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The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 031

Anthrax "Imitation Of Life" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Tornado Of Souls" (1990) VS. Metallica "The Wait" (1987) VS. Slayer "Necrophobic" (1986)

"Imitation Of Life" began life as a song by S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death) called "Aren't You Hungry?", which ended up not being recorded by that band until 1998 because Anthrax started to take off and go on world tours & shit, meaning half of S.O.D. (which was also 40% of Anthrax) was no longer available, so the singer Billy Millano began a band called M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction) and recorded the song back in 1987.

Got all that?

Too bad. The song itself is a blistering way to exit "Among The Living", going a million miles an hour and bagging on bands of the day for being all about the image and not giving a shit about their music. (Hence the title.)

"Tornado Of Souls" lives up to its name. This bastard tears through you like a twister through Texas, stirr…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 030

Anthrax "A.D.I./Horror Of It All" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Lucretia" (1990) VS. Metallica "The Small Hours" (1987) VS. Slayer "Piece By Piece" (1986)

"Arabian Douche Intro/Horror Of It All" is the answer to another trivia question: What's the longest Anthrax song? Clocking in at 7:49, it beats out other 7 minute and changers such as "Who Cares Wins", "Blood" and "Keep It In The Family". But unlike "Crypts Of Eternity", "Horror Of It All" is a really good song. Yeah, it's a little repetitive in the verse department, but it keeps the pace going, which feeds the tension. Then of course, you have the crazy ending where shit gets fast.

"Lucretia" takes more of a novel track, being about a witch, which was already an old school topic by 1990. The sound of the song is pretty unique, as it relies a lot more on melody than pummeling ferocity, though it does have a cudgel-like …

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 029

Anthrax "One World" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Poison Was The Cure" (1990) VS. Metallica "Helpless" (1987) VS. Slayer "Angel Of Death" (1986)

Okay, here's what you've all been waiting for. "Reign In Blood" is on the scene and now, hypothetically, this is a four band race again. Let's see what unfolds:

"One World" is one of the more forgettable numbers from "Among The Living", but that being said, it's a song from "Among The Living", so you know it kicks some modicum of ass at the very least.

"Poison Was The Cure" is a quick get in-get out style attack with David Ellefson providing the calm before the storm in the intro. It follows the theme of swingy thrash tunes in this matchup, and thus kinda gets lost in the shuffle.

"Helpless" is another in the long line of Diamondhead songs they've helped make not suck over the years. (Which is interesting. Because they're co…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 028

Anthrax "Indians" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Five Magics" (1990) VS. Metallica "Damage, Inc." (1986) VS. Slayer "Hardening Of The Arteries" (1985)

The drum beat at the beginning of "Indians" is the best part of the song, and I'm not saying that to indicate that the rest is downhill. That shit is so BOSS! Listen to that! Then the guitars come in and make it even cooler. War dance indeed. The solo is my second favorite part of the song; it's just so tense.

"Five Magics" starts with the same foot to the floor speed metal, but after two measures, you get thrown a curve ball as the band drops away but for the bass and some soft drumming. Leads come through to add a creepy vibe, then some harsh sounding chords, then back to the softness. After repeating the pattern, it kicks things up a notch and starts the vocals off, interspersed with leads. Once again, the untraditional arrangements make for a pretty bad ass song. And…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 027

Anthrax "A Skeleton In The Closet" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Take No Prisoners" (1990) VS. Metallica "Orion" (1986) VS. Slayer "Crypts Of Eternity" (1985)

Well, it's the second album in a row where Anthrax has had a Nazi subject for the fifth track. At least this time it's based on the Stephen King story "Apt Pupil", which is about a kid that has an old man for a neighbor that turns out to be a Nazi War Criminal with a different identity. "Skeleton" is trying to set some kind of speed record, and does so over the course of 5-plus minutes, so give these boys a medal for endurance.

