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Prioritizing In The Face Of Option Paralysis

Between my hard drives, my Netflix queue, my Hulu Plus queue and the DVDs I own, it would take approximately 222,788 minutes to watch it all. (That's a little over 3,713 hours. AKA 155 days. AKA 22 weeks. AKA five months and change.)

It also took me an hour and a half and a graphics calculator to add all that up.

The music on my laptop would take 81 Days straight to listen to without repeating a song.

And this is to say nothing of TV, Radio or Video Games.

When is enough enough? Am I capable any longer of enjoying any of this, knowing that I won't really have time to ever get back to it for a second sampling? Granted, it's not like I'm trying to collect this stuff, or that I feel I need to sit and watch it all 'til it's all gone, but shit. Time can be better spent.

Another observation:

Tweets and status updates are the result of boredom becoming a conduit for one's inner monologue to escape through their fingers and into a smartphone.

Also, being a…

Flipping The Table On Confounditry

There have been a few things lately that have been driving me up a wall. While these aren't them, here's a list of three things that struck me as fucktarded and/or confounding today:

1. I was driving along 1st Ave. today when I saw a barbed-wire fence. I wondered to myself "What can they be keeping in the..." and didn't get to finish the thought, because after about thirty, forty feet THE FENCE ENDED. It didn't reach a corner or anything, it just stopped. There was no more fence, period. I saw a few utility-looking vehicles in there, but not much else.

2. A box of Trojans, containing three condoms costs around $6.50, and some people have the nerve to call other people "slut" when they talk about subsidies for this sort of thing. Here's a hint: People in loving relationships tend to fuck more than once every full moon. It adds up.


RUNNIN' THE NUMBERS: A look at E-40's new triple album

E-40 "THE BLOCK BROCHURE - WELCOME TO THE SOIL 1, 2 & 3"*** and 1/3

E-40 is a man of many names: Earl Stevens, E-40, 40 Watter, Fonzarelli, The Ambassador of tha muthafuckin' Bay, etc. But in the last two years, he can add another title:

Old Faithful.

The dude has been around forever, and the bar he's set for consistency since 2010 alone is invisible to the naked eye. Planes have to divert their flight paths to get around how high he's set the thing. Seven albums since April of 2010, 132 songs and I can count on one hand the amount I didn't like. There's another handful that are merely okay, but about 90 plus percent are in the good to great range.

How the hell does he do it?

I also submit to you the fact that E-40 is north of 40; 44 to be exact. He's been in this here rap game since 1988. His 24-year old son guest stars frequently on his albums. Most rappers can't do five albums without falling off completely. Even Redman is starting …