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Expect The Unexpected - Expisode 011

Turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey gravygravygravy turkey turkey turkey turkey. [Gobble]

1. "Switchback" Biohazard
2. "Potato's In The Paddy Wagon" The New Main Street Singers
3. "Greed" Godsmack
4. "Get Your Sh** Together" Public Enemy
5. "Remenissions" Avenged Sevenfold
6. "Will & Penny's Theme" Apollo 440
7. "Don't Approach Me" Xibit & Eminem
8. "Lover, You Should've Come Over" Natalie Maines
9. "Dream Evil" Dio
10. "Slide Kelly Slide" House's Orchestra
11. "I Know Sumptn" Method Man & Redman
12. "Kick Ass" John Carpenter, Anthrax & Buckethead

Video of the Day: Shotgun

Today's video is from "GV14" (2010) and it's called "Shotgun".  It's a groovy instrumental (as in reliant on groove) with a punk twist.  The drum beat is sampled from Tsuneo Imahori's song "Silver Metallic Machine" from the Gungrave: Lefthead O.S.T. (2004).  I like it; it bounce nice, it rock's the best thing that's come up during this daily video experiment.  So come on, people!  Music this good don't deserve less than 5 plays on Youtube!  Help a brother out!

Video of the Day: Waves

This is from "GV 9 SUCKS" (2004).  It's an experiment with eJay Clubworld just to make...a song with the thing and after putting in as many vocal samples as I could over a really repetitive club thing, this is what came of it.  It's not my thing, but if you like EDM, you may find it mildly enjoyable.

Video of the Day: Epic Fail

This is a sound collage from the most recent GV...album?  I dunno what this is.  I took all of our albums and made sound collages by pasting each song into Audacity so they start at the same time.  This is GV 11: Epilogue.  All of it.  At once.  It's actually one of the more interesting collages, because a) you can pick out a bunch of different songs, and b) holy SHIT are their some weird sounds coming out of this thing.  If you like it messy, have fun with this thing; it's probably cooler than the album it was birthed from!

Video of the Day: School

Here's a song for anybody getting weighed down by the hallowed institutions of academia and what ultimately amounts to busy work to stroke said institution's own egos.

The song was written in May of 1996 (you read that right) when I was in eighth grade.  The recording was made in September 2005.  It took three passes to "get" the song "right", we recorded it on a tape recorder (which ran out of tape at the end), then tracked vocals on a four track, meaning that we pushed the music part to the left speaker by doing so.  The whole process from "Hey Matt, lemme teach you a song," to "Holy shit, we're done already?" was 19 & 1/2 minutes.  (Matt Stevens on guitar, ladies and gentlemen.  This is still when Eden's Rage was clinging to life.  Also, the solo is bad on purpose. Hell, everything is bad on purpose. This is supposed to be PUNK, dammit!)

Anyway, this is not the final form of the song.  The Night Howls have recorded anoth…

Video of the Day #001: Takethistrashout

Because I want to post more to this blog and don't really write much anymore, and I also have a languishing YouTube channel, I figured I'd try to make the two work for each other.   So hey, here's stuff from my YouTube channel.  Every once in awhile I might post something other than my own, but hey I don't know what I'm doing.  No one knows.  Honestly, the most compelling content generated from this will be me talking about the video and how it came about.

This video currently has 2 views (counting the time I clicked on it just now to get the embed code).  And really, it's not much.  It's an interlude, really.  I wrote it in less than a minute, when my friends and I were about to turn off the Music Generator.  I went "Hold on, I'm'a do this thing."  And I did.  Funniest thing is a friend of mine saw me name the file and thought I was talking about taking out my other buddy's significant other Trish.

From 2006's "GV 11: Epilogu…

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Episode 010: One For Peace

In light of the terrorist attacks in Paris, I decided to put together a playlist of French music, with one for Beirut and one for Desert Bus.  This is one for Peace.

[For more information about Desert Bus, which I highly recommend, go here:]

1. La Marseillaise
2. "The A La Menthe" La Caution
3. "Fantaisie Sign" Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts
4. "Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher" (Live from Belle et Bum) Emilie Claire-Barow
5. "Toutes les Mamas" (Live from Belle et Bum) Maurane
6. "Beiroet" (Live @ Bimhuis Amsterdam) Yasmine Hamdan
7. "Tucson Or Bust" Andrew Cownden
8. "Mignonette" April March
9. "Voyager" Daft Punk
10. "Cadeaux" Maitre Gims
11. "Dame de Lotus" Emilie Simon
12. "Miami 2017" Billy Joel
13. "Complexity" Eagles Of Death Metal


Much like students scurrying to turn in their final projects, we have a flurry of activity on the new music front!  (Yay!)  I got all sorts of new music for you this week (and some not so new, but new to me).  Talk about unexpected.  Check it out:

[DJ's NOTE:] Due to Studio A being a spazz, the show doesn't start until four or five minutes in. Apologies for that; I will be trying a new set up next week to try and avoid this sort of thing.

1. "Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime)" MC Lars
2. "Sweet Ivy" Mutoid Man
3. "Making Babies" Jimmie's Chicken Shack
4. "Willows" Vanessa Carlton
5. "Enemies In Fidelity" Soilwork
6. "Fight Hate" MD.45
7. "Vision Is A Naked Sword" Mahavishnu Orchestra
8. "My Serial Killer" Hi/Jack
9. "Jerk" The Night Howls
10. "Latchkey Kids" Good Tiger
11. "Don't Give Up" Gil Scott-Heron

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Episode 008 - Request Line II

It's request time again!  We hit music from LA, Portland, the UK, St. Elsewhere, Hawaii, Japan, India (by way of Brooklyn, it turns out), an undisclosed location, Denmark and even Jupiter (allegedly).  If you care about genres, we hit alternative funk rock, hip hop, downtempo, classic rock, psychedelic soul, ukulele, progressive thrash, Bhangra jazz, hard rock, psychedelic pop and Middle Eastern (for lack of a better term).  The exercise of pinning a genre on something is so unnecessary, but it's an easy way to illustrate the myriad styles this show and its listeners get into.

Here are the results of our monthly audio experiment together:

1."Nicotine & Gravy" Beck
2. "Halfsharkaligatorhalfman" Dr. Octagon
3."With Rainy Eyes" Emancipator
4. "Badge" Cream
5. "Transformer" Gnarles Barkley
6. "Henehene Kou'Aka" Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole
7. "Silent Jealousy" X-Japan
8. "Se Hace Camino" Red Baraat