"Take No Prisoners" has some slower parts, but those are juxtaposed with some of the craziest, hardest hitting riffs Megadeth has ever pulled off. (Seriously, listen to the second riff in the song, and notice that they don't cheat and slow down the pace at all. Impressed? You should be, because that riff is theoretically impossi…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 026

Anthrax "Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Hangar 18" (1990) VS. Metallica "Leper Messiah" (1986) VS. Slayer "Necrophiliac" (1985)

Another scrappy one for ya here today! "Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)" has little to do with football, and more to do with reading the title backwards. (Although they do say the title as is in the song, which is nutbar when you think about it.) It has the awesome distinction of being a really rockin', hard song (for the time), yet still being catchy. That's hard to beat.

What's Megadeth's answer? "Hangar" muthafuckin' "18", boyieeeeeeee! This is another one of my personal favorite Megadeth songs, if only because playing it on drums is HELLA fun. But the riffs and leads are just so on point. The song seems like a basic rocker with a little more speed and a lot more guitar heroics (which is probably why it's one of the hardest songs in Guitar Hero II). …

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 025

Anthrax "I Am The Law" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" (1990) VS. Metallica "Disposable Heroes" (1986) VS. Slayer "Praise Of Death" (1985)

In the words of Scott Ian: "Dude, LOOK at that!". "I Am The Law" is, despite its corny lyrics, supremely bad ass, but LOOK at the competition! "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" is one of Megadeth's best songs PERIOD. And it's the start to what in my opinion is their best album, "Rust In Peace". Dave & the boys are back in a BIG way. Then, you've got "Disposable Heroes", which is a somewhat underrated gem from the 'Tallica catalogue. It's 8-minutes plus and doesn't give an inch during it's entire length. The only place you really have to breathe is halfway through, where even the spaces want to kill you. With all that, it doesn't really feel fair for "Praise Of Death" to go up against th…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 024

Anthrax "Caught In A Mosh" VS. Megadeth "Hook In Mouth" VS. Metallica "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" VS. Slayer "At Dawn They Sleep"

"Caught In A Mosh" is one of my favorite songs to bust out at karaoke. NO ONE sees it coming, sometimes not even the people I'm with, depending on who I'm with. In spite of its dorky lyrics (which are ignorable, but if you pay attention they do detract from the entire "Among The Living" album), the song crushes pretty hard, and believe it or not is one of the bands biggest "hits".

"Hook In Mouth" is one of the songs on "So Far, So Good...So What?" that doesn't suck. It's not great, but it's good. It's about the Parent Music Resource Center as run by Tipper Gore and her cloister of Washington housewives who bitched long and loud enough to get the record companies to create the explicit lyrics sticker. It's one of the few songs from thi…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 023

Anthrax "Among The Living" (1987) VS. Megadeth "Liar" (1988) VS. Metallica "The Thing That Should Not Be" VS. Slayer "Kill Again" (1985)

In an odd twist of events, we have "Among The Living" which is so good it should be illegal, "Liar", which I'd forgotten what it sounded like, and it turns out it's pretty damn good, "The Thing That Should Not Be" which is decent but plodding, but still has classic status (and not just because of the album it's off of), and "Kill Again" which...under different circumstances might have done better is really all I can say.


"Among The Living": 4
"The Thing That Should Not Be": 3
"Liar": 2
"Kill Again": 1

Totals so far:

Metallica: 76
Megadeth: 61
Anthrax: 53
Slayer: 41's Him and I. Aquemini.

35 Albums From 1971: Get In The Car If You Know What's Good For You

Ready for another trip down memory lane? No? Mr. Chloroform has something to say about that. [struggle;struggle] Okay, heh heh, now get in the fucking car.

35. The Doors "Other Voices"
Not sure why the other three members of The Doors decided to try and go on without Jim Morrison, but it wasn't a good idea to say the least. To their credit, they did begin recording and writing this dreck while Jim was still alive in Paris, but holy CRAP was it a bad idea to have Krieger, Densmore and Manzarek sing this shit.

