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GHOST POPE Live @ Linneman's: I Played A Show, Yo

Last Friday Night, my band Ghost Pope played a set during All Messed Up IVEver, the fourth annual installment of Milwaukee's musical experiment.

If you are unfamiliar, 64 people sign up on Facebook to be put into 16 random bands of four.  No one knows anything about the musical background of the other people until they meet.  You could end up with four drummers.  You could end up with two bass players, a bassoon and a theremin.  This year there were hella keyboards.  Anyway, you have from December 1st (the night of the drawing) until the first part of February to put together a 20 minute set with one cover, and this year you needed 15 seconds of acapella in there somewhere.  It's pretty fun.  Shit, I did it last year and stayed with the band (we were a two piece, but we go in to track more shit tomorrow night, so UNH!  Pelvic thrust!).

The event is organized by the esteemed Mr. Anthony Dean Schwader, one swank motherfucker and the frontman of this year's band, Lisa Frank (…