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Five Suggestions To Make The WWE More Interesting

The WWE is in a creative Sargasso right now, which isn't unheard of for this time of year. But some of the problems are unique to the time: CM Punk is on crutches, Randy Orton can't main event anymore because he has two wellness policy strikes against him, Ryback isn't quite ready to be world champion yet and everybody knows it but there's not much else to do with him, Del Rio's been de-pushed, Sheamus just lost three World title matches with Big Show in a row, the attempt to promote tag team wrestling seems to have cooled considerably, and much like the economic situation, the disparity between the top tier and the bottom tier has pushed the mid-card below the line of believability (aka: Promoting from within the ranks to make new world title contenders is not an option at present).

Add all that to the addition of a third hour of Raw and a new show on Wednesdays called "The Main Event", and you have six hours of new TV to produce every week, nine if the…

The Top 82 (or 108 depending on how you count) Albums of 2012

Hello, and welcome to my 2012 Albums Of The Year List! I hope you enjoy this year's mammoth list of music, and I hope I hip you to your new favorite band. (Or at the very least your favorite new band.)

This was one of the more challenging year-end lists I've had to put together. 2012 had so many albums come out, I couldn't even get them all. (Deftones, Soundgarden, A. Wolf & Her Claws, Gary Husband, John McLaughlin, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Chris Keys & Oh No, Decortica, Der Hunds, Drivin' & Cryin', 8mm, El Perro Del Mar, The Elkcloner, Evan Brewer, FlyinFisch, Felix Martin, Gold Motel, Jasmine Ash, Reserve de Marche, School Of Seven Bells' new EP, Soen, Sophie Madeline, Thank You Scientist, Tweaker and Twelve Foot Ninja, I AM LOOKING AT YOU.)

Another thing was the sheer volume made it impossible for me to absorb what I did get. There are plenty of albums on this list that were good the first time, but I didn't even spin more than once. (Dave Mat…

On Divisiveness

Here is an e-mail I fired off to a local Public Access station last night:

"I was flipping through channels on Sunday night, and came across The New Math Tutor on Channel 96. (At least that's what the program schedule says.) I heard a narrator reading a passage about how white people are not of God, and how we aren't capable of love. How people with green or blue eyes are not to be trusted, among other inflammatory things.

I do happen to be caucasian, but singling out white people is NOT what made me angry. What prompted this e-mail is the dehumanization of their targets. Saying that one race is better than any other race goes against not just my core beliefs, but common sense. People are people and always have been. But when you take the comments of the narrator and substitute in black for white, or put in an eye shape instead of an eye color, or a religious philosophy instead of a skin difference, and even if you leave the adjectives the same come to think of it, the na…


Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen, Children old enough to listen to music with swear words and prog noodling in it! It's time once again for the year end list season, and this is my opening bid: The Top 20 Songs of 2012 (as chosen by me). Enjoy!

20. Death Penis "Norwegian Rain Dance" [listen]

19. The GV Crew "Chop'm" [listen]

18. Bonnie Raitt "Used To Rule The World" [listen]

17. Graffiti6 "Stare Into The Sun" [listen]

16. Kaiser Chiefs "Cousin In The Bronx" [listen]

15. Devin Townsend "Kingdom" [listen]

14. Death Penis "My Love's Like A Suicide Bomber" [listen]

13. T.R.A.M. "Endeavor" [listen]

12. Death Penis "Pussy Juice" [listen]

11. Phenomenal Handclap Band "The Unknown Faces At Father James Park" [listen]

10. Prong "Eternal Heat" [listen]

9. E-40 feat. Suga-T & Agerman "I Know I Can Make It" …