34. King Crimson "Islands"
Very sleepy. Too sleep[yahwn;stretch] to...even....ZZZZ

33. The 5th Dimension "Individually & Collectively"

32. John Lennon "Imagine"
Was never a big fan of any of the Beatles' solo stuff.

31. Grand Funk Railroad "Survival"

30. Jethro Tull "Aqualung"

29. Isaac Hayes "Shaft"

28. James Gang "Thirds"

27. Alice Cooper "Love It To Death"

26. The Doobie Brothers


The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 022

Anthrax "Gung-Ho" (1985) VS. Megadeth "In My Darkest Hour" (1988) VS. Metallica "Master Of Puppets" (1986) VS. Slayer "Hell Awaits" (1985)

"Gung-Ho" is the balls to the wall, foot to the floor thrash metal song you want to either open or close your album with. (Preferably both.) It is the most precise song thusfar in the experiment played at such a speed (i.e.: North of 200BPM). Charlie don't fuk'n CHEAT!

"In My Darkest Hour" is a sobering moment of clarity 'midst the drug-addled haze that is "So Far, So Good...So What!", where Dave Mustaine goes deep inside and reflects on the past few years he's experienced and calls forth his self-loathing, his disdain for those that weren't there for him, his frustration at his inability to show up his rivals, the cheapness and triviality of all the relationships he has in his life, both personal and professional, and the mourning and loss of not only what…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 021

Anthrax "Medusa" (1985) VS. Megadeth "502" (1988) VS. Metallica "Battery" (1986) VS. Slayer "Aggressive Perfector" (Live Undead) (1984)

We all knew this would happen. This is when Metallica starts to pull away and dominate, because we've hit their best few albums early. It's just a fact of life, and you'll have to deal with it until we hit The Black Album.

"Medusa" has lyrics written by Jonny Z, the owner and founder of Megaforce Records, but don't let that fool you: it's a really intriguing song. I haven't heard riffs quite like these anywhere else, and the vocal melody is like peanut butter on jelly and vice-versa. "502" is about speeding, and the title is based on the number of hours the big rock ending at the song takes before they just start fading out. "Aggressive Perfector" is the typical "Live Undead" take on one of their early songs. Nothin' special.

Points, bitc…

News Break (Doot-Doot-Doot Doot Doot-Doot-Doot)

This week in news was quite eventful. On Sunday was The Grammy Awards. On Monday, Pope Benedict XVI resigned, which made him the first Pope to do so in 598 years. On Tuesday there was a wild shootout in the San Bernardino that ended with the death of a police officer and the fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner. Later that night was the State Of The Union address, followed by Marco Rubio's now infamous mid-speech water break. In sports news, stalwart NFL players Charles Woodson and Dwight Freeney were cut from their respective teams, the NBA player's union fired its leader, It's All-Star Weekend for basketball, and Michael Jordan turned 50.

Oh yeah, and there was a meteor strike in Russia.

1,100 people hurt last I heard, just about every window in the vicinity blown out by the force of the airburst, a sizeable impact crater and a lightshow brighter than the sun. And by the way, this had nothing to do with the OTHER asteroid which passed between the Earth and our commun…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 020

Anthrax "Armed And Dangerous" (1985) VS. Megadeth "Mary Jane" (1988) VS. Metallica "The Call Of Ktulu" (1984) VS. Slayer "Show No Mercy" (Live Undead) (1984)

Hmmm. Odd grouping. "Armed And Dangerous" is a song co-written by ex-vocalist Neil Turbin, and it's kind of a power ballad for the first two minutes or so, then goes into a mid-paced gallop. The chorus kinda makes it all worthwhile though. "Mary Jane" continues Megadeth's bad luck, as even against not so stiff competition, they put up one of their other worst songs they ever recorded (two back to back). "The Call Of Ktulu" is cool in theory, but the "S&M" version is so much better (and that is LITERALLY the only song you can say that about) that this one just sounds boring. At least with "Show No Mercy" Slayer lives up to the song title, even if it sounds sloppy as fuck.

With that in mind:

"Armed And Dangerous": 4

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 019

Anthrax "Aftershock" (1985) VS. Megadeth "Anarchy In The U.K." (1988) VS. Metallica "Creeping Death" (1984) VS. Slayer "Evil Has No Boundaries" (Live Undead) (1984)

"Aftershock" is your balls-out, agro speed demon thrash song about the nuclear holocaust (hmmm, familiar...). "Anarchy In The U.K." is a pretty shitty cover of the Sex Pistols, and frankly is one of Megadeth's worst recordings. "Creeping Death" cannot be fucked with. That riff after the intro is what metal was invented to do. And "Evil Has No Boundaries"? Sounds like your average Slayer song with shittier production.


