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It's that time of year, folks. Wrestlemania is fast approaching (this Sunday, in fact), and one of the matches is the Intercontinental Title bout between Cody Rhodes (the grandson of a plumber) and the Big Show. Their feud is based around Cody making fun of Big Show's dismal record at Wrestlemania, which looks as follows:

Wrestlemania XV:Loses to Mick Foley via DQ.

Wrestlemania 2000:First eliminated in a four-way dance for the world title.

Wrestlemania X-Seven:Lost a triple threat match for the Hardcore title.

Wrestlemania X8:Did a promo appearance at WWF's Times Square Restaurant when Wrestlemania was in Toronto's SkyDome.

Wrestlemania XIX: Lost in a handicap match to The Undertaker. (Yes, the 7 Foot, 500 pound Big Show had a partner and still lost to one dude.)

Wrestlemania XX: Dropped the U.S. Title to John Cena.

Wrestlemania 21: Lost a "legit" sumo match to Grand Champion Akebono.

Wrestlemania 22: FINALLY won a match, retaining the tag team championship with K…

Part 5 - Assemblage 23, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Bad Religion & Band Of Skulls

Today, we're going to look at five albums, seeing as I need to catch the eff up. And since one of them sucks, it'll be easy:

Assemblage 23 "Contempt"

Discovered by: WMSE Garage sale 2012
Released: 1999

What you get if that "What Is Love?" song from "A Night At The Roxberry" was done by goths instead. Times 13.

See? Next!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "Out Of Frequency" *** and 2/3

Discovered by:
Released: January 31, 2012

It's like the 70's Crapped a Rainbow in my BRAIN! Well, that's what the sound and the cover art tell me, anyway. The vocalist takes a bit of getting used to (I'm not normally a fan of high pitched squeaky singers, but she totally makes it work), but once you get past that, you have some pretty tasty jams, especially "Major" and the title track. The album does get a little tired toward the end, but not much. Decent replay value for the majority of it, and very little diminishing mar…


I was thinking to myself today, "What if?". What if I could book the awesomest wrestling card possible with today's superstars? What if I had free reign to take anyone from the big three American wrestling companies and make my own Card to End All Cards?

Well, let's find out.

Wrestlemania is less than a month away, and I've got the fever. Some of you may look down your nose at a pseudo-intellectual such as myself prone to bandying about five and ten dollar words for liking a fake sport where men in tights pretend to beat each other up. But you know what? Fuck you. I've liked wrestling since I was nine, it's still more high brow than reality TV, and if you don't like it...sorry. This article is going to be the longest one I've posted that isn't a year-end music review blog.

First, these matches will probably never happen. I know Vince McMahon isn't going to buy/magically allow TNA and ROH wrestlers into his organization. (see: the…