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College was weird...

From my college notebook, presented without context (cuz I don't remember):
11/11/14 JAMS 562
1. A song? A blog post? Does creativity even count? 2. Nothing ever 3. Magic cards Outrageous amounts of meat 4. Right Goddam NOW 5. Hell if I know


I did it.

I'm creating things again.

And I'm hungry for more.

The timing obviously stinks, since this list is six weeks too late.  But I did it, and the review for number one is the best review I've ever written.  I did the work and it proves to me that I'm still capable of doing the work.  I want to make it.  I want to be alive.  And I want to share that shit with every motherfucker I can get my voice to.  Whether what I have to say is any good?  That's up to you.  But this is the year I will finally be heard.  And this is the first step.

On to the albums:

The list this year was split into two parts, because a) I was worried no one would want to hear more than 80 minutes of monologue, even with musical backing and a few audio surprises to help illustrate points and b) By January 16th, all I had was the first 24 entries.  After that, I decided to script them, and part two gets better as a result.  Besides, there wasn't a whole lot to talk about with some of the…