"Creeping Death": 4
"Aftershock": 3
"Evil Has No Boundaries" (Live Undead): 2
"Anarchy In The U.K.": 1

Totals so far:

Metallica: 62
Megadeth: 54
Anthrax: 41
Slayer: 34

Things are starting to get intriguing in the middle there...

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 018

Anthrax "The Enemy" (1985) VS. Megadeth "Set The World Afire" (1988) VS. Metallica "Escape" (1984) VS. Slayer "The Antichrist" (Live Undead) (1984)

As it happens, I'm close to finishing "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich" by William L. Shirer, a man who not only lived in and reported from Berlin during almost the entire 1930's, but a man who was CBS's first foreign correspondent. EVER. "The Enemy" is about the third reich and their terrible reign. It's actually been stuck in my head most of this week as I read about the fall of Mussolini and the abject HORROR of the concentration camps. You think you know about this shit, but when I read the chapter on the "New Order" of the Nazi regime...I don't think I've been that horrified since watching 9/11 happen. This book made the shit real for the first time, in a way that Lois Lowry, Ellie Weisel and my 7th grade teachers couldn't.


The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 017

Anthrax "S.S.C./Stand Or Fall" (1985) VS. Megadeth "Into The Lungs Of Hell" (1988) VS. Metallica "Trapped Under Ice" (1984) VS. Slayer "Captor Of Sin" (Live Undead) (1984)

"Stand Or Fall" is one of the best songs we've tackled thusfar. That shit is how you do a melodic thrash song. "Into The Lungs Of Hell" finds Megadeth getting further ahead chronologically, but the album we're up to with them is one of their worst, or at best least consistent in "So Far, So Good...So What!". "Lungs" is actually a decent instrumental, and a nice set-up for "Set The World Afire", but out of context it's kinda weird. "Trapped Under Ice" is still pretty brutal. It just sounds so damn big. And "Captor Of Sin" ends up inverting Slayer's luck field, meaning that the stuff from "Show No Mercy" sounds better on "Live Undead", but the stuff from "Haunting…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 016

Anthrax "Madhouse" (1985) VS. Megadeth "My Last Words" (1986) VS. Metallica "Fade To Black" (1984) VS. Slayer "Die By The Sword" (Live Undead) (1984)

"Madhouse" has the unique distinction of being the first song in this contest (chronologically) to have a video. "Peace Sells" had one, but it came out almost a year later. I've gotta say, the video really didn't help the song's case. I had to minimize the window after the first chorus. It's an awesome song, but the video is so cringe-worthy, that it detracts from it by making it impossible to take seriously. But back in 1985? Who the hell knows. People were just trying crack for the first time.

"My Last Words" is a song about Russian Roulette that probably helped a lot in getting this album the explicit lyrics sticker, back when the thing was brand spankin' new. It is also, sadly, the swansong of Gar Samuelson, who despite being fucking inc…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 015

Anthrax "Lone Justice" (1985) VS. Megadeth "I Ain't Superstitious" (1986) VS. Metallica "For Whom The Bell Tolls" (1984) VS. Slayer "Black Magic" (Live Undead) (1984)

"Lone Justice" is an 80's thrash song about Stephen King's Dark Tower protagonist, Roland the Gunslinger. It's...a'ight, I guess. I'm really starting to notice how fucking awesome Frank Bello is because of this process. Megadeth's throwaway cover of Willie Dixon's "I Ain't Superstitious" is decent as well, but nothing special by any stretch. And yeah, EVERYBODY's sick of "For Whom The Bell Tolls", but by trying to look at this from a pure song vs. song standpoint, to really hear the qualities that make the tunes great or terrible (or sometimes both), "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is a pretty bad ass song if you can somehow listen to it with fresh ears. The Live Undead version of "Black Magic"…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 014

