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I knew this assignment was going to be something else when I was sitting in a bathroom stall and I started to hear sleigh bells.

I thought to myself "Oh, they must be starting." Then the sound got louder. A guy walked in wearing full Native American dress, bold red bordering on the arms and legs with dark blue down the center of the body, face paint, a decent-sized grouping of feathers on his head, an even bigger conglomeration on his back, fanning out like a peacock's tail, the bone chest plate for protection against arrows and the sleigh bells around his feet. He blew his nose, washed his hands, then walked out.

Just by going to the bathroom I had already had a "You don't see that every day" moment. That's usually a good sign.

The 34th Annual UW-Milwaukee Autumn Pow Wow was a learning experience to be sure. I even found out what a Pow Wow was. "It's a family reunion Tribal style," said Fred Standingbear of the Ogolala Lakota tribe …

Random Observations, Thanksgiving Weekend

1. SyFy has a James Bond marathon, and BBC America has a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon side by side. Shouldn't those be reversed?

2. What's with the toll arms at on-ramps from 35th Street to 84th in Milwaukee? Are they going to start charging to get onto that part of 94?

3. The Kansas City Chiefs forgot their rape whistle, cuz Ben Roethlisberger just scored on them.

4. I saw Nickelback at TWO football halftimes this weekend. (Packers VS Lions and the CFL Championship Game.) No man should be so (un)lucky.

5. Stuffing is better cooked with chicken broth.

That is all until tomorrow, when, ironically enough, I will post a blog about how I went to an Indian Pow Wow. (I would've posted it already, but nobody wants to read this shit on Thanksgiving weekend.) Take care.

Now THIS Is What I Call Music: Nick Nutter's Winter 2011 Hit Mix

I've been doing these every couple of months since 2008, and I figured: "Why just listen to them in my car when I can embarrass myself by revealing my musical tastes to [hypothetically] the whole world?" Also, NOW 40 just came out, so I figured "now" is as good a time as any to start sharing my personal equivalent to the series. Enjoy:

(p.s.: My previous blog "What Is Art?" was published on the UWM Post website in the Op/Ed Section. If you haven't read it already, check it out here.)

1. "Carousel" Vanessa Carlton
2. "Black Tongue" Mastodon
3. "The Devil You Know" Anthrax
4. "The Devil's Orchard" Opeth
5. "St. Croix" Family Of The Year
6. "John" Lil Wayne & Rick Ross
7. "Shotgun" Limp Bizkit
8. "Cylindrical Sea" Animals As Leaders
9. "React" 3
10. "Pandemic" Devin Townsend
11. "Narcissistic Cannibal" Korn
12. "Darkness"…