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The Big Four Song Challenge: Match 003

Match 003:

Anthrax "I'm Eighteen" VS. Megadeth "Skull Beneath The Skin" VS. Metallica "Motorbreath" VS. Slayer "Die By The Sword"

I forgot how bad the first Slayer and Anthrax records were. They're proving no match so far for Metallica and Megadeth. (For the record though, "Die By The Sword" is the worst Slayer song I've ever heard, and well, "I'm Eighteen" is actually tolerable, so it gets the 2.) As for "Skull Beneath The Skin" and "Motorbreath", it's a pretty tough decision; they're definitely on the same level. I'm going to have to do the right thing and give it to Megadeth, though. I loved "Motorbreath" growing up, but "Skull" just brings it that one extra notch harder.


"Skull Beneath The Skin": 4
"Motorbreath": 3
"I'm Eighteen": 2
"Die By The Sword": 1

Totals so far:

Metallica / Megadeth: 11

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 002

Here's today's contest:

Anthrax "Metal Thrashing Mad" VS. Megadeth "Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!" VS. Metallica "The Four Horsemen" VS. Slayer "The Antichrist"

"Horsemen" is a stone-cold classic. It started life as "The Mechanix", with a much different subject (you might even say opposite) and without the awesome middle section that makes it so fucking epic. "Killing Is My Business" slams faces into brick walls, and is the first real indication of what Megadeth are capable of. "Metal Thrashing Mad" is an awesome song with a SHITTY vocalist, and "The Antichrist" has a pretty cool riff, but the lyrics and the solo are not very good. (Seriously. This version is off-key like a sum bitch.)


"The Four Horsemen": 4
"Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!": 4 (Bonus Point because Mustaine co-wrote "The Four Horsemen")
"Metal …

The Big Four Song Challenge Series: Match 001

Okay, this is an undertaking that I almost certainly won't finish, and you probably won't give a shit about the result, but here's the deal:

I am going to pit the first song from the first album of each of The Big Four Thrash Bands up against each other. Then I'm gonna do the second. Then the third. Until well over 100 matches have been completed. And I'll give four points to the winner, three to second, two to third and one to last for showing up. Sound insane? You bet it is. But what the hell, why not?

There is a bit of a problem though, as Slayer hasn't put out as many songs as the other three bands, so I'm including as many live and/or demo tracks it takes to even things out. (Also, for the opposite reason, I dropped Anthrax's "The Greater Of Two Evils", because that would've put them over the top of everyone else quantity wise.)

Oh, and if at any time you want to beg for mercy, leave a message on these posts and I'll proba…

Proudly Presenting: Vitriol In Absentia

My friends and I have a new blog called "Vitriol In Absentia".  Joe, Joe, Rob & I have put together our first discussion posts, this week being about "What would you serve at the inaugural dinner if you were President?".  If you want to check it out, here's the link:

I will continue to do this blog, and as a matter of fact, you may see more content here as a result of my pump being primed.  I will post a link here if I write anything there, and over there if you click on my handle (Reverend_MF), you'll be taken here.  Poop in yo pants, foo!

A'ight, yall.  Check the new shit out, and stay tuned for more shit here.

Fun With MS Paint

Happy Marthin Luther King Day, y'all!

Start A New Genre, Why Don't You? The Top Albums of 1970

Here's the latest installment in my respectivus annumus (Yeah, that bullshit Latin sounded better in my head). Anyway, here's my picks for the top 32 albums of the year 11 years before I was born, 1970:

32. Pink Floyd "Zabriskie Point"
My least favorite Pink Floyd album, from any era.

31. Alice Cooper "Easy Action"
This was Alice Cooper's second album, and it wasn't the kind of music you're used to hearing from him. He had the look down, but he was more on the psychedelic tip on this one.

30. King Crimson "Lizard"

29. War

28. Neil Young "After The Gold Rush"

27. Mountain "Climbing!"

26. Woodstock: The Album

25. Melanie "Candles In The Rain"

24. Miles Davis "Bitches Brew"
This album is a fuckin' mess, but it is the beginning of fusion. There may have been an album or two leading up to this that were proto-fusion, but this is where it was born. It isn't my cup of tea either; in fact,…


Ever notice on Sesame Street how the Muppets never age, but the humans have disintegrated before our eyes due to traveling in the fourth dimension? I thought about this while watching "Follow That Bird" on Netflix recently. (Don't bother trying to now; they took it off on New Year's Day.) The movie came out in 1985, and posits that Big Bird is only six years old. Since then:

-Bob is 80.

-Gordon is 68. (And he's the 4th Gordon, in spite of joining up during season 6.)

-Susan is 72 (and has been there since season 1. Wonder if Gordon knows...)

-So is Luis.

-Maria is 62.

-Gordon & Susan's son Miles, who debuted in 1985, has been played by four different actors due to age increases.

-Linda the Librarian hasn't been on the show in 10 years.

-Alaina Reed, who played Gordon's sister on the show from 1976-1988, passed away from breast cancer back in 2009.

-The actor that played Bob's Uncle Wally (Bill McCutcheon) died in 2002 at the age of 77…

Fun With Photos

Recently, I've come across a few things I want you to take a look at.  Mainly because they're amusing, and I like sharing a good joke.  Here they are in no particular order:


This was at WalMart, if you can't guess from the sign.  Given that these are all third tier generic brands, I'd say this was a simple mix-up of dollar sign for cent sign.  Still, there is that empty bottle at the bottom that isn't even the same size.  That's ghetto even for WalMart.


"The Three Musketeers" was first published in 1844.  Yes, this is technically a new edition of it, but the words written within are from closer to two centuries ago than one.  So I made myself a meme.

3. WOW!  TIME TRAVEL IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice how the 25th and the 100th Anniversary editions of a time travel movie released in 1985 are right next to each other on the shelf.  Pretty neat trick, huh?  Well, to be honest, i…