Anthrax "A.I.R." (1985) VS. Megadeth "Bad Omen" (1986) VS. Metallica "Ride The Lightning" (1984) VS. Slayer "Aggressive Perfector" (1984)

With "A.I.R.", we begin to analyze Anthrax proper, the first song from their first "Real" album. And they definitely lead with a great foot forward. "A.I.R." is one of the dopest tracks from the album. It's one of those you forget how good it is until you hear it again. And MAJOR ups to Frank Bello on this one. Just listen to the "Welcome to your nightmare" part. You'll hear it. (And of course, Charlie. Fuk'n' Charlie.)

"Bad Omen" has an awesome groove to it once it gets going, then the thrash part at the end makes sure you don't forget they kill shit with thrash metal. "Ride The Lightning" is one of those Metallica songs that got buried in their catalog along the way, but still has its amazing qualities. (Especially in t…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 013

Anthrax "Panic" (Armed & Dangerous EP) (1985) VS. Megadeth "Good Mourning/Black Friday" (1984) VS. Metallica "Fight Fire With Fire" (1984) VS. Slayer "Haunting The Chapel" (1984)

"Panic" is a more muscular version of an already cool song from "Fistful Of Metal", so this definitely helps the cause. "Good Mourning/Black Friday" has one of, if not the first instance of acoustic guitar in this crazy collection in its intro. So there's...that. And then there's "Fight Fire With Fire", which begins with not only acoustic guitars, but a harpsichord, then descends into one of the best thrash songs ever written. "Haunting The Chapel" on the other hand, is...not.


"Fight Fire With Fire": 4
"Panic" (Armed And Dangerous Version): 3 (Yay!)
"Good Mourning/Black Friday": 2
"Haunting The Chapel": 1

Totals so far:

Megadeth/Metallica: 43
Anthrax: 23

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 012

Anthrax "Metal Thrashing Mad" (Armed & Dangerous EP) (1985) VS. Megadeth "Devil's Island" (1986) VS. Metallica "Blitzkrieg" (1984) VS. Slayer "Captor Of Sin" (1984)

To even out the number of songs, I've had to insert four Anthrax songs into the mix, and take an entire album out. ("The Greater Of Two Evils") Today and tomorrow's match-ups will feature two of these four inserts (as will some of next week's Slayer entries). That being said, this is not the same "Metal Thrashing Mad" done by Neil Turban & co. This was a new version tracked with Joey Belladonna on vocals, and it kicks some serious ass. (The Bush one from "Evils" is my favorite, but c'est la vie.)

Unfortunately, it's up against some pretty fucking stiff competition. "Devil's Island" is bad ass in the extreme, and "Blitzkrieg" is one of my favorite songs from before "Master Of Puppets"…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 011

Anthrax "God Save The Queen" (1985) VS. Megadeth "Peace Sells" (1986) VS. Metallica "Am I Evil?" (1984) VS. Slayer "Chemical Warfare" (1984)

Well, for this one we have two cover songs. "God Save The Queen" is a surprisingly faithful rendition of the original, with reverb and hairspray replacing some of the edge.

"Peace Sells" is one of Megadeth's most iconic songs, and is a bonafide classic in the genre's history. It is also the first politically conscious song in the bunch.

"Am I Evil?" is the first in Metallica's long line of a) Diamonhead covers and b) Songs they made WAY more famous than their originators. First released on the "Creeping Death" single in 1984, which if my research is correct was released just ahead of "Ride The Lightning". The song is kind of plodding and repetitive, and clocking in at 7:51, it's Metallica's longest song at this point. (Actually the…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 010

Anthrax "Raise Hell" (1985) VS. Megadeth "The Conjuring" (1986) VS. Metallica "Metal Militia" (1983) VS. Slayer "Show No Mercy" (1983)

This is where things get a little interesting. "Raise Hell" is from Anthrax's "Armed And Dangerous", which not only means Frank Bello has replaced Dan Lilker on bass, but Joey Belladonna makes his first appearance on vocals. Unfortunately, "Raise Hell" is a pretty flat song that sounds like it deserved to be on this EP instead of their first full-fledged album "Spreading The Disease".

