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New Music Is Post-Scarcity, As Are Music Reviews!

Smash Mouth "Magic" *

Believe it or not, I have a soft spot for Smash Mouth. Their album "Astro Lounge" is the kind of guilty pleasure fun album that can cleanse the palate when you need it to, and the self-titled follow-up that nobody remembers was pretty good too. 2003's "Get The Picture" was kinda "ehhhh...", but still tollerable, and after that, I don't know what they've done. (I only started listening to them because used CDs are practically free at this point; same with Everclear.)

Anyhow, they're back for 2012, and I'm kinda wishing they weren't. It just doesn't have the charm that their turn of the millennium output had. None of the songs are particularly memorable, and a lot of them cross the line into too sugary to be good territory. Sorry dudes; I can't give you a pass on this one.

Bill Ortiz "Highest Wish" ** 1/2

This is an album that, without all the rappers and hip hop production, woul…

The Five Worst Movies I've Ever Seen (And then some)

Have you ever seen a movie so horrible you couldn't even put it in the "So Bad It's Good" category? One that makes you think "God, is this over yet"? A movie completely devoid of value; utterly bereft of any redeeming quality? Something so bad it actually makes you angry? Well, here's a couple I think sucked REAL hard, and the public deserves to be warned of their scourge.

Disclaimer: This list is strictly my opinion and my opinion alone. It is not "reality" or "fact" such as they may be. So before you get all butt-hurt because a movie you like is on this list (or a movie you hate isn't), keep that in mind. For Entertainment Purposes Only, people. (F.E.P.O., son!)

Before we begin in earnest, here are what would have been number 6 through 10 on the list, but I didn't really feel like giving them proper write-ups because I didn't have as much to say about them. Here are the dishonorable mentions, in no particular o…