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GO HOME E-40. YOU'RE DRUNK: The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil, Pts. 4, 5 & 6: A Review

Hey, how's it goin'?  Been awhile since I did a music review, so here's one real quick about Fonzarelli's latest triple-sized caper.


This requires a little set-up:

In 2009, E-40 looked around and saw that everybody was putting out six mixtapes a year for free, and like one album every two years, so he decided: "Why don't I just get paid for it?"  So instead of mixtapes, E-40 decided to start cranking out multiple albums a year, releasing "Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift & Night Shift" in 2010 (which had 4 iTunes bonus tracks), "Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift & Graveyard Shift" in 2011 (a mere 11 months later; also with 4 bonus tracks), "The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil Vol. 1, 2 & 3" (six bonus tracks this time) AND "History - Mob Music & Function Music" with Too $hort in 2012 ("Block Brochur…

State Of The Blog Adress: MMXIV

Still here?

Didn't think so, but if you're there, hiding in the digital underbrush, I'd like to explain my absence.  'Round the middle of December, things just came to a head.  Between the eight pages I had to write on body image in film for school, finals in general eating up my time to the point where my two week buffer of banked wrestling blogs disappeared instantly, having to compile then write about 52 Albums That I Didn't Care About That Much, being in two bands (one just starting, one just gaining a third member after our first year), working a part time job...

I hit the wall.

A good chunk of that was too much pressure being put on me by...well, me, but now that I've had a few weeks to step back and look at this shit...

I kinda don't want to come back.

For the first time since I was 13, I'm really path.  I've been so hell bent on "Becoming An Author", that...I never really re-checked my goals to see if they're s…