"The Conjuring" is thrashy, yet deliberate. It doesn't go above its mid-paced groove, though it must have been tempted to. The guitar leads are impeccable. But the lyrics are pretty stereotypical, so it prevents the song from leaping the hurdle between good and great, instead crotching itself on the horse.

"Metal Militia" has pretty fucking cliché lyrics too,…

Contrast In Styles: Living Dangerously '99 VS The Main Event, Feb. '88

I recently watched a match between Taz and Sabu from ECW's Living Dangerously '99 (thanks, Netflix), and here are some things I noticed now that I've had 13 1/2 more years of learnin' under my belt:

There were some pretty ridiculous high spots in the early going of the match. Don't get me wrong, watching Sabu jump not only over the top rope but the guard rail as well, just to get bashed in the face with a steel chair on his return to Earth is fucking cool. Having it be in the first five minutes of a 20 minute match is a bit of a stretch. Something like that wouldn't be out of place as a finish for a Last Man Standing match.

On the flip side, recently posted a link to The Main Event from February 5, 1988, twenty five years ago to the day. It was the highest rated wrestling program ever (33 Million Viewers), and it featured a performer who could barely move. (And no, I'm not talking about Hogan.) You can clearly see the massive scar runn…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 009

Anthrax "Across The River/Howling Furies" VS. Megadeth "Wake Up Dead" VS. Metallica "Seek & Destroy" VS. Slayer "Crionics"

"Across The River" is a nice skateboarding song, serving as a high octane intro to "Howling Furies", which is the "No Remorse" type song on "Fistful Of Metal", albeit with hokier lyrics. As was suggested in the comment section of a previous post, it's almost unfair to put a song from Megadeth's second album against these earlier pieces, because "Wake Up Dead" is lightyears ahead of the rest of the group. But that's how the numbers worked out, and them's the breaks. "Seek & Destroy" is, despite all the times I've heard it and the lack of a need to ever really hear it again, still a decent tune. In the right context, like in the middle of a Celine Dion marathon, it will serve you nicely. And wasn't their a fourth song? Oh yeah, &…

Hey, Fuckers! Let's Review Some New Music: Part 2

Okay, here we are with part two of the music reviews, so let's do the damn thing!

Fall Out Boy "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)" (Single)
What's sad is that there's a bunch of kids out there that think this is hard rock. :(

Kelly Rowland "Kisses Down Low" (Single)    [NEGATIVE 2 STARS]
Pretty suggestive cover to go with the title....oh. Never mind. That's exactly what the song's about. Melodic crunk ain't never been my thing; I've never even been much of an R&B guy. But all that aside, the chorus is one of the lamest I've ever heard. And I've listened to "Lulu" all the way through TWICE. Is this shit supposed to be sexy? I guess I don't welcome our robot overlords in that case.

Everything Everything "Cough Cough" (EP) ***
Some pretty interesting harmonic/melodic interplay going on here. The vocals are annoying, sure, but the songs are interesting, slightly glitchy and someh…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 008

Anthrax "Anthrax" VS. Megadeth "Mechanix" VS. Metallica "No Remorse" VS. Slayer "The Final Command"

The eponymous song "Anthrax" sounds like a half-assed reprise of the whole album up to now. "Mechanix" is a muddier version of "The Four Horsemen" without the middle section that makes it epic (Mustaine thought by going faster he would automatically be "better".) And speaking of sloppy, fast shit, "The Final Command" falls into that mold as well, but because I wasn't already indoctrinated with a different, more superior version of it, it gets the duke. "No Remorse" on the other hand, is how you do a fucking metal song. 'Nuff said.


"No Remorse": 4
"The Final Command": 3
"Mechanix": 2
"Anthrax": 1

Totals so far:

Metallica: 27
Megadeth: 26
Anthrax / Slayer: 14

I need a nap.

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 007

Anthrax "Death From Above" VS. Megadeth "Looking Down The Cross" VS. Metallica "Phantom Lord" VS. Slayer "Tormenter"

If "Soldiers Of Metal" was the shitty metal battle theme, "Death From Above" makes it a mere preamble. Yeah, sure, it's a better song, but it's the same damn thing in concept and style, just twice as long.

