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THE TOP 40 ALBUMS OF 2015 (Expect The Unexpected - Episode 016)

Instead of doing my usual thing, where I post a sprawling list of the top albums of the year and post my opinions on them, I switched it up and rambled about them for an hour in podcast form.  It's basically the same thing, just in audio form and without editing or swear words (we broadcast on low-power FM, and are subject to FCC regulations).  So here it is, my Year-End review of albums, in a different form.  Enjoy, and I hope your 2016 is better than your 2015!

The Top 29 Song Of 2014: #14-#1 (Expect The Unexpected Episode 015)

14. "1000 Mile Stare" Mutoid Man
13. "No Sleep" Janet Jackson
12. "Latchkey Kids" Good Tiger
11. "Enemies In Fidelity" Soilwork
10. "Mortal Man" Kendrick Lamar
9. "Bad Friday" Umphrey's McGee
8. "Outrun The Sun" Mega Ran & Sky Blu
7. "The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive" Death Cab For Cutie
6. "Unbreakable" Janet Jackson
5. "I Can't Lose" Mark Ronson & Keyone Starr
4. "In Case Of Fire" Mark Ronson & Jeff Bhasker
3. "The Meeting" Mega Ran
2. "Daffodils" Mark Ronson & Kevin Parker
1. "Unstoppable" (Live from NPR's Tiny Desk Concert) Lianne LaHavas

The Top 29 Songs Of 2015 - Part 1 (Expect The Unexpected Episode 014)

This year, instead of doing extensive blogs like I've done since 2006, I figured I'd do radio episodes and play the actual music I'm talking about.  As it is, for song lists in the past, I've just posted 20 song titles as url links to Youtube.  So this time, it's all in one place!  Because I only have a one hour show, I had to a) Split the list over two episodes, and b) Do more than 20 songs to fill out the runtime of two.  So, may I present The Top 29 Songs of 2015, #29-15:

29. "Kill The Dead" The Night Howls
28. "OP" Mega Ran, Richie Branson & Storyville
27. "Firebirds!" Clutch
26. "Surveillance" Mutoid Man
25. "Willows" Vanessa Carlton
24. "The Ride Majestic (Aspire Angelic)" Soilwork
23. "Go" The Chemical Brothers & Q-Tip
22. "Uptown Funk" Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
21. "Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime)" MC Lars w/ Roger
       Lima & Subu…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 013: Request Line III

It's the second night of Chanukah, the 35th anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon, the 11th anniversary of the on-stage shooting of Dimebag Darrell, and it's muthafuckin' finals month (yes, it's a month at UWM).  It's also time for a REQUEST EPISODE!  Get in here and listen to what you want to hear!

1. "The Chanukah Song" Adam Sandler
2. "Do You Want To Know A Secret?" The Beatles
3. "Do Re Mi" (Live) Ani DiFranco
4. "From The Cell Door To The Gallows" William Elliott Whitmore
5. "Jump On My Shoulders" AWOLNation
6. "A-L-I-E-N" Maximum The Hormone
7. "The Misery Shows (Act II)" Trouble
8. "Dragon Slayer" Ninja Sex Party
9. "Greedy;(cry)" Knights Of Sidonia
10. "The Lamentations Of The Women" Conan The Barbarian
11. "Ocean Crossing" Lou Piensa
12. "If You Really Really Love Me" Steel Panther
13. "Hansen 108" Susumu Hirasawa
14. …

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 012 - On The Fly

I totally just...did it live.  Changed my mind on the way to the studio, and rebooked the whole show from scratch.  Here are the results (which wound up pretty good):

1. "The Whisperer" Billy Cobham
2. "Groove * Master" K-TARO Takanami
3. "I'll Make It Happen" Zikomo
4. "Kicking Vicodin" The GV Crew
5. "The World Is A Ghetto" War
6. "I" Meshuggah
7. "The Sweetest Revenge" Peter Himmelman