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LOOK AT ME, DAMMIT! I'M EDGY AND CREATIVE! Yyyyeah, no thanks. I'm good.

Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz

When the first thing that springs to your mind while listening to an album is "Lulu", you know this is gonna be rough.

Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz is 92 minutes of what the fuck, and NONE of it is remotely listenable.  It's a bunch of aimless electronic psychedelia, which fits since the Flaming Lips are essentially her backing band on this project.  It's kinda like Hannah Montana covering the early works of Yoko Ono, remixed with EDM and put through a flanger.  The lyrics, vocals, cover art and sounds of this album are all a concentrated meditation on one thing:


Everything about this project screams "I'm contagious.  RUN."  Thing is, none of these songs can possibly get stuck in your head, because they're not songs.  They're aural atrocities.  If there were some kind of lyrical content that said...fucking anything, or better yet if there were no lyrics at all, then this might've counted as avant-gar…

An Experiment In Meme

So recently, I came across a new meme called "The Surprise Cena".  The set up is basically the video starts and then at some point it smash cuts to a guy yelling "JOHN CENA!!!" and Cena's intro video.  It's basic, visceral reaction type stuff and it works on a level of a jump scare, but to induce laughter rather than fear.  Pretty straightforward subverting the audience's expectations style of humor.  This is why most videos in this meme are on Vine, because the 6-second format works perfectly with this type of punchline.

I also happened to come across this meme the day before the 20th Anniversary of the theatrical release of The Usual Suspects.  Stop me if you know where this is going:

I had the idea at work, and even though I thought it would get taken down, I knew this had to happen.  It was hilarious in my head!  But then a) The dialogue didn't really play out the way I'd remembered it, b) It took a day and a half to try and make the stupid …