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Death Penis - The Cuming Plague

What's this shit?  It looks like Clippy from MS Word got bent into a human shape and got thrown into some kind of satanic bukkaki.

And that's...kinda what this album sounds like?

Let me explain.

Death Penis is a satirical project with over-the-over-the-top lyrics, short-attention span songs and a bunch of different musical styles.  In this 13 song, 21 minute barrage alone, there's techno punk, death metal, screamo-crunk, southern rap, electronic, indie rock, regular rap, rap metal and tribal pan-flute death metal (seriously).

Here's a rundown of what the songs are about:

1. Punk Overture - An Instrumental BS Intro.

2. Flowers Are Pretty - Proves that Death Metal isn't all just gore, misanthropy and devil worship.  (Though human sacrifice and Kenny G worship are in this song, so...yeah, that might actually be worse.)

3. From My Cold Dead Hands - Auto-Erotic Zombification (i.e.: Jerking off after you're dead.)  (See?  So disgusting, yet so stupid.)

4. Like Hellf…