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EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode #029: Live In The Now

All right, here we are.  I'll just let the music do the talking here.  Episode number matches the date for the last time possible.  RIP Phife Dog.  Wrestlemania's this weekend.  Live life to the fullest:

1. "Awake" Tycho
2. "Figaro Kids" 2 Mello feat. Ghostface Killah
3. "Rise Anew" A. Wolf & Her Claws
4. "Skinnyman" Static-X
5. "Oscar Wilde" Company Of Thieves
6. "Out Of Frequency" The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
7. "Scenario" A Tribe Called Quest
8. "Check The Rhyme" A Tribe Called Quest
9. "Marrow" Meshuggah
10. "How Much Fun" Robert Palmer
11. "Chasing Fear" Testament
12. "My Way" Limp Bizkit

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 028: New Music March 2016

We are here to give you a roundup of all the new musics worth listening to (imho) thusfar for 2016.  I wasn't able to find a slot for Circus Maximus on the show, since Redemption had a frickin' 10 minute song, but I'll be bumpin' that next week.

1. "Ultimate Authority" Prong
2. "Downtown" Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Foxy Shazam, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Grandmaster
3. "Feedback" Kanye West
4. "Satellite Love" Maritime
5. "Stratosphere" Mutemath
6. "Untitled.05.28.2013" Kendrick Lamar
7. "Complacent" Everclear
8. "Signals" School Of Seven Bells
9. "Suzerain" Anthrax
10. "I Need It All" Mega Ran, K Murdock & Mikal kHill
11. "New Horizons" Textures
12. "Hope Dies Last" Redemption
13. "Foreign Policy" Megadeth

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 027: 78's & 45's

This week is a foray into the world of 78rpm and 45 rpm records of gramaphonic nature.  Join us on a time traveling adventure to hear music from the turn of the 20th century and beyond!

1. "Stars And Stripes Forever March" John Philip Sousa
2. "Creole Girl" Castle House Orchestra
3. "Are You Sincere?" Nat M. Willis
4. "Nothing Like That In Our Family" Billy Murray
5. "La Muerte del Bardo" Venitian Trio
6. "De Clouds Are Gwine Te Roll Away" Vernon Dalhart
7. "Alligator Crawl" Fats Waller
8. "After You've Gone" Louis Armstrong
9. "Ten Cents A Dance" Ruth Etting
10. "I Got A Woman" Ray Charles
11. "Hey Jude" The Beatles
12. "Enigmatic Ocean" (45rpm) Jean Luc Ponty
13. "Cul De Sac" (45rpm) Genesis
14. "Fight Fire With Fire" (45rpm slowed to 33 1/3 rpm) Metallica

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 026: Request Line VI

Hard to believe I've been doing this for six months, but hey!  We deed it.  This is a request episode, so go nuts and listen to what people wanted to hear.  If you want to hear something in a future episode, let me know in the comments or on Twitter @NicholasNutter .

[SIDE NOTE: I have to apologize for the audio issues this week.  Because our recording set up, internet and streaming set ups all decided to take a dump last night, this copy of the episode is off the emergency back up hard drive, and has a lot of skipping in it.  Quick little quarter second skips, but probably once every 10 seconds to two minutes.  No idea why, but we're lucky to have a copy of the show at all.  Two shows that air the same day didn't even get recorded.  So, keep that in mind.]

1. "The HERO!! - "One Punch Man" Opening Theme" JAM Project
2. "Ashita o Narase" (Fairy Tail Zero) Kavka Shishido
3. "MeatShake" Ugly Duckling
4. "Evolution" Skyharbor


This week we look at the number 25, specifically Track 25.  And we break a record for most songs played in an episode!  Check it out:

1. "The Beginning Of Everything" Takeshi Watanabe
2. "Expectation" Kow Otani
3. Laverne & Shirley (Making Our Dreams Come True)
4. "New Leaf" Bad Religion
5. "Glass Shoes" Yoko Kanno
6. "M25-3" Yoko Kanno
7. "Fury Theme" Kyle Richards
8. "A New Life" Iain Ballamy
9. "Pete's Song" The Infected
10. "Tsumetai Shisen B (Cold Line Of Sight B)" Reiichi Nakaido
11. "Gul Bil Las" Mats/Morgan
12. "Ready For Love" Mindless Self Indulgence
13. "Track 25" (from Toonami Supernova Megamix) Skull Island
14. "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama" Frank Zappa & The Mothers
15. "Breathing Lightning" Anthrax
16. "Need You Tonight" Bonnie Raitt
17. "Smoke Me Some Funkalyptus" The GV Crew
18. "Moment Of…