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Brodus Clay VS Philip Lafon

An underrated big man with agility to spare or an underrated technician with tag team experience to spare?  I say big man wins, because Brodus could and would stand on his own against even the likes of Philip Lafon.

Thrasher (from The Headbangers) VS "Whipper" Billy Watson

Judging from the man's Wikipedia article, "Whipper" Billy Watson is one of the better champions in wrestling history.  The guy knocked off Lou Thez as champion twice, one of which ended a six year run.  He defended the belt against a cavalcade of stars.  In other words, the half of The Headbangers that never even got a singles push wouldn't stand a chance.

Nova (aka Simon Dean) VS Kyle O'Riley

Who wins, the Superhero or the upstart?  I give the edge to Kyle O'Riley, because the kid kicked Adam Cole's teeth out of his fucking head during a MMA-style match.  And the other one was Simon Dean for awhile.  Whattaya gonna do?

Michael Tarver VS Vic Grimes

Tarver is the one guy from any version of Nexus that never appeared again after leaving the group.  Therefore, Vic Grimes wins by forefeit, as I allege Tarver was merely a prototype hologram all along, and WWE just ran out of money.

Abyss VS Rodney Mack

TNA's answer to Kane and Mankind in one person against a guy that was on Raw for six weeks in 2003?  Um...who would win that?  Maybe the guy who's won a few World Championships and make a career out of destroying people.  Just maybe.

Stevie Richards VS Randy Orton

Damn.  Stevie could never quite catch a break, could he?  Orton in four.

Rico VS Jeff Hardy

Rico Constantino may have won American Gladiators, but that won't be enough to stop the Charismatic Enigma jumping off of whatever he wants into whatever he wants and through whoever is in his way.  Hardy in four. [Hidden layer of irony: Rico Constantino used to be a Las Vegas police officer, and Jeff Hardy once main evented a Pay Per View in a state that can only be described as "high as fuck". Juss' sayin'.]

Vladimir Kozlov VS Johnny Grunge

Vladimir Kozlov was one half of one of the worst World Title matches I've ever seen in my life (2008 Survivor Series VS Triple H; Seriously, it made Triple H/Khali from three months before seem watchable by comparison.), but that doesn't mean he'd be a cakewalk.  The guy is a legit sambo master and well versed in judo.  Johnny Grunge would just beat on motherfuckers and somersault through tables.  I kinda think Kozlov actually has the advantage here.  Yeah, fuck it.  Vladimir wins.


Brodus Clay defeats Philip Lafon
"Whipper" Billy Watson defeats Thrasher
Kyle O'Reilly defeats Nova
Vic Grimes defeats Michael Tarver
Abyss defeats Rodney Mack
Randy Orton defeats Stevie Richards
Jeff Hardy defeats Rico
Vladimir Kozlov defeats Johnny Grunge

Come on back for brackets XXI tomorrow!


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