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IT'S TIME TO RUMBLE: A Look Back At Royal Rumbles' (Just) Past (Part VIII)

Okay, I'm five days late, but yo, I started a new semester and I've already had a few assignments.  Wasn't expecting that.  Anyways, better late than never.  Here's the stats for this year's Royal Rumble, plus a conclusion of some kind, as promised:


Winner: Triple H (Entry: 30th | Lasted: 8:05 | Eliminations: 3)

Bridesmaid: Dean Ambrose (Entry: 19th | Lasted: 29:36 | Eliminations: 1)

Iron Man: Roman Reigns (technically) (Entry: 1st | Lasted: 59:50 | Eliminations: 4 | Dumped: 28th)

Eliminator: Braun Strowman (Entry: 17th | Lasted: 16:44 | Eliminations: 5 | Dumped: 20th)

First To Fall: Rusev (Entry: 2nd | Lasted: 1:30)

Loser: Jack Swagger (Entry: 24th | Lasted: 0:15 | Dumped: 18th)

Total Match Time: 61:42This match was for Roman Reigns' WWE World Heavyweight Title.This is the longest Rumble in 10 years.  2006 was 62:12, had Triple H in the final three and emanated from the state of Florida.  Coincidence?  (...actually, yes.  Totally coincidence.)Though Roman R…

IT'S TIME TO RUMBLE: A Look Back At Royal Rumbles' Past (Part VII)


Winner: Sheamus (Entry: 22nd | Lasted: 22:21| Eliminations: 3)

Bridesmaid: Chris Jericho (Entry: 29th | Lasted: 11:34 | Eliminations: 2)

Iron Man: The Miz (Entry: 1st | Lasted: 45:39 | Eliminations: 2 | Dumped: 25th)

Eliminator: Cody Rhodes (Entry: 4th | Lasted: 41:55| Eliminations: 6 | Dumped: 24th)

First To Fall: Alex Riley (Entry: 2nd | Lasted: 1:15)

Loser: Epico (Entry: 10th | Lasted: 0:11 | Dumped: 6th)

Total Match Time: 54:55Aside from all three members of the commentary team entering the Rumble, there was nothing of note to happen in this match.  Nothing.  Not one statistical anomaly, not one record broken, not one surprising return...Nothing.
Who Walked Out Of The Event As Champion?

CM Punk continued his march to the longest World title reign since Hulk Hogan's first run (though still fell short by around 1,000 days) by beating Dolph Ziggler.  Daniel Bryan escaped a cage with Big Show and Mark Henry in it.

Did The Winner Go On To Win The Championship?

Yes.  In 18 seconds…

IT'S TIME TO RUMBLE: A Look Back At Royal Rumbles' Past (Part VI)


Winner: JOHN CENA (do-doo-do-doooo...) (Entry: 30th | Lasted: 9:51 | Eliminations: 4)

Bridesmaid: Triple H (Entry: 29th | Lasted: 11:21 | Eliminations: 6)

Iron Man: Batista (Entry: 8th | Lasted: 37:24 | Eliminations: 4)

Eliminator: Triple H (6)

First To Fall: Santino Marella (Entry: 3rd | Lasted: 0:25)

Loser: Shelton Benjamin (Entry: 17th | Lasted: 0:18 | Dumped: 7th)

Total Match Time: 51:26John Cena was not scheduled to be in this Rumble.  It was one of the most recent shocking twists WWE was able to pull off on its audience (eight years ago).Cena is the second #30 in a row to win.  He is also the most recent.#29 and #30 have never before or since been the last two left in the ring.
Who Walked Out Of The Event As Champion?

Randy Orton retained the WWE Crown against Jeff Hardy, and Edge beat Rey Mysterio to keep big WHC gold around his waist.

Did The Winner Go On To Win The Championship?

No.  Randy Orton managed to fend off both winner and bridesmaid in a triple threat match.