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What Is The POINT Of You?!?

What Is The Point Of You?!?
I really have to wonder.
I try to wrap my head around it.
Around you.
Around how you must see the world.
And I can't.
You don't make sense.
At all.

How in...THE FUCK...
Do you believe it's all right to keep children in cages?
Doesn't matter who's children they are.
They're children.
End of sentence.
No other pertinent information.
Children in cages.
Yes or no.
I know you won't answer.
There's no point in even yelling.
You'll dodge answering forever
Because you don't feel like you need to answer.

If you're just gonna stand there with your fingers in your ears
I'm gonna get everything off my chest.
The fear and outrage you feel is manufactured.
And you're being milked for it because it's pure profit.
The NRA uses it to boost gun sales.
The media uses it to boost ratings.
The government uses it to get your vote.
And all three know that a scared popu…

No Calculator Allowed

Calculate the sum.
Multiply the variables.
Solve for Self.

Choking on chalk
Clouding rationality
The figures swim

Graph the solution.
Find the intercepts.
Follow the line.

The process eludes
Despair the square root
Of self-assurance

Academic misconduct will not be tolerated.
You have one lifetime to complete the test.
Good luck.

MUSIC REVIEWS: Sophie, Hannah Diamond, The Brash Menagerie, Beach House & MC Lars

Hey, y'all.  Managed to cobble together some more opinions on the musics and such.  Let's see what listening to albums has done to my brain-to-word connectivity this week!

Ratings are like this:
0 Stars: Utter Shit
* Star: Had at least one redeeming thing about it, but definitely not my thing
** Stars: Meh.  Maybe a thing or two I liked, but definitely coulda been worse.
***: A Good Album.
****: A Great Album.
*****: Absolutely fucking incredible.  (Almost impossible to achieve.)

Sophie "Oil Of Every Pear's Un-Insides" *** and 1/4

Starts with a relaxing, reassuring song "It's Okay To Cry", which gets jarring out of nowhere at the end.  Which seemed needless, but then "Ponyboy" slams into the picture and I see what she was doing there: Dialating your sphincter for the unholy beating your asshole is about to endure.

This album is jagged; it's harsh; it's repellent; it's brutal; but most importantly: it's interesting.  It's…

Music Reviews: Father John Misty, Courtney Barnett, Ghost & J. Cole

I decided to try something a little different this time, so instead of a text review, I did an audio one.  Here's my take on four albums I listened to twice:

For those that prefer Soundcloud, here's the Soundcloud version:

Things To Remember #003 & #008

With this one, we're all caught up to date with the poems.  I'll be posting one each week, or in cases like this when the poems are short, two!  I've been writing a series of poems for a long time called "Things To Remember".  Usually one to two lines and quippy in nature.  Here are two of them I felt like run the gamut from thoughtful to snarky; maybe not in extremes, but enough to touch each side. 

Thing To Remember # 003
Your twenties are horrible because you're going through the five stages of grief
Mourning the fact that you don't rule the world.

Things To Remember # 008
Two wrongs don’t make a right, but four rights get you back to where you
         started from.


The horizon so close
But a fingernail’s breadth
Struggling to attain
To claim
Something once unreachable
At dawn the ascent
The first blinding rays
Creeping to greet you
From the other side

No one before has ever dared
Shake hands with the sun
For years it stood
A monolith indomitable
An oppressive caster of shadow
Now the horizon is but a few feet tall
As you ascend its wall
Destiny is but a grip and pull distant

You reach
You haul yourself up to find
After light and triumph leave you glare-blind
That once your sight returns
A new something inside burns
When you glimpse the real horizon
For the first time
And the emptiness inside is left a choice
As are you:
Or wither.

No Free Lunch

There's always a dodge
Always a hustle
Always a way to forestall the eventual
To shirk the inevitable
Stick with me, kid.
I'm an old hat at drawing interest.

What you need to accrue is a crew
Get folks on your side
Get them believing in what you're telling
Buying into what you're selling
Perception is nine tenths of reality
Possession is nine tenths of the law
If you've got 'em, you've got 'em.

The trick is to always leave before the bill
Never make the same place twice
And you can eat forever.
You've got a lot to learn, son
And to unlearn.
If you wanna avoid the eventual, you gotta forget the conventional
Dispense with the...
What?  Those lights?
Just act like you belong.
The person they're looking for doesn't exist.
We're gonna drink our drinks, and...

You're lucky, son.
We got to you before he did.
Though, if we hadn't,
We would have.

What's the d…