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Doin' It While I Still Can

Whatever your take on SOPA or PIPA, you've got to realize it is inevitable that this virtual Tortuga known as the internet has to be usurped by the Crown's jack-booted police. So I'm posting this video of Sesame Street set to Slayer. I did not make it, nor am I an owner of the copywrite for Sesame Street, Slayer, Grover, Bert, Ernie, Oscar, Kerry King or Rush Limbaugh. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share.

Whether or not the freedom to repost a video from Youtube is something we have in a few years, you should know that this tirade isn't about piracy. I'm not trying to steal Slayer's music or Jim Henson's intellectual property. I am trying to draw your attention to a video I thought was slightly amusing. That's it. I'm not trying to circumvent commerse, I'm not trying to make money on the side; I just like Slayer and Sesame Street. And you might too, so check this out:

Oh, and the first m*th*rf*ck*r to up and say "They so…

Best Be Scopin (Part Four)

WOW has it been awhile since part III. Anyway, since nothing else has come out of note in the interim, Part 4 is still relevant. So with that in mind, today is metal day. Yay!

Sunn 0))) & Nurse With Wound "The Iron Soul Of Nothing"

Being familiar with these bands, I knew the minute and a half long fading in drone that was the entirety of the minute and a half preview of the first track wasn't just an intro. Sunn 0))) and Nurse With Wound are both practitioners of drone metal. There are four songs on this daunting slab of pretension, the shortest of which is 14:16 (and is part two to the fifteen minute track 2). I'm not exaggerating when I say absolutely nothing happens in this damn near 80 minute black hole, and that's the way they like it.

I really only have two questions, though I'm sure those of you uninitiated to drone metal would have more: 1. It took two bands to do this? 2. This is Metal?

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter "The Greatest Of The Best"…

LULU REVISITED: What If It Was Made To Mock Hipsters?

First off: IT WASN'T.

But that's not much of an article.

I was laying in bed, trying and failing to become drowsy, when all of a sudden it hit me: What if you pretended that "Lulu" was made as the ultimate sarcastic remark aimed towards Hipsterdom:

The only way you can possibly love this is ironically.

So they set out to make the most ugly album the five of them could come up with. Metallica even admits to recording parts that were layered over the top of stuff Lou Reed recorded prior without either party having listened to the other. What if you chose to view this unwieldy, unwanted bastard through the cracked lens of satire? (Once again, I can almost guarantee it was not intended to be so; Metallica failed to even check the pulse this time around because they were busy drinking fanboy Kool-Aide and treating Reed like an infallible artistic God.) (Though when you think about it, nowadays Lars couldn't find the pulse if he tried. And I'd type a rim shot …

Speed Run

There should be a metal band called Exorcize Bike. Here's what there album titles would be:

Tour de Mons (The live album)
Demona 500
InDemonapolis 500
24 Hours of Demons
The Boston Marathon (an ill-advised Boston cover album)

Also, this:

What's happening here is a guy is doing a speed run of Mega Man II (he doesn't die once) and the band Bit Brigade plays the entire soundtrack as if this were a silent movie in the 1920's. It's pretty fuckin' cool.