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Maven VS "Playboy" Buddy Rose (aka The Executioner at Wrestlemania I)

Maven never really went anywhere, so this should be a lay up for "Playboy".

Terry Simms VS Ice Train (aka M.I. Smooth)

Ice Train was always underutilized, I felt.  He had size and speed, but never got a chance to get beyond the low card in either of his stints in WCW.  And even though I liked Terry Simms in the GWF, he would be but a speed bump on Monsignor Smooth’s road to Round 2.

Mark Jindrak VS Charlie Haas

Haas was one half of The World’s Greatest Tag Team (TM: WWE), aka Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (TM: Haas & Benjamin, INC., or whatever they call it).  He also really came into his own in ROH as a bastardly heel, so I don’t really see Jindrak, the also-ran to both Sean O’Hare and  Sean Stasiak at different points in time, coming up with a victory.

Kevin Von Erich VS Barry Horowitz

I’ve always had a soft spot for Barry Horowitz, even when he was a jobber.  I think it was his stint in GWF as “The Winner” Barry Horowitz, where Scotty Anthony (aka Raven w/ a Kool Mo Dee hat and a ripped physique) kept putting him over on commentary as a technical master.  Even as a kid, I got the humor in this, and as an adult, it’s just awesome (ESPN Classic started reshowing GWF episodes a few months ago, and that’s what inspired this tournament!).  Not that Horowitz isn’t skilled, it’s just that I don’t buy him as the reincarnation of Frank Gotch either.  (Raven’s commentary skills are really desperately needed nowadays.  He’s the shit.)

Point is, Kevin Von Erich, though not a household first name, is capable in the ring, not far behind David or Kerry in the skills department. I think dude could handle Barry “The Stretcher” Horowitz.

Kevin Thorn VS Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Thorn’ll do some pre-match Vampire ritual shit, Jake’ll act like he wants in on it, kick ‘em in the gut, DDT, pin cover, snake time.  That quick.  Last thing Kevin Thorn will see before fading from consciousness is that sinister smile.

Luther Reigns VS Big Bully Busick

Speaking of matches no one would pay money to see, UGH!  Luther had a major strength advantage, and at the end of his WWF tenure Bully was a glorified jobber, so I give the win to Reigns.

Verne Gagne VS Carlos Colon

The living avatar and embodiment of the AWA against a man who is a wrestling legend in his own right, but not on Verne Gagne’s level.  This would be an interesting matchup to see, but Verne would stretch Carlos out in about 15 minutes.

Uncle Elmer VS Chris Jericho

Good food, good meat...Praise the lord, Uncle Elmer got beat.  By Y2J, in about three minutes.


“Playboy” Buddy Rose defeats Maven
Ice Train defeats Terry Garvin
Charlie Haas defeats Mark Jindrak
Kevin Von Erich defeats Barry Horowitz
Jake “The Snake” Roberts defeats Kevin Thron
Luther Reigns defeats Big Bully Busick
Verne Gagne defeats Carlos Colon
Chris Jericho defeats Uncle Elmer

Come on back tomorrow for Bracket XXIV!


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