "Taint" (1987) VS. Megadeth "My Creation" (1990) VS. Metallica "Blackened" (1988) VS. Slayer "Criminally Insane" (1986)

Anthrax: Not.

"My Creation" is like Mustaine couldn't decide whether to make a demo or a joke.  So he did neither, at least not with any effort.  Sloppy as SHIT, son.

If you've read the blog this long, I don't even have to tell you about "Blackened".  I was 11 when I bought "...And Justice For All" on cassette, and it kicked my ass from minute 1.  It has never stopped.

"Criminally Insane" begins with a tense intro, building up to a stalking 16th note pattern, sounding as though a predator slithering through the weeds.  Then it goes all double time on ya and you're fighting for your life against a cold, calculating and efficient killer.  Your body is already disposed of by the 2 minute mark, and the emancipator of the blood from your veins is on the trail of his next vi…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 033

Anthrax "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Rust In Peace...Polaris" (1990) VS. Metallica "Last Caress/Green Hell" (1987) VS. Slayer "Jesus Saves" (1986)

"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" has a few distinctions to it: It's the lowest tuned song in this experiment (C or Drop C tuning) until we hit Slayer's "God Hates Us All" album in 2001.  It's also the first Black Sabbath cover by any of these bands (and all four of them have done at least one).  It's also probably better than anything on Anthrax's upcoming "Anthem" EP.  (Yeah, cheap jab.)  This is a pretty cool re-imagining of a classic, though.

"Rust In Peace...Polaris" talks of the final piece, and brings it for the album of its namesake.  Which means soon we will have Anthrax at their most throwaway VS Megadeth at their most popular VS Metallica at the height of their power VS Slayer at their fastest.  (And yes, I know that's th…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 032

Anthrax "I'm The Man" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Dawn Patrol" (1990) VS. Metallica "Crash Course In Brain Surgery" (1987) VS. Slayer "Altar Of Sacrifice" (1986)

This is officially the "Let's let Slayer catch up to us so we can gang up on Metallica" edition, of The Big Four Song Challenge Series.  It's kind of like letting the other team get the touchdown so you have more time to score on the next possession or whatever.  "I'm The Man" is, aside from "Walk This Way", the first recorded rap/metal hybrid EVER. of the worst.  It's not meant to be taken seriously though, so it gets the duke over "Dawn Patrol", which is just filler.  "Altar Of Sacrifice" is another Slayer song that gets lost in the shuffle of the "Reign In Blood Symphony" probably not helped because it's hard to tell where "Altar" stops and "Jesus Saves" begins, not to mention t…