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A Playlist For Your Back To School Needs

The "Back To School" vibe isn't just a timely reference; this mix has a lot of "What's old is new again" to it.  Bands that have been away for a long time, new singles from albums that came out last year...There are also some young upstarts that compliment the veterans well.

Anyway, here's what all the cool kids should be listening to as they go back to school:

1. The Black Keys "Lonely Boy"

2. Diablo Swing Orchestra "Voodoo Mon Amour"

3. AU "OJ"

4. P.O.D. "Higher"

5. Killer Mike "Untitled" (feat. Scar)

6. Acyl "Ungratefulness"

7. Everclear "Falling In A Good Way"

8. Hurt "How We End Up Alone"

9. Call Me No One "Thunderbird"

10. Mnemic "Valves"

11. Bonie Raitt "Used To Rule The World"

12. Gojira "L'Enfant Sauvage"

13. Machine Head "Darkness Within"

14. Little Feat "Candy Man Blues"

15. Testament "Native Blood"

16. Nas…

(A)Musings #1: Piano trio jazz with brushes

I've always loved the sound of soft piano trio jazz, with the stand up bass being tenderly plucked, the snare being rubbed with one hand and lightly swung on with the other, the magical kiss of golden-coated splashes from brushes licking the cymbals, and the dreamy notes from the baby grand, floating away into the ether like feathers coated in cool.

It reminds me of rainy days. It reminds me of Relaxation. It reminds me of just letting my mind drift and my breath slow.

And of course, it reminds me of Mister Rogers. (Guy had good taste.)

Now, the song doesn't precicely invoke what I'm talking about, but it has the earmarks, and no doubt subliminally set the groundwork for my appreciation for cool jazz.

Here's what I was listening to when I came up with the idea for this post:

The song I'm talking about starts at the 17:59 mark. (For some reason, I couldn't embed it at that specific point; I know some rudimentary html, but aside from posting a clickable link,…

"GV 45: The Significant Jump" is up and running on YouTube!

It's official!  "GV 45 -  The Significant Jump" has hit the internet and therefore the streets!  This blog post is your one-stop destination for listening to the whole thing!  (And my Youtube Channel, but that's a big duh.)  So here it is, back again for the first time in 2 and a half years...THE GV CREW!

Turn yo speakers uuup!  (It also helps if you have sub woofers.  Lots of bass.)

1. Paths And Pasts Forgotten

2. Five 2 Tha Good

3. Don't Do It!

4. Nerdin' It Up

5. Highly Illegal (Anime Fart)

6. Chop'm

7. Absolute Intangibility

8. Bitch Ass Fish

9. Ghettrance

10. Yyep.  This Is Normal

11. Billy Cobham's Cleaners

12. Cybernetically Indurated

13. The Rapey Nature Of Duck Mating

14. Unwanted Pregnancy

15. Omed D'api S'jt

16. Pole Vaulting Over Sloan's Great Wall

17. See U In Hl

18. Nostalgic Pillows

22. Wood Experiment

26. Like Hellfire (Human Papillomaremix)

28. Erschneidle

30. Aipotsyd

**. Interview With Matt

GV 45: The Significant Jump dropping soon; Here's the first single

Here's a new joint from The GV Crew called "Chop'm". I do the vocals and the beat on this one; Check it out:

Reviews On Random

I was pretty bored and uninspired, so I decided "Hey, I'll put iTunes on random and review the albums of the things that come up." So here we are:

Awesome Fun Carmaker "E For Everyone" (2007)*** and 1/3

One of the best bands I've ever seen live. They were pure energy, keytars and, well, awesome. A band has rarely lived up to its name quite as literally as Awesome Car Funmaker did. You should be able to find this quirky rock jem on Amazon.

Little Feat "Down On The Farm" (1979)* and 1/2

This was Little Feat's weakest album. Cobbled together in the wake of the death of vocalist Lowell George, the band was already planning to break up when they went to make it. The results are less than stellar, mired in late 70's pseudo-soft rock and with really only the title track to redeem themselves.

Plastic Electrica >Protection< [Compilation] (1999)    ** and 1/2

There's some decent stuff on here from The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, …

The Best Laid Plans...

This summer, I had an overly ambitious list of projects I wanted to accomplish; stuff I've had rattling around my brain for awhile that back at the end of May I said "You know what? I'm doing it all!"


I can honestly say I worked on all but one of these projects, but I never concentrated long enough to finish any of them. (Some weren't even close.) I still plan on completing every last one of these things, but the likelihood they'll be done by the end of the summer of 2012 is...damn near zero percent for all but two or three of them.

I thought it might be interesting to give you guys some insight into what I've been working on, so in no particular order, here goes:


Likelihood of completion by end of Summer (henceforth abbreviated into the much more convenient and much more silly LOCBEOS): 0%

This one isn't all due to my lack of motivation, believe it or not. You may recall …