"Looking Down The Cross" opens up with a rare bit of subtlety (perhaps the only to be found on their first album), and then crazy fret tapping. Then they use some pretty melodic yet rockin' chords, almost like a Dio song or something, but with more guitar skronk. Then they bring the speed out to end it. Decent composition, but still kind of leaves you wanting.

I've always loved the middle section of "Phantom Lord", from the end of the second chorus to where they go back to the main song. The first solo of the two might be my favorite on the entire album. That being s…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 006

Anthrax "Soldiers Of Metal" VS. Megadeth "Chosen Ones" VS. Metallica "Whiplash" VS. Slayer "Black Magic"

"Soldiers Of Metal" is a stereotypical early to mid-80's thrash song, with the slowed down Maiden bounce beat that means "We're doing a song about war". "Chosen Ones", however, is about the crusades and doesn't use that beat at all. And I've gotta admit, Slayer brings it on "Black Magic" (if in a run-of-the-mill way, but it wasn't run-of-the-mill back then, so point +). But "Whiplash", to this day, is still tough as nails. It's one of those songs that the instant you hear it, you know it's fucking on. (Which is why that intro is in there. To help you prepare for the onslaught you know is coming.)


"Whiplash": 4
"Chosen Ones": 3
"Black Magic": 2
"Soldiers Of Metal": 1

Totals so far:

Megadeth: 22
Metallica: 19

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 005

Anthrax "Subjugator" VS. Megadeth "Rattlehead" VS. Metallica "(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth" VS. Slayer "Metal Storm/Face The Slayer"

"Subjugator" is a very prototypical version of "Intro To Reality/Belly Of The Beast" (check the middle section if you don't believe me). Though it does have faster thrash shit going on than that one. It's one of the better songs from "Fistful Of Metal" so far. "Rattlehead" is the song "Whiplash" if Metallica did a bunch of speed and decided to sledgehammer little puppies. What I'm saying is it's a song about metal music that crushes so much damn harder (that TURNAROUND!). "Anesthesia" is a classic, and will forever cement Cliff Burton's legacy as a bad-ass bass player of all the times. As for "Metal Storm/Face The Slayer", the "Metal Storm" part is pretty fuckin' cheesy, but once they get down to business,…

Hey, Fuckers! Let's Review Some New Music: Part 1

It's been quite awhile since I've done this, which may seem strange to some since music reviews were how this blog got started back in the single-0-seven. But I've been feelin' froggish, so I guess I'll have to leap! Here's a review for everything in the new music/recent releases section of iTunes as of 1/31/13. (Isn't that opposite day?)

Justin Bieber "Believe Acoustic"  [1/2 *]
Major case of the douche chills as soon as I pressed play, and that's not even taking into account that this was Justin Bieber. The lyrics are at parody-level laughable, and he's serious. And so are the eight year old girls that masturbate to this shit. Anyway, on a purely musical level, this isn't the worst thing I've ever heard, so I guess it has that going for it. In fact, as much as I'm loathe to admit it, "She Don't Like The Lights" is almost decent. But then the tolerable "All Around The World" commits self-immolat…

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 004

Match 004:

Anthrax "Panic" VS. Megadeth "These Boots" VS. Metallica "Jump In The Fire" VS. Slayer "Fight Till Death"

Shockingly enough, "Fight Till Death" ain't half bad. It's the first song in this experience that actually sounds like Slayer. And "Panic" might just be Neil Turbin's least horrible performance. (It certainly helps that the song kicks ass.) Another thing to consider is that, though there's an inherent schlockiness to covering Nancy Sinatra in the style of thrash, the musicianship on "These Boots" is incredibly tight. More so than the rest of the "Killing Is My Business" album. (You can thank Gar Fucking Samuelson for that, motherfucker. Guy was an absolute BEAST behind the kit.) "Jump In The Fire" is good; I've always loved the groove of it, and the key is one Metallica doesn't use a whole lot, so it gets points on the originality front. But in the…