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Once again, here's my equivalent of the "Now That's What I Call Music!" series.  Every quarter I pile together a bunch of tunes and make sum'n happen.  This is what's hot for Summer 2012:

1. "I Am Colossus" Meshuggah

2. "Blast Off" Trioscapes

3. "Piss" Pantera

4. "California Morning" Night Flight Orchestra

5. "Never Go Back" Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

6. "Annie You Save Me" Graffiti6

7. "Sweet Sour" Band Of Skulls

8. "Major" The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

9. "Low Hangin' Fruit" Tenacious D

10. "The Right One" Phenomenal Handclap Band

11. "Inverted Ballad" T.R.A.M.

12. "Lee Van Cleef" Primus

13. "Revenge Best Served Cold" Prong

14. "Desolation" Lamb Of God

15. "Murder-Suicide" Spineshank

16. "For Nothing" O.S.I.

17. "Wiped Out" OFF!

18. "Stoic Resignation" Textures

19. "Bitch Ass Fish" …


Good evening ladies and gents! Welcome to the inaugural edition of "Battle Of The Bands"! This is where we take bands with something in common and put their albums against one another to see who's the better band.

Today's contest will be an eight round affair, and it is to determine:


That's right folks! In the corner to my left, hailing from the eighties and 90's, give a big 'round of applause to Sepultura with Max Cavalera! [Cheers; wild applause]. Next up, hailing from the late 90's to the present, we have Sepultura without Max Cavalera [Polite Applause; smattering of boos]. And in the corner to my right, also from the late 90's to now, Soulfly with Max Cavalera! [Polite applause; mostly apathy].

The way this works is simple: I'm going to pit the first album released by each of these groups against each other to see which one is best. A win is worth three points (since there are three bands), second plac…

Lyrics to "Very Soon (And In Pleasant Company)"

Here's a transcription of "Very Soon (And In Pleasant Company)" as read on "Let's Kick Ass" from 2003.

A long night spills over to day
Sugar shock begins to recede, leaving the spleen seeming tepid
My brain is akin to a percolator
As others fight to wake themselves,
I fight to stay awake
To stave off the blanket of weariness trying to wrap itself around
For I am witnessing the dawn
Both literally and figuratively
As the East is besprinkled with the morning’s rejuvination
My soul embraces its own rising star
I shall soon see through the glare to glean its true form
It will happen as premonition encased in hardened yeasts decreed to me
Very Soon
And In Plesant Company...

And I say again:
I am witnessing the dawn, literally and figuratively
As the East is besprinkled with the morning’s rejuvination
My soul embraces its own rising star
I shall soon see through the glare to glean its true form
It will happen as premonition encased in hardened …

Lyrics to "I'm A Muthafukin' Bad-Ass"

Here's the lyrics to "I'm A Muthafukin' Bad-Ass" from my 2003 album, "Let's Kick Ass".  This was my first attempt at writing a rap song, and boy it shows.

CHORUS: I’m A Muthafukin’ Bad-Ass (x4)

I’m a Bad-Ass, like when you don’t wipe for months
Shit on the whole game and leave y’all fake ass stuck
I hold heat in the streets to melt away your ice
Feelin’ generous? Then come around my way tonight
And get lifted; No, I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout weed
Cuz most a my crew don’t even sip on no tea
Word is bond; This is how the fuck we get it on
Don’t believe me? Then bear witness to the rest of the song
I’ll flip up my hood and convert to a hoodlum ident
Cuz you hafts scare muthafukaz just to get some respect
Well, son of a bitch-ass; What do we have here?
Looks like somebody ain’t pay attention; Let’s go clean out dey ears


Hear this beat comfortably? Then you miles away
Cuz everybody know we turn it up when it play
I see these kids up …

Lyrics to "Barely Sentient"

Here's the lyrics to "Barely Sentient", track 3 of my 2003 album "Let's Kick Ass".

Eyes following the movement of something barely visible
Phasing in and out of our world
I imbibe the compound to disappear all that surrounds
Go ahead, call me a coward; I never asked to hurt
Gouging eyes and ripping flesh
I’m falling to pieces
Tearing mind and soul apart
A morsel in its mouth
Cannibalistic psychotic projections on the backs of my eyelids
I know self-hate perpetuates more hate, but this is getting to be ridiculous
My neuroses are like an amplifier feeding back
Just how in the fuck did I get so off track?!
Taknig poisons for pleasures
Just a normal human being
Never more than what I am
Needing more slavery
Needing more suffering
Needing more misery
Craving so desperately

I got my wish and I’ve had it all along
Though due to human arrogance, I’m loathe to admit I’m wrong
Barely Sentient; A pile of flesh devoid of wits
It’s so har…

We Need To Grow Up

As you probably know, Scott Walker has won Wisconsin's recall election. While I really disagree with his tactics, and still think there should have been some punitive measure he had to face for stripping collective bargaining rights away from state employees, I disagree with the tone and sentiment that has fomented around this process.

The moment I knew I had been duped into playing the partisan game instead of "standing up for what's right" (how pompous does that sound?) was when one of my oldest friends revealed to me that he was voting for Walker, and did it in a calm, respectful manor. My instant reaction, one I thankfully choked back and lasted only a millisecond, was blind rage. The rest of the conversation was civil, and as it progressed, I started to realize:

Liberals are falling for the same red meat outrage bullshit that the Republicans have been using on their base for the past two decades.

Most of us viewed Scott Walker as "The Enemy", as someon…


I truly mean no offense by posting this to anyone, but it's too funny to not exist.  As a wrestling fan and a Wisconsinite, I figured I'd put this up for those who also might get a kick out of this sign.  Once again, I do not advocate the action in the picture; I just put together a memetic mutation because I was bored.  Rioting would not only hurt whatever cause you're trying to forward by instantly making you the villain, but it gives state government fucker too much credit.  They're not worth it. Also, this: Just be glad this election crap is over until the conventions. (Don't we wish.)