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Holy shit. It's that time already. And here it is, in all it's glory. The annual tradition that I started doing five years before I even heard of blogs. (Or knew how to use the internet, really.) My year-end album countdown spectacular.

This is usually what makes people read this blog for the first time. I get lucky and get a handful of stragglers looking for "Best Of" lists for the year, and they find my site thanks to Google and serendipity. To those of you that fit this description: Hello! I'm not just blowing smoke when I say it's really good to have you here! I write to be read; to share with others what they may or may not have heard of from the year that was.

Let me break down how this works:

For an album to qualify for this list, I had to have had in my possession a copy of at least one song from the entry in question at some point in time. Meaning that from my favorites on down to the one song I got curious about, downloaded for free, thought it suck…


EMERGENCY TIME WARP, SON! My Picks For Best Music From 1968

Historically, 1968 was an uber-important year. No one in the world who lived through it with any kind of awareness can dispute that. But I wasn't there, so I'm not going to rehash it for those that were and those like me that were born more than a decade (or two, or three) later.

That being said, how can someone who was born just shy of ten months after Lennon was shot properly comment on an era when The Beatles were still the biggest fucking thing of the now, not just looking back or looking at all of history? By some definitions, I can't even with a time machine, and wouldn't want to try. But from my particular perspective, I can give my view of it. Looking at a timeline, I can see 1968 as the demarcation line when music became what I dig, and began to evolve from the primordial ooze of yesteryear. Things solidified, is what I'm saying. And I'm not cutting at music before '68; I have a shit ton of classical music from the 1800's and jazz from before f…

Best Be Scopin (Part Three)

Hey, guess what? Music reviews! (And quite possibly chicken butt.)

Sunbears! "You Will Live Forever" a Hell populated by existentialist hipsters playing at being Radiohead just because they have lyrics slightly deeper than average and infest everything they touch with cosmic-sized reverb (especially when it's least appropriate). I wonder if this is what oxycontin sounds like...

Selena Gomez & The Scene "When The Sun Goes Down"

Some of these songs have the same title as songs in my collection (yet sound nothing alike). They are "Bang Bang Bang" (Mark Ronson), "Hit The Lights" & "Whiplash" (Metallica), and "When The Sun Goes Down" (Level 42). I bring this up, because there's just nothing to be said about this album. It's run-of-the-mill Disney-fied trance music. Trying to describe it is like watching someone trying to describe how paint dries.

Theroyalroyal "Praise Him" (Deluxe Edition) (Single)

Best Be Scopin' (Part Two)

Welcome back. Hope you're rested up and ready for another round of making fun of...I, I mean reviews. Let's do it!

James Durbin "Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster"

Exactly what you'd think American Idol-core would sound (and look) like.

Hollywood Undead "American Tragedy Redux"

How do you make songs that sound like sixteen year olds failing at sounding like Linkin Park rapping about what a fifteen year old suburbanite considers gangsta sound less threatening? Remix them to sound like they belong on mainstream pop radio. I'm not sure which they should go with, really. They're both equally awful and equally likely to get them mainstream attention. If they could figure out a way to split the difference, they could really make some scratch.

Permanent Vacation (Selected Label Works 3) (Compilation) *

Kinda like hipsters attempting disco. Three songs managed to catch my ear, though: "Juices" by Parallel Dance Ensemble, "Love In July" (…


We interrupt our music reviews for a special session under the learnin' tree. It doesn't matter what party you identify with. If you can watch this and not be mad, or at least baffled at how this came to pass, then you're not paying attention:

Best Be Scopin' (Part One)

Welcome to another edition of the blog formerly known as "30 Seconds With Nick Nutter". Now it's a mere arm of my NutterBlog hydra/snake hybrid. (Wow, neither of those have arms...I need to...what is it...try harder? Nah.)

Scoring system is same as always, 0 to 5 stars, so let's get started:

Rihanna "Talk That Talk"  *

I'll give Rihanna points for switching up her vocal style to sound more like a human being and less like a badly programmed sing-bot. That doesn't mean I like her songs necessarily, but she's trying. And damn she was hot as a red-head. Why'd she hafta switch it up? Oh well.

All that being said, the album is pretty standard cookie cutter 2k11 pop, with the exception of some bizarre, vulgar interludes like "Cockiness (Love It)" (which I can't believe doesn't have the explicit label next to it when the whole thing is a totally unveiled allusion to sucking cock (the phrase "Suck on my Cockiness") where …