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SEVEN-TWENTY-TWO: Ten Fucking Years

Today, we go into a little piece of my past.  (Yes, it's somewhat bizarre to think of a triple album as little, but dude.  Figurative speech is a thing.)  "7:22" was "released" in late June 2004 (as in I declared it done and started handing out copies to people).  Normally, I could give you the exact date, but the file I have where I write all this shit down is inexplicably missing the entire year.  (Now that I look, 2006 isn't in there either.)

Anyway, because it was ten years ago and it's 7/22 today (and I'm bored), I figured we'd go back in the ol' time machine and dust off this weapon of mass distraction.  Back in 2004, all I had to do with my time was write a shit ton of fucked up music; it's how I chose to express myself.  I literally set out to translate my emotional state into song, and I think I succeeded.  It's two and a half hours of impotent rage, confusion, sadness, fear and stupid shit that made me laugh.